2007 Hologic Selenia Digital Mammography with Tech Review Console


2001 Lorad M IV Upgraded 2008 to Hologic Selenia Digital Mammography with 2012 detector


2009 Philips Brightview XCT SPECT/CT Two Acquisition Terminals Jet Stream 2.5.5 Collimator sets include LEHR, MEGP, HEGP and HEPH This system was Philips Serviced.


2010 GE Logiq E9 Model 5205000-3 R2.0.5 Permanent Options Include: DICOM, TUI, VCI_STATIC, 4D, BT2010 Warranty: Sold "As Is - Where Is" This system is in good working condition. Cosmetic Condition is Excellent. This system will ship via special products division freight. Shipping is not included. Please feel free to submit an offer or request more information.


2010 Philips Essenta DR Optimus 65 Generator FF-M Stand – 9890-010-87351 Trixell Pixium 4600 detector P313 Manual Collimator SRO 33100 ROT 360 x-ray tube Single Side Suspended Trolley (Bariatric) TA-M Optimus 65 X-Ray Generator Eleva Workspot Acquisition PC


2014 Siemens Compact L C-Arm Dual Flat Panel Monitor Cart 9" Image Intensifier Dual Footswitch Excellent unit for pain management


Featuring OptiBolus Shaping Option Mallinckrodt LF Optistat Injector Head PN: 820740D LF CT9000 ADV Electronic Cabinet PN: 820016D Optistat Service and Install Manual and CT 9000 Operators Manual PN:810832-B 820202-E Optistat Language Disc Rev. E PN: 810605 LF Operator Console with Bolus Shaping Option PN:820017E OptiStat Handheld Injector PN: 810150 810200E Handheld Holder Optistat Power Supply Box PN: 810470 810505D Optistat Remote Control Console PN: 810025 810060D 200ml Syringe (2) PN:800096 125ml Syinge (2) PN:600172 White Plastic Half Cylinder Syringe Holder Power head coiled cable PN: 810195 Power head extension cable 75' PN: 810545 Power Cables (2) PN: 800918 Ethernet Cable Line Cord Cable Console Cable 7' PN: 810140 Ceiling Arm Mount


Base Unit Model: SSMR 300 Injector Head: 200466 Charger for Spectris Solaris EP Battery PN: 60764687 B-1422 8460833 Rev. A Charger power cord 535-0243-012 Hand Switch Spectris Solaris EP Battery PN: 60721015 2018 and 2019 (Batteries)

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