Siemens Axiom Sireskop SD R/F – PARTS SYSTEM

This system was professionally de-installed for parts. Below is a list of parts available from this exact system and will be listed individually for sale.

Siemens Axiom Sireskop SD R/F
Several Systems in stock broken down for parts – a few are listed below. Many more in stock!
Under Table Collimator Rev. 10 468223
D115 Board Rev. 2 1171201
PN: 1662001
Control CPU D104 Board 1662324
Flouro and Exposure Dual Footswitch 1674808
M303 SFD Motor 12V PL620, 25:1 2824147
Optigriff SFD Replacement Button Assembly 2825102
OptiTouch Display D113 2825128
Axiom Sireskop Optigriff SFD Handle Assy Base 2825284
Lead apron w. Pat. Fastner CPL 2825706
Control Handle Cover 2825797
Axiom Sireskop SFD Round Knob Hand Grip 2825995
Repair Kit Radiation Protection 2827397
Fuse 6.3×32 6A25 T 250V 3041837
D14 Board Rev. 4 3073736
Siemens Axiom Sireskop SD Table 3114530 – for parts reference only.
Tableside Control Buttons E41625 V94.V0 3115438
Table Limit Switch 3143492
Polydoros Generator Cabinet 1 – 3774119 – for parts reference only.
D14 Board 3822157
HDD Western Digital WD1600AAJS 160GB 4870804
Patient Mattress Black Table Pad 5568469
D100 Board 5761270
XCS Control Unit Computer 7009207
Axiom Sireskop SD Footrest 7094613
D190 Board 7127397
D160 Board 7463958
D320 Board ESD Kit 7464048
Grid 8080988
Mavig 7009116 Ceiling Suspension Cover Support Arm DSC 12F (Set Left/Right) 8127669
Siemens High Voltage Tank Rev. 1 8609364
D110 Encoder Board 8949838
D111 Encoder Board 8949839
Axiom Sireskop SD D2 Board 9726316
Siemens Polydoros Generator Cabinet 2 10093754 – for parts reference only.



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