Siemens Axiom Aristos MX/ VX – PARTS SYSTEM

Until all parts are posted individually with photos, here is a partial list. Major components are listed and will be further broken down for parts.

Multileaf AL 02 II EL Collimator 468249 10092604
Collimator Patient Display 7049237
Collimator Control Console with D24 Board Rev 003 3071581
Siemens Tube Crane 3070039
Siemens Tube Hanger 3073918
Siemens Vertix Wall Bucky 3836520
Siemens Wall Stand Blue Handle 3837478
Siemens Grid 5661264
Siemens Polydoros LX 80 IT Generator 5661389
Siemens Fan 5661389
Siemens Aristos Table 5662627
Siemens Polydoros LX 80 IT Generator 5759001
Siemens Polydoros LX 80 IT Generator 5889616
Siemens Aristos Table (2nd label set) for detector 5890004
Siemens Cal Copper Plate Addl Filter 0.6 mm Cu 7049724
Siemens Generator (2nd label set) 8609364
Siemens Table Knobs 9815770
Fujitsu Siemens Celsius M440 MCSD2178 Radis PC Computer (No HDD) 10143259
Siemens Radcon D33 Board 5648808
HP KB0316 PS2 Keyboard 352750001 KB0316 355630001
Hand Switch with RJ45 Connector 1170609 3774556
Axiom Aristos MX VX D54 Board 5662783
Axiom Aristos MX VX D51 Board 477455
Axiom Aristos MX VX D501 Interface Board 7759835
Axiom Aristos MX VX Motor Control D16 Board 8949505
Axiom Aristos MX VX Motor Control D16 Board 8949505
Axiom Aristos MX VX Main Control D500 Board 7759819 8362175
Axiom Aristos MX VX D580 80kW Add On 7759850
Axiom Aristos MX VX Power Input Epcos Netzeingang 5759019 B84143G50G2
Aristos Polydoros Contactor 3ZX10120RT041AA1
Polydoros 3 Pole 400AMP Circuit Breaker 3VF31111FL410AA 3VF3131FL410AA0
DR 180cm Grid 3837379
Table Detector Bucky without Detector 7049302
Table Actuator 3101953
Axiom Aristos Power Supply 4816000
Cable 5661140
Cable Rev 0 8093556
Polydoros SX 65/80 LX_XSC D100 Master Board 5761270
Aristos Polydoros D160 Board 1171227
Aristos Polydoros D115 Board with Piggyback 7125086 SKM75GD123
Axiom Aristos MX VX D3 Board Rev. 03 with D2 Piggyback 7716017 7539773 5648741
Axiom Aristos MX VX D2 Piggyback on D3 Board 7539773 / 5648741 7716017
3 Button Optical Mouse w/PS/2 Connector Version 2.0 F8E848PS2 E257592


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