Bennett HFQ-300P Chiropractic X-Ray

This system was professionally de-installed for parts. Below is a list of parts available from this exact system and will be listed individually for sale.

1994 Bennett HFQ-300P Chiropractic X-Ray
HFQ-300P Generator PN:HFQ-300P
Single Phase, High Frequency, 300mA, 125kVp
Control Console HFQ-300P
Floor Mounted Tube Stand PN: S-82RM
Dial-X Manual Collimator PN: D50M
1994 Bennett X-Ray Tube PN: BTX0151W with Rad 8 Insert
1.0-2.0 Focal Spots, 180 degree horn angle
System is complete and was deinstalled December 9, 2022
[S40008] Available whole, components or parts.
Generator contains E30068-C Cathode Tank, E30068-A Anode Tank
Board 208089, 208163 and 2080603



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