2014 Siemens Compact L – PARTS SYSTEM

This system was professionally de-installed for parts. Below is a list of parts available from this exact system and will be listed individually for sale.

2014 Siemens Compact L – PARTS SYSTEM
Dual Flat Panel Monitor Cart
9″ Image Intensifier
Dual Footswitch
All parts from this system are available for sale individually.
Siremobil Compact L Sirecon 23-2 R Image Intensifier PN: 8888518 (Insert Only)
From Siremobil Compact L 9″ Image Intensifier Camera Unit PN: 7142065
Grid 17/70 F100 PN: 8404050
Siremobil Compact L D40 Board PN: 3098568
Siremobil Compact L D33 Board PN: 10746633
Siremobil Compact L Power Supply PN: 8477560
Siremobil Compact L D2 Board PN: 3099525
Siremobil Compact L Diaphragm Assembly PN: 3780801
Siremobil Compact L Vertical Drive Arm PN: 10847559
Eizo 19″ DSB 1906-DC TFT Black and White Monitor Rev. 3 PN: 8677051 PN: 6GF6211-2CM50


Excellent, Tested

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