GE Infinia II Hawkeye SPECT/CT – Parts System
Here is a quick list of parts with this system. They will be individually posted and there are many more not yet listed here.

Infinia Interposer Extractor Tool – 2348862
Xeleris Workstation Computer – 5142394 53361089-9
Infinia TTH Hawkeye X-Ray Tube 1.2 Focal Spot – 5257358 5329857 2361821
Infinia Seagate Barracuda 7200 ST380013AS 80GB Clean HDD for HP XW6200X- 9W2812630 342726001 100375322
Infinia Quasar Table – ASM001171
Infinia COLL DR 45 1 Assy – ASM001191
Infinia COLL DR 45 2 Assy – ASM001192
Infinia COLL DR 5 2 Assy – ASM001194
Infinia COLL DR 5 1 Assy – ASM001199
Infinia COLL DR 6 1 Assy – ASM001237
Infinia COLL DR 6 2 Assy – ASM001238
Infinia COLL DR 8 DUM Assy – ASM001329
Infinia COLL DR 8 Assy – ASM001330
Infinia Pinhole PH Collimator Cart Assy – ASM001348
Infinia Pinhole PH Collimator Cart Assy – ASM001348
Infinia Pinhole PH Collimator Cart Assy – ASM001349
Infinia Pinhole PH Collimator Cart Assy – ASM001350
Infinia II Motorized Stretcher by Composiflex – ASM001453 DTP000178
Infinia In Out Gear Brake – ASM001484
Infinia II Gantry Slip Ring – ASM001620
Infinia II IPS W O SEM Assy – ASM500016 ASM500017
Infinia Hawkeye Detector Assembly – BR321000008
Infinia Hawkeye X-Ray Source – BR321000010 5272336 UGP001556
Infinia Hawkeye 4 X-Ray DLQC Phantom – DTP000095
Infinia II HP XW4100 Computer – 2407220
Infinia H2505TJ LEHR Q45K Low Energy High Resolution Collimator – OPT000448
Infinia H2505TK MEGP Q5C Medium Energy General Purpose Collimator – OPT000449
Infinia H2505TL HEGP Q6C High Energy General Purpose Collimator – OPT000450
Infinia H2505TM LEPH Q8C Pinhole Collimator -OPT000451
Infinia Tranformer Isolation 110V/6 -TH000132001
Infinia II Computer Collector M4 – UGP001631
Infinia Quasar Detector 3/8 – UPG001286
Infinia Quasar Detector 3/8 – UPG001286
Infinia ASM500085 Remote Control User Hand switch Holder
Infinia In/Out Motor – 5197899
Infinia Remote Control Unit Holder – 5196788
DIVA Labs Monitor – MPP750 GEM750 MPP750
NEC MultiSync LCD1990SX-BK Rev 1 19″ Acquisition Display Monitor – LCD1990SXBK L195RR
Keyboard USB- 878294030436 KBUS919EB
Logitech B100 Mouse M-U0026 – 810002149 MU0026
HP International PS2 Keyboard KB-0133 – 265987-B31 323686B31
NEC MultiSync LCD1990SXi-BK – LCD1990SXI L195RR
HP Optical Mouse USB M-BJ69 – 302697002 830980 304196
Infinia Slip Ring Cable – CBL00180501
Infinia Cable – CBL00159400
Infinia PCB- PCB5307231 CA0006442
Grommet 12.75 L Strip Off White For 0.09 Thick Applications – Pack of 2 46-220178P10
Retainer Clip – 23350702
Infinia IPS Temp and Humidity Control Sensor J18- ASM001400
Infinia II Multi-Tech Global Modum Kit Model MT5634ZBA Complete (Original Box) 2245794 2245773 2249450 93536355
Lower PMT R1307-31 Securing – 5183928
Upper PMT R1307-31 Securing – 5194673
Infinia II Hawkeye Soreq Board ASTEC ASA00BB18-L -5317933 PCB5307721 5175923 PCA500008 PCA50013
Infinia PSD Bypass Cable J7 HCIC Card to P4 COLL ID Bypass Board – CBL00135601
Crossbar Bypass Head #1 HCIC J2 – CBL001357
Crossbar Bypass Head #2 HCIC J2 – CBL001358
IPS PSD Bypass Cable – CBL001531
Infinia IPS Gantry Signal and Power Cable 15m – CLB00181501 5262626 5177549 CBL001800 CBL500185
Infinia II HP XW4100 Computer – DTP000252
NEC MultiSync LCD1990SXi-BK 19″ Black Monitor – LCD1990SXIBK L195RR

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