2010 Toshiba Excelart Vantage 1.5T MRI

This system will be available Q2-Q3 2024. This is a preliminary post.

2010 Toshiba Excelart Vantage 1.5T MRI
Siemens OR76 (Toshiba) Actively Shielded Oxford Magnet
SM = V9.51*R249
RM = V9.51ER880
Cardiac Gating Unit
Peripheral Gating Package
Respiratory Gating Package
MRA R6 Package
EPI R6 Package
Superfase R6 Package
DICOM Query/Retrieve SCP Kit, DICOM Storage Commit SCU, DICOM MWM SCU Kit
Applications: RM, DICOM Middleware, Exceed, ContextVision GopView MR, MRPlus HIPPA Module, Intel C++ Compiler, Intel Math Kernel Library, MKS Tool, Prolim Package, Volume Stitching, WindRiver VxWorks, Windows XP Pro, MRT200PP2 Coil Database
Pianissimo Kit
Coils Include:
Quad Head
Premier 9000 Quad CTL Spine Array
Quad Torso Speeder Array
Quad Knee/Foot/Ankle
Shoulder Array
4 Channel Array Adapter
GP Flex
Stereo and Intercom
Avotec Silent Scan
Vantage VH-R-H-NC Power Conditioner
TEALwatch Power Monitor Module
Sumitomo F-70
New Absorber (2022)
Trans Cabinet
RF Cabinet
Controller Cabinet
Filter Panel
Rooftop Chiller


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