2008 Hologic Discovery A QDR 4500 A – PARTS SYSTEM

This system was professionally de-installed for parts. Below is a list of parts available from this exact system and will be listed individually for sale.

2008 Hologic Discovery A QDR 4500 A

This system was in excellent working condition at the time of de-installation.

X-Ray Controller Assy ASY-00409

Monitor AL1716 ETB16RP

HP Keyboard KB0316 434820002 537745-001

HP 2 Button Optical Mouse with USB Connection 265986-011 537749-001


DXA Quality Control Phantom ASY-01564

Hip Positioning Fixture Rev D 010-0141

Corcom EMI Filter 20A 120/250 VAC 50-60 Hz 20VT1 F7814

Cosel Power Supply ACE300F AC3-OPPH-00

Line Voltage Board Rev. 020 140-0049

PCB Rev 005 140-0086

PCB PCB-00075

PCB Rev 009 140-0053

PCB Rev 007 PCB-00084

PCB Rev 007 PCB-00084

PCB Rev 007 PCB-00084

C-Arm Interface Board 140-0090 140-0051

Cable Bundle 010-1123 Rev A

216 Channel 2MM Detector Assy. 010-1606

Top Controller Board for Detector – removing it will remove half of the detector assy. 140-0048 Rev. 002

LX-PA-10-70168 Right Encoder Rev. A 030-2417

LX-PA-10-70242 Left Encoder 0302867

Assembly Aperture/Filter Drum Includes the following items: 010-1549

Encoder Board 010-0089

Vexta Motor PK243-02AA

Encoder Cable 010-0627

Stepper Motor 26841-07-002

Cable Bundle 320-0041

Ribbon Cable 180-0197 Rev A

Board 140-0066


Excellent, Tested

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