2008 Siemens Sensation 20 Open CT – PARTS SYSTEM

This system was professionally de-installed for parts. Below is a list of parts available from this exact system and will be listed individually for sale.

2008 Siemens Sensation 20 Open CT Scanner – PARTS SYSTEM
The following are parts from this system. This is a partial list of parts.
For Reference Only – Siemens Gantry PN: 8872009 SN: 1266
Elekrotnick Box P30L E-Box 8362944 08363744
HV Tank 8365004
C Box E510 Straton P30F 8377603
D540 DPU P30F 8377611
D514 FOC P30F 8377629
Sensation 20 Part 8429040
Tube Collimator P30L 8872900
D513 ADU 8904950
Eizo DSC 1908-D Syngo Acquision Workplace Monitor 10293050
Fujitsu ICS Tower Celcius M470 Power 10B Evolve Rev 2 10498290 MCSD2778
8MC UPS/Transformer Cabinet 10600559
Fujitsu KB Slim Med Keyboard TAV-X37091510MD3 S26381-H73-M701 Rev. 01 10600753613
IRS-S5 Supermicro Tower – Installed new July 2020 10864100
Tilt Sensor B301 1625933
Frequency Inverter 0..1600Hz 12KVA E301 3084449
Frequency Inverter 0..1600Hz 1.7KVA without module 3084456
Functional Modul Can Bus CM CAN1 3084464
WCS P20/P3 Board 454103.28.04
Riedel Mixer Unit 4806258
Water Phantom 4806977
Mains Transformer 4AU3696-0BD80-1XAO 4807231


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