Mallinckrodt LF Dual Head CT Injector Optistat with OptiBolus


Featuring OptiBolus Shaping Option
Mallinckrodt LF Optistat Injector Head PN: 820740D
LF CT9000 ADV Electronic Cabinet PN: 820016D
Optistat Service and Install Manual and CT 9000 Operators Manual PN:810832-B 820202-E
Optistat Language Disc Rev. E PN: 810605
LF Operator Console with Bolus Shaping Option PN:820017E
OptiStat Handheld Injector PN: 810150 810200E
Handheld Holder
Optistat Power Supply Box PN: 810470 810505D
Optistat Remote Control Console PN: 810025 810060D
200ml Syringe (2) PN:800096
125ml Syinge (2) PN:600172
White Plastic Half Cylinder
Syringe Holder
Power head coiled cable PN: 810195
Power head extension cable 75′ PN: 810545
Power Cables (2) PN: 800918
Ethernet Cable
Line Cord Cable
Console Cable 7′ PN: 810140
Ceiling Arm Mount

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