Here is a quick list of a few of the parts in stock for your shopping pleasure while I am taking on the slow and tedious task of adding each and every one of these parts to the website, with photos. For info on any item, simply copy the info and email it to us at until auto pricing is in place. To quick search, use CTRL-F and type in a part number, word, or anything to help narrow down the search. The parts are listed in order by part number, if I have one. The ones without a part number will be at the end or by description. These will be updated almost daily so check back often! I have added the condition of each part to this page as well as an OEM. Like numbers are grouped together and are in numerical order, where possible.

QtyConditionOEMDescriptionPNAlternate PN
1TestedBennettRotor Adjust Board208034
2TestedBennettBucky Board208046208078
1TestedBennettKVP Control Board208063208089
1TestedBennettControl Board208064
1TestedBennettFilament Control Regulator Board208065
1TestedBennettHFQ 6000 Interface Board208067
1TestedBennettHFQ 6000 Interface PCB208067
1TestedBennettFilament Transformer Board208068208124
1TestedBennettPower Supply Board208069
1TestedBennettVertical Drive Board208070
2TestedBennettCollimator Timer Distribution208071
1TestedBennettCircuit Board208073
1TestedBennettIndication Board208077
1TestedBennettHFQ 6000 Regulated Power Supply 208084
1TestedBennettHFQ 6000 Regulated Power Supply Board208084
1TestedBennettHFQ 6000 Generator Filament Resistor Board208086
1TestedBennettHFQ 6000 KVP Control Board208089
1TestedBennettHFQ 6000 Filament Control Board208090
1TestedBennettHFQ 6000 AEC Controller Board208094
1TestedBennettMF-150 Board208095
1TestedBennettHFQ 6000 Board Assembly208099
1TestedBennettHFQ 6000 PCB Assembly208099
1TestedBennettHFQ 6000 Power Shut Off Board208101
1TestedBennettHFQ 6000 Power Shut Off Board208101
1TestedBennettMF-150 LED Board208107
2TestedBennettAngle Display Board208109
1TestedBennettHFQ 6000 Board Assembly208112
1TestedBennettHFQ 6000 PCB Assembly208112
1TestedBennettHFQ Operator Control Board208113
1TestedBennett MF-150 Board208114
1TestedBennettHFQ 6000 Microprocessor Board208116
1TestedBennettLED Board208119
1TestedBennettFilament Transformer Board208124
1TestedBennettLED CPU208127
1TestedBennettAEC Board208151
1TestedBennettMF-150 Board208197
2TestedBennettMV-150 Motorized Compression Board298075
1TestedBennettMF-150 18×24 Comp Assy with Face Shield 18×24  Comp
1TestedBennett MF-150 Spindle Variable Speed DC Motor 9303309TN
1TestedBennettLCD BoardE10123
1TestedBennettContour Plus 18×24 Comp Paddle AssyM1355-2
1TestedBennettMF-150 24×30 Bucky  MM-B30
1GoodBennettMF-150 Face Shield
1DefectiveBiosoundAnnular Array2535
1TestedCamtronicsCamtronics CRT Board20081-0001E71512 92150 000160 F
1TestedCPICPI  IPS Internal Loop Back73076316CBL001527-01
2TestedCPICPI Inverter Module73281300732811
1TestedDelDual Speed Starter Rev. J728877-03 
1TestedDelFilament Supply Board Rev. AA731407-00
1TestedDelCPI Generator Interface PWB Rev. D732177-06 SP73217708IND
1TestedDelCPI Auxiliary Board Rev. R Rev. H732221-00732219-00
1TestedDelCPI Control Board Rev. V732816-02 732814
1TestedDelCPI Room Interface Board Rev. D733184-00
1TestedDelCPI Generator CPU Board Rev. B734573-02  SP90350000
1TestedDelCPI AEC Dedicated Ion Chamber Rev. B734614-01
1TestedDelHuestis 150MC CollimatorCM-12675  CM-1100 MC150
1NewDigivexRalco R105 CollimatorR105
1NewDigivexFujitsu P15-1 MonitorS26361K902V150
1NewDupontQuality Assurance Kit for Mammography – Contains RMI-156 Phantom, Artifact, Magnfication Lens, 157A Contact Test Tool, Health-O-Meter E-94, 18-235 Hypo Estimator Comparison Strip, Mammo Screen Film Contact Test Tool 18-201 18-202RMI-156
1TestedEurekaEureka Model 52-08101 X-Ray Tube  1.0-2.0 Focal SpotsRad 8  Emerald 125
1NewFijiDryPix 4000 HDDHDS721680
1TestedFischerPower Supply by Power One International Series53466HC242.4-A
1ExcellentFischerMammotest 18×24 Rectangular Biopsy Paddle Assy18×24 Biopsy 
1TestedFischer Mammotest Compression Drive53044G
1TestedFischer Mammotest Control Assy Board53274G
1TestedFischerAthena  Tubehead Assy53288G
1TestedFischer Mammotesst Tube Select Board53300G
1TestedFischer Mammotest Power Supply Board53318G
1TestedFischer Athena Two Tube Display  Rev 03 F-12-A53324G
2TestedFischer  Mammotest Trigger Board53410G
1TestedFischer Mammotest -15/5 kw Rotor Control53436G3
1TestedFischer Mammotest KVP Control Board53448G3
1TestedFischer Mammotest 15 W Filament Board53450G2
1TestedFischer  Mammotest 15 kw Interface53452G
2TestedFischer HF Current Transformer from Generator PN: 83312G-653464G
3TestedFischer HF current transformer from Generator PN: 83312G-653464G
1TestedFischer Mammotest CPU Board89192G
1TestedFischer Mammotest Brake Drive Assy89360G
1TestedFischer Mammotest Lateral Board Assy89412G
1TestedFischer 15 kw Interface Motherboard89434G
1TestedFischer Mammotest Assy Tube and Filament Board89440G
1TestedFischer Mammotest Tubehead Control Board89448G
1NewFischerMammotest Keytronic Keyboard PS/2PE03601QUS201C
1NewFujiOne Shot Test Tool07-605-3854
1TestedFujiFuji Drypix 4000 Hitachi DeskStar HDD 7200RPM 80GB0A33996 HDS721680PLAT80 BA2138
1TestedGammexRMI 157A Mammo Film Screen Contact Test Tool RMI-157A
1TestedGEProteus 12M Active Extension USB 2.039000
1TestedGEDMR Power Supply53543
1TestedGEPower Supply GE Advantx Cath/Angio53543
1TestedGEAdvantx Power Supply Cath/Angio54460
1TestedGELCV Power Supply54460
1NewGEInnova 2000 Cable63154
1TestedGEPower Supply QT511AF100534
2TestedGEMRI Devices Phantom Holder Assy100679
1TestedGEMRI Devices 7 Channel Breast Biopsy Array 63.86 Frequency – Refurbished 9/2016 by MVS Bayer Rev. 1103345
1TestedGEMRI Devices Head Support Siemens 104373
1TestedGEOpen Speed Foot Attachment Coil W/ two pads110053
2NewGENORAS Biopsy Reference Marker111251
1TestedGEmAs Selector Switch197892C560516 C809285
1TestedGEBennett/GE Silhouette LCD Display with Board205036DMF5003
1TestedGEACR MRI Phantom 223387
1TestedGE3.5C  Convex Probe 20503575509525
1TestedGELCV Memory Board2100106
1TestedGEAdvantX Legacy DRS Trait Digital Board2100203T3692AZ
1TestedGEDMR+ 800PL3 Gantry Board2100214
1TestedGEDMR 800PL1 Gantry Board2100224
1TestedGEDMR 800 PL4 Photo Cell Board 210028245560686
4TestedGEDMR 800 PL4 Photo Cell Board 210028245560686
1TestedGEOmega IV Angio Table Pad2100687
1TestedGEDMR 800 PL2 Gantry Interface Board210071945559715
1TestedGEHandswitch Base Plate Rev. A21010509200-2075-001
1TestedGEDMR 800 PL2 Gantry Interface Board2101719
2TestedGELCV Power Board2101740
1TestedGEDMR+ 800PL1 Gantry Power Board2102082
1TestedGEInnova 2000 Collision Sensor Board2102376
2TestedGELCV Advantx Collision Sensor2102376
1TestedGEDMR Compression Board2102619
2TestedGEControl Console Board2104081
1TestedGEMPH Compax Front Control Console21042102139013
1TestedGESW2 Board with Knobs2104560
1TestedGESwitch Board2104561
1TestedGEDMR Tube Housing Arm and Distribution2104795
1TestedGEDMR Console 21061472102527A ZF000DMR
1TestedGEConsole Control PWA2106683
1TestedGEConsole Control PWA2106683
2TestedGEASC Blu Board2107543
2TestedGEDMR  800T Control Console 2107636
1TestedGEDMR+ Generator Command Board2107747
1TestedGEDMR+ Generator Command Board2107747
1TestedGEInnova 2000 Pressure Control Module2107822
1TestedGELCV Switching Power Supply Unit CF 24V 2.1A2109083
1TestedGELCV Switching Power Supply Unit CF 24V 2.1A2109083
1TestedGELCV Switching Power Supply Unit CF 24V 2.1A2109083
2TestedGELCV Switching Power Supply 12V/2.5A2109086
2TestedGEAdvantx E Power One Power Supply2109380MAP554002C
1TestedGEASC Backplane Board2109475
1TestedGEASC Backplane Board2109476
1TestedGEDMR+ Supply Command Board2109692
1GoodGEInnova 2000 Grey Reference Card 18% +/- 1%2110360
1TestedGEInnova 2000 Deluxe DLX Keypad Control Console2111146
1TestedGELCV ECM Exposure Module2111390
1TestedGELCV+ ECM Module2111390
1TestedGEArcnet Hub Module2111391
1TestedGEArcnet Hub Module2111391
1TestedGEArcnet Hub Module Rev. 22111391
1TestedGEArcnet Hub Module Rev. 22111391
1TestedGEBolus DSA Control Hand Switch 21114312128244 2128245 2128247 5453889
1TestedGEDMR+ 200 PL1 Arm 1 Distribution Board2111929
1TestedGEInnova 2000 Sonyo Denki Servo Motor RP L-Arm Motor Drive EMC 2112291L70-039E84
1TestedGEDRS IMA21129832284673-00A
1TestedGEDRS IMA21129832284673-00A
2TestedGEASC EDM Serial Board2113448
1TestedGEDMR+ Anode Starter Security Board2113710
3TestedGELogiq 7 Temperature Probe Sensors 2114553
1TestedGE700/800/DMR 18×24 Comp Paddle Assy2115173
1TestedGEUltrasound Cable2115203
1TestedGE700/800T Drive Motor Belt 2116126
1TestedGEFibre Link Board21171582117159
2TestedGELCV Fibre Link DIN Board Rev. 0 Rev. B21171582117159
2TestedGEAdvantX Transpanel LCA Board2117726
2TestedGELCV ASC Transition Panel Board2117809
1TestedGEISFD – Spot Film Device2118104
1TestedGELogiq 7 Power Cord2118615
1TestedGEDMR/+ 200 PL6 Magnification Board 2119388
2TestedGELogiq 700 Cine 2 Memory (One in box)2120499
2TestedGELogiq 700 Cine 2 Memory (One in box)2120499
1TestedGEAdvantX Legacy DRS ACQ Board2120527
1TestedGEControl Console Board2121178
1UsedGELCV Toothed RP Belt 6x T2.5/2302121226
1TestedGEProSpeed HVDC Diode Bridge Bridge2121369
2TestedGEDMR+ Shoulder Guard2121396
2TestedGEDMR+ 200 PL2 Supply Command Board2121398
1TestedGEConsole Board2121778
1TestedGEBackplane MOD / POS Board2122179
1TestedGEAdvantx Back PlaneMOD POS2122180
1TestedGEDiode 2 Board2122848
1TestedGELegacy Table Control Console21240649370-009-81005
1TestedGE 700/800T Cable 200PL1 JX8 to JP205 JP2042124285
1TestedGE700/800T Cable 200PL1-J3 to Tube J22124286
1TestedGE700/800T  W216 Wired Angular Potentiometer2124352
1TestedGEPositioner Interface Board Rev. 0321246592124658A 46-232730G2-A
1NewGERP Encoder Kit2125188
2TestedGEAdvantX Distribution Board2127237
1TestedGELogiq 700 Host PIA w/ PC Master Controller Piggyback Board21275362229393
1TestedGEBackplane Board2127663
1TestedGEHand Switch Cable2128245
1TestedGESSR Control Board21284762128477
1TestedGEDMR 300 PL13 Gantry Supply Board2128521
1NewGEInnova 2000 RT BUS 20′ Cable VC397016-USA2128647
1TestedGELogiq 700 Doppler Board2128879
1TestedGELogiq 700 Doppler Board2128879
1TestedGELogiq 700 B&M Board  32129404
1TestedGELogiq 700 B&M Board  32129404
1TestedGEDMR+ Interlock Relays Board2130696
1TestedGE800/DMR/+ L00PL11 Auxiliaries Power Board 2132211
1TestedGE700/800T W214 Cable from 200PL9 to 200B12132870
1NewGEInnova 2000  40mm Steel Ball Bille Inox2133588
1TestedGEHigh Voltage HV Cap. Assembly2133621
2TestedGELCV AdvantX Power Supply Board2133998
1TestedGELCV LCA Backplane Board2134005
2TestedGELCV Supply and Park Command Board2134009
1NewGEDMR Halogen Lamp 12V 100W 2135203
1TestedGEMOD Drive2135227
4TestedGE800T Compression Motor 2135281
1TestedGE700/800T Thickness Potentiometer2135290
1TestedGELCV Advantx Power Supply2135895
1TestedGE700/800T Micro Switch 250 Volts2135971
1TestedGELCV SD11C Differential Converter 6567  Cable  W3272136326
1TestedGELCV Power Supply2136681
2TestedGELCV Grid Bias Board2137893
1TestedGELCV Filter Board 2138132
1DefectiveGE348c Convex2139859
2TestedGEMini Bridge Board2140213
TestedGE18×24 Front End Spot Film Device SFD Sensor Cable2141168
1TestedGEAdvantX  ASC Control Panel2142602
1TestedGE700/800T  Mirror Assy2142669
1NewGEDMR Flashcom V1.10 Floppy Disk 3.52142716
1TestedGE800T Magnification Stand with Belly Shield2142952
1ExcellentGESpot Film Cassette Cover2143300
1TestedGEInnova 2000 Cable2143466
1NewGEFuse Kit – Complete – Individual Items Available2144159
1TestedGEPrecision 500 Spot Film Power Assist Cover21448482383845
1TestedGEDMR 24×30 Bucky2145097ZRL30DMR
2TestedGELCV Interface 2 Board2145397
2TestedGELCV Innova 2000 Regulation Board2146224
2TestedGELCV Control Board2146627
1TestedGEXT Control Board2146642
1TestedGEProteus XT Control Board21466432146642
1TestedGE800T Ribbon Cable Set W8 from 300PL6 J4 to 300PL9 J4
W9 from 300PL6 J6 to 300PL1 J1
W10 from 300PL6 J5 to 300PL2 J1
W19 from 300PL8 J3 to 300PL10 J1
1TestedGE800T Ribbon Cable Set W4 from 300PL5 J3 to 300PL6 J2
W6 from 300PL5 J5 to 300PL8 J2
1TestedGE800T Ribbon Cable Set W1=300PL5 J12 to 300PL1 J1
W2=300PL5 J10 to 300PL2 J1
W3=300PL5 J13 to 300PL3 J1
1TestedGELight and Rotation Board2147558
1TestedGEElevator and Compression Board2147559
1TestedGEDMR Low Voltage Power Supply 300PL72147562
1TestedGESpot Film Device Power Assist Left Handle2147643
1TestedGEDMR 18×24 Bucky2147760ZRLPCDMR
1TestedGEBucky Magnification 18×24 Cassette Holder2147919ZRLPCDMR
2TestedGELegacy Front Chain Guard Covers(Left and Right)21483502148351
3TestedGELCV AdvantX Tirc UL Control Board2148663
1TestedGEAdvantx Room Interface CPU Board2149529
1TestedGELCV Room Interface Board2149529
2TestedGEAdvantX DRS 3.2 IR Remote2150330
1TestedGELCV Synchro Belt 12AT52153561
1TestedGELogiq 700 XY5 Board2154803
2TestedGELogiq 700 Time Line Memory 32155157
2TestedGELogiq 700 Time Line Memory 3 2155157
1TestedGESCPU Inverter Module2155477
1TestedGEDC Filter Assy.2155480
1TestedGECPU  V5 Board Rev. B2156215
1TestedGECPU V5 Advantx SCPU 80 Board Rev B2156215
1TestedGEAdvantX AC to DC Triple Frame Power Supply2156719
1TestedGEAdvantX AC to DC Triple Frame Power Supply2156719
1TestedGELCV Circuit Board2157645
1TestedGEEqualization Board2162853
4NewGEFilm Marker Set Multi-Lingual2162958E0256DC
1TestedGELCV Measure and Commutation Board2164152
1TestedGEMeasure and Communication Board2164152
1TestedGEAdvantX Command 1 Board Rev. A2164594
2TestedGELCV Command 1 Board2164594
1TestedGELegacy Advantx Command Board 21645942113336
2Like NewGEDiaphram Round Aperature 0.1 2165413
1Like NewGEDiaphram  Round 10 2165414
2Like NewGEDiaphram Round  0.3 2165415
1Like NewGEDiaphram Square 0.3 2165417
1Like NewGEDiaphram Square 14×14 0.1 2165418
1Like NewGEDiaphram Square 1,8 F 0,1  2165419
1TestedGECommand 2 Board2167228
1TestedGELegacy Command 2 Board2167228
1TestedGELCV Smart Amplifier Board2172110
3TestedGESmart Amplifier Board2172110
2TestedGELCV VAPZ Board2173593
1TestedGEDLX CPI Board2173595
2TestedGEDLX CP4 Board2173596
1TestedGELCV Circuit Board w/ Piggy Back2173598
1TestedGE700/800T 18×24 Cassette Holder2174361
1TestedGEDMR Filter Wheel Motor2174447
2TestedGECassette Tray217768846-262555P3
1TestedGEAdvantx Legacy GEL Diplay PCB21776972244700-002
1TestedGEAdvantx Legacy GEL Display Board21776972244700-002
1TestedGEAMX 4 or 4+ Relay Assembly with cables and relay KUEP-3D15-24 See relay data on 3119021780542177965
1TestedGEAdvantX Rotor Control SCPU2179055
1TestedGELegacy Advantx Rotor Controller SCPU2179055
1TestedGEAdvantX Inverter SCPU2179057
1NewGEConnect Pro with Bar Code Reader Opticon OPT-61252180690LGP6125RWES
1GoodGEInnova 2000 Tube cover – 4 piece 2181811
1TestedGEBucky Drive Board2184061
1TestedGEAdvantX Bucky Control Board2184062
1TestedGEBucky Control Board2184062
1TestedGESystem Interface Board2184075
2TestedGEOutlet Strip Board2184228
1TestedGESystem Interface Board2184798
TestedGEVarious Hand Switch Cables of various colors with RJ45 connector2188371SP26931 2357310
7NewGEHalogen Lamp 12V 100W DMR Damar FSC GY6.35 Bulbs 1118B218856645066644
1NewGE Halogen Lamp 12V 100W 2000 LUM DMR218856812869842 99020
1TestedGEMedys LH Bucky2189554
1TestedGEMedys Table Bucky Tray Holder2189554MB2000LH
1TestedGECable Compensation Module/ Cable Equalizer21903372190338
1TestedGEPU Control CPU2190858
1TestedGEDMR V3 Collimator2192002
1TestedGEPhantom Carrier B8418JR Rev. 1 with Copper Phantom 21949112324094
1TestedGETitan ASC Computer Pentium W/O FL2197212
1DemoGE618c Convex 5-6Hz2197485
1DemoGE618c Convex 5-6Hz2197485
1DemoGE618c Convex 5-6Hz2197485
1DemoGE618c Convex 5-6Hz2197485
1DemoGE618c Convex 5-6Hz2197485
1DemoGE618c Convex 5-6Hz2197485
1DemoGEM12L 2197489
2TestedGEDMR +  400 PL2 Generator Interface Board2198369
1TestedGEDMR+ Generator Interface Board2198369
1TestedGEI/O Adapt Board2200068
1TestedGELCV AdvantX I/O Adapt Board2200068
1TestedGEDMR/+ Filter Wheel  Motor Assembly2200315
1TestedGEGenerator and Arm Interface Board2202058
1TestedGELCA Image Intensifier2203321
1TestedGEMEDYS LH Motor Assy Left Hand Bucky2203332
1TestedGEMEDYS LH Motor Assy Left Hand Bucky2203332
2TestedGESigna Split O-Ring2203803
1TestedGEMedys Ultranet SA Overhead Collimator2204534ZAOULOSA
1TestedGEDMR+ Tube Housing Arm Distribution Board2205263
2TestedGEUltranet SA Collimator Knob Set2205271
1TestedGEUltranet SA Collimator Pressure Sensitive Handle Assy2205272
1TestedGEAC/DC TRI V2C Board2208974
1TestedGEDMR + 800 PL15 Inter Arm Tilt Sensor Board2210226
1TestedGEMain Interface Board2212901
1TestedGECable to Emergency Stop Box2213025
1TestedGEAdvantx Legacy DRS GEL Board2213621
1NewGEAnalog RS422 Loopback Connector CBCA65576 2214163
1TestedGEHL MOV Board2214191
1TestedGEHL MOV Board2214191
1TestedGEVAPZ Y APM J42214245W1031
1TestedGEHeater V3 Rev. 0022214604
1NewGE Innova 2000  Table Panning Device2214620
1TestedGEInnova 2000 Table Panning Device2214620
1TestedGEJedi Generator Cable2215227
1TestedGE Jedi Generator Cable2215228
1TestedGE Jedi Generator Cable2215839
1TestedGE Jedi Generator Cable2215903
1TestedGE2010 Performix 160A X-Ray Tube22165002216500-2 2216450  D2804A
1TestedGELytron Intercooler Fan Rev. 32216586E56981G3
8TestedGETime Delay Board2218096
10TestedGESigna Cold Shrink Connector Insulator2218148
1TestedGEInfinia Fuse Kit2218570
1TestedGEPlantine Cabinet Fan Assembly2221691
1TestedGEJedi Generator Cable2221733
2TestedGEDMR+ Digital Readout Unit –  Board 2103587 A, Screen 07260230, Ribbon Cable 45562381, Internal Cable 45441391 22237352235105
1TestedGEAdvantX (LW) Console2224559
1TestedGEAdvantX (LW) Console2224559
1TestedGEInnova 2000 AdvantX (LW) Console2224559
2TestedGEPaddle Fastner Assembly2225076
1TestedGEDMR+ Shoulder Guard2227387
1TestedGEDMR Gantry CPU Board22304322100214
1TestedGEDMR Gantry CPU Board2230432
1TestedGEDMR/+ Generator Interface Board2230433
1TestedGEHM1506 GE Monochrome 15″ Monitor 2230967HM1506
1TestedGEDMR/+ VIS-ECROU Tube Rotation Screw Assy2232982
1TestedGEDMR+ KVMA Board V422332452300590
2TestedGEKVMA.V4 Board2233245
2NewGECarbon Brush2235034
1TestedGE800T Dual Foot Switch KF 2 2S/2X-Med2235874
1TestedGEDual Foot switch KF2 28 / MED 223587460601-1
2TestedGEDMR 18×24 Cassette Holder2236347
1TestedGEDMR+ 18×24 Cassette Holder2236347
1TestedGECabinet Fans Assembly2240828
1TestedGECabinet Fans Assembly2240828
1NewGEInnova 2000  27405 Cable RT Bus2241723
1TestedGEMammo set of 9 English Markers2242700
1TestedGEAdvantX Cath/Angio Global Modem Kit2245794
1TestedGEGlobal Modem Kit22457942245773 2249450
1NewGEInnova 2000  27443 Bulkhead ADX-RTBUS Cable2247850
1NewGEInnova 2000 Loopback Connector FO SC2248316
1TestedGEJedi Generator Cable2249988
1TestedGE Jedi Generator Cable2249989
1TestedGE AdvantX DRS Console2252450
1TestedGEOTC Power Supply 1380762257210
1TestedGEProteus Console FRU SW 2.0.622599762GEFC-6B00-0001  5462233
8TestedGELogic 9 Time Delay Board2260194
1TestedGELogiq 9 BMP422602072260208
1TestedGELogiq 9 RF Amp22602122260213
1TestedGELogiq 9 Scan Control Smorgasboard2260214
3NewGE Innova 2000 DL 1C Com DB9 Loopback Connector2261176
2NewGE Innova 2000 DL 1C DB26 Loopback Connector2261177
1TestedGEGE Proteus AL 01 F 22617655892919
1TestedGEPrecision 500 OTS I/O Board22635262263527 2281096 2281135
1TestedGEPrecision 500 OTS I/O Board22635262263527 2281096 2281135
1TestedGEOpenSpeed 0.7T Breast Array Coil Model 08C-29PA  2264745
1TestedGEInnova 2000 Monitor Suspension Power Strip2265797
1TestedGEInnova 2000 IQST Phantom Rev. 3 Suitcase2266431
1TestedGETerminator Board Assembly2268026
1TestedGE Jedi 80R 1T Generator 2268970
2NewGEInnova 2000 2.5M Power Cord2268983
1TestedGE Jedi Generator Cable2269148
1TestedGE LED OTS Lateral Detent SID Indicator Light 2270943
1TestedGEInnova 2000 X-Ray Beam Accessories Heroic Service Suitcase2271179
1GoodGE Proteus Condor Tube Side Cover2273359
1GoodGEProteus Side Tube Cover2273359
1GoodGE Proteus Side Tube Cover2273360
1GoodGEProteus Condor Tube Side Cover2273360
1GoodGEProteus Condor and FC Bottom Tube Cover2273368
1GoodGEProteus Condor Front Tube Cover2273369
1GoodGEProteus Condor Top Cover 2273369
4NewGEInnova 2000 6-32UNC L3/8 Screws2279320
1NewGEInnova 2000 Ethernet Cable2280495
1TestedGELCV Array Processor Max22815552281553
2TestedGEAMX 4 Top Latch Assembly228403546-270627P1
1TestedGEGeneric CPU Bus Board22876352287636
1TestedGEJedi 80 R/RF Generator2290800
1TestedGELogiq 9 Top Plane Front Plane Board Musashi2291656
1TestedGECAN POS I/O PWA Board Rev. 3 Rev. 222931422293143
1TestedGELow Voltage Power Supply LVPS2294056
1TestedGEM12L Multi-Frequency Linear Probe22945125536012  2294510  2294511  2294512  5409284  H40412LD  H79842P
1TestedGEInnova 2000 IRC-38 IR Receiver2295994
1TestedGEII Power Supply2296573
1NewGEInnova 2000 Fiber Optic Cable2296908
1TestedGEPrecision 500 Lateral Table Drive2297748
1TestedGEE8C Endo-Cavity Probe22978835409286 5499514 
1TestedGEAUX Power Box2301224
1TestedGEPrecision 500 Thales Analog Converter Digital Signal ACDS 2301231TH7222
1TestedGE7L Linear Probe2302648
1NewGEAretha Monitor Video Cable2304977
1TestedGECCD 1K Camera2306392
1TestedGELegacy Table Side Control2307374
1TestedGETable Side Control2307374
1TestedGEPower Supply AC-DC 65W 23153475122505 5782222
1TestedGEPrecision 500 Power Supply AC-DC 65W 23153475122505 5782222
1TestedGEConverter to Coaxial Media Adapter2315495
1TestedGEDakota Voyager UTP Mini Version 25/9B Local 23154971035-01M
1NewGEDaxten GEMS Voyager Remote Unit Ver. 2.1a-2V23155401034-121PRGE 
1TestedGEDaxten GEMS Voyager Local Unit Ver. 2.1a-2V23155401034-021PLGE
1TestedGEAC/DC Chassis2317457
1TestedGELogiq 7 Keyboard2318476
1TestedGENeon Light for 2 Tube Indicator Cable2318489
1TestedGEInnova 2000 Omega V Long Table2320045
4NewGEMammo Nylon Slides and Shims for Compression Arms2320498
2NewGE Paddle Modified kit edition. (labels) GE DMR/700/800T23205002308834
3NewGEMammo Screws 2320501
1TestedGEProteus User Interface Control Handle2320993
1TestedGECopper Phantom  Rev. 02324094201050
1TestedGEDMR+ 400 PL3 Generator CPU Board2325550
1NewGEP9230JV Rubber Set with Adhesive Back 2327335P9230JV
1TestedGEDetector Extractor Replacement Tool 2327818
1NewGESlide Plunger23302695338218
1NewGEScrew 1.3″ x 0.6″ 2330272
1NewGEScrew 1.3″ x 0.6″ 2330272
1NewGEMRI Head Coil T Shaped Blue Cushion2330338
1TestedGEAdvantX  DSC Flash Update Software2330340
1TestedGELogiq 7 Power Supply2330827
1TestedGE20 inch monochrome monitor2330966
1TestedGE15 inch monochorone monitor2330967
1TestedGEOTS Power Supply2331012
1TestedGELegacy Table Ion Chamber ICX9492331091
1TestedGE2007 GE  MX100 Maxiray Overhead X-Ray Tube 0.6-1.25 350khu 12.5 target 180 degree  horn233605846-1555400G48
1TestedGE2017 Varian A-195 Proteus MX100-09 Maxiray 100  90 degree horn .6-1.25 focal spot X-Ray Tube233605846-155400G46 D2309R  A195
1TestedGEPrecision 500D Vertical Motion Control Amplifier Advanced Motion Controls Digiflex Digital Servo Amplifier DX15CT8-GE4 In: 20-80VDC Out: 15A Pk/8A Cont 608W @80VDC Rev. J Ver. 01 RoHS23371132288314 2288315 5444251
1TestedGEPrecision 500D Vertical Motion Control Amplifier Advanced Motion Controls Digiflex Digital Servo Amplifier DX15CT8-GE4 In: 20-80VDC Out: 15A Pk/8A Cont 608W @80VDC Rev. J Ver. 01 RoHS23371132288314 2288315 5444251
1NewGEInnova 2000 8 Pack VIS FHC82 8-32UNC L3/8 Screws2337269
1NewGEInnova 2000 Connector FP LC2341275
1NewGEInfinia Interposer Extractor Tool2348862
20NewGEHigh Power Brush Tip 23496035271812-2 2349601
1TestedGEInnova 2000 Lift Interconnect PCB2349759
1NewGEWhite strap2352202
1TestedGEInnova Remote Hand Switch2352954
1TestedGEInnova 2000 Proximity Capacitive Detector2353390
1TestedGEInnova 2000 Proximity Capacitive Detector Cover/HIC Grid Runner23541312351394 2351395
1TestedGELogiq 7 Power Cable 15A 250V 2354528
1NewGEInnova 2000 Ribbon Cable2355862
1GoodGEInnova 2000 Lift Cover 2356861
1TestedGEInnova 2000 Detector Holder Assy2357045
1TestedGESystem I/F Board Rev 0820140813006523644312364432 51010189
1TestedGESinano 22374744
1NewGEInnova 2000 ARCNET Fiber Optic Cable2374766
1NewGEInnova 2000 Connector RTBUS Loopback2374790
1TestedGEJedi  80RD IT Generator Complete 2374870
1NewGEInnova 2000 Connector RTBUS Loopback2374891
1TestedGEProteus Eclipse Collimator2379827
1NewGEInnova 2000 RTAC 27611 Fiber Optic Cable2379853
1NewGEInnova 2000 J7-Bulk 27444 Fiber Optic Cable2379854
1TestedGEProteus OTS Assembly2380179
1TestedGEJedi Axillary Module 80 RD 1T2381787
1TestedGE1.5T Linear Extremity Cable with Coil ID2383622
1TestedGELegacy Spot Film Device Kit Board Cable Joystick and 2 Switches Rev 0 is the SFD Joystick PCB alone 23837802399516
1TestedGELegacy Spotfilm Push Button Panel2383834LQO57Q3DC12
1TestedGELegacy Spotfilm Push Button Panel2383836LQO57Q3DC12
1TestedGEPush Button Assembly2383838
1TestedGEGE Openspeed Coil ID238426846-282118G2
1TestedGELegacy SFD/IDD  I/O Cable Rev. A2384902
1TestedGELegacy SFD/IDD J2 I/O Cable Rev. A2384907
1TestedGELogiq 7 Right Speaker2384933
1TestedGELogiq 7 Left Speaker2384934
2TestedGELegacy Spot Film Device Console2385554
1TestedGESpot Film Interface Complete by SFO Technologies India Rev. 32385554
1TestedGEIntelligent Digital Device Console IDD2385556
1TestedGELCV Advantx Smart Amp Board2385842
1TestedGEAdvantX Smart Amp Board2385942
1TestedGETable Angulation Switch Assy from SFD Console2386159
1NewGEInnova 2000 Ribbon Cable2386989
1TestedGEGE Logiq 7 DVD Unit 2 Assembly23884295115606
1NewGEInnova 2000  Adapter SubD2389281
1TestedGEInnova 2000 Omega Restpoint Board2399127
1TestedGEDDBF64 Board Rev. 12399312
1TestedGEDDBF64 Board Rev. 12399312
1TestedGEPDU Aretha /Power Conditioner SMC INR 244-639 Thermo-Con 24000492293487
1TestedGEREAN 2 Assembly Rev. 12403199
1TestedGE Eizo 18″ Blue Tint DVI LCD Monitor   24039492403950 SMD1810G 6GF62212CB16
1NewGEShort Circuit Tool Cable 2404798
4TestedGEElectro Brake Table Ref 52301010 24VDC Diameter M352406989
1TestedGEUSAI Liberty 9000 8 Channel Breast Coil Head Rest2407945
1TestedGED166  and D163 M4 Board28229272822869
1NewGE1.5T QUAD NV Array Cable Rev. B3010444
4TestedGELCV XDG Board36006532173195
3TestedGEProtistor Semiconductor Fuse 3824850R3301111 DN000GB69V125V
2NewGE Siemens Silver Carbon Brush ( Control Data)41354482183107
1NewGENew GE BrightSpeed Carbon Steel Wire 80-0200  .020 DIA 12″5113046
4TestedGEUMV Knob Kit51147002363740 2363739 2384216
10NewGEGE Knob Slides5115063
1TestedGEGE Logiq 7 Ultrasound Probe Connector Assembly5116536
1NewGEExcite 3 RF System Cabinet Service C Cable Kit5117087
2NewGEGCC Test Cable5117298
7NewGEGCC Test Cable5117335
1NewGEGCC Test Cable5118303
1NewGEGCC Test Cable5118304
1NewGEGCC Test Cable5118305
1TestedGEInnova 2000 CD Detector Config PKI-M4B SW5118545
1NewGELightSpeed Tension Bars 5118619
1TestedGEPRE A2 F/H Board5119039
1NewGE Tyco Fiber Optic Cable 51194106374659-1
1TestedGERCIM Collector Ops Console – White51249849375-00192-008/C A8010LY2
1TestedGERCIM Collector Ops Console – White51249849375-00192-008/C A8010LY/2
1TestedGEAdvanced Digiflex Digital Servo Amplifier Rev. 351283345120483
1TestedGERevolution XR/D Table5131070
1TestedGELogiq 7 BECOMP3 Computer5133099
1TestedGETable Apollo Thunder Detector 41cm  5134673
1TestedGEWall Apollo Thunder Detector 41cm5134673
1TestedGEOTC with cables5135678
1TestedGECorona 2 Board Rev. 251382025138201-2
1TestedGEWall Stand5141608
1TestedGEInfinia Xeleris HP-XW6200 Workstation Computer Collector5142394
1TestedGEThunder Control Room Connector Panel51431355143117 532460
1TestedGELogiq E9 North American Black Power Cable Rev. 35148381
1TestedGEFEI Titan Angulation Encoder Hengsteler 5VDC 0.2A5150464541899
1NewGEBrightSpeed Blue Plug Cover Set of 45152094
1TestedGEBTRAPP 5AHV HVSEL BTXCW Console Ass. Board51543215111346 5112333
1TestedGEBTRAPP 5AHV HVSEL BTXCW Console Ass. Board51543215111346 5112333
1TestedGE Connector5160678
1TestedGESigna Cable5160691
1TestedGESiemens No Fuse Breaker51646783VL1710 3VL160X
1TestedGEWallstand Verticle Motor – Maxon Motor M0509495166518366461
1TestedGEProteus Ion Chamber Rev. 45167409
1TestedGEProteus Ion Chamber Rev. 45167409
1TestedGELogiq E9 19″ LCD Monitor Rev. 35167953
1TestedGELogiq E9 ICHIRO Palm Rest Blue Cover5178069
1TestedGELogiq E9 LCD Arm for FREY Rev. 035183750
1NewGESanko Tubular Instrument Scale 80KG5184128
1TestedGELogiq E9 IO Board Cable5194491
1TestedGELogiq E9 Black AC Power Printer Cable Rev. 55194493
2GoodGEProteus Table Side Cover Rev. 15194836
1GoodGEProteus  Table Front Cover Rev. 35194837
1GoodGEProteus Table Rear Cover Rev. 35194838
1TestedGELogiq E9 User Interface Lower Frame Assy ICHIRO Rev. 55195937
1TestedGELogiq E9 Cable5196889
1TestedGELogiq E9 Cable5196890
1TestedGELogiq E9 XYZ Switch Board Cable 5198990
1TestedGELogiq E9 ICHIRO Front Plane Board Rev. 352010025201003
1TestedGELogiq E9 ICHIRO Front Plane Board Rev. 352010025201003
1TestedGELogiq 7 Free Caster5233772
1TestedGELogiq 7 Swivel Lock Caster5233773
2TestedGELogiq 7 Total Lock Caster5233774
1TestedGELogiq E9 Front Covery ICHIRO Assy Rev. 35245458
1TestedGELogiq E9 Cable Rev. 15245462
1TestedGEInfinia TTH Hawkeye X-Ray Tube 1.2 Focal Spot 52573585329857  2361821 
1TestedGELogiq E9 5″ Subwoofer Speaker H1216-08 ohm 5261127CA15RLY
1TestedGEWallstand Safety Sensor Cable Rev. 25261407
1TestedGELogiq E9 Fuse 20A Fast Acting Battery Pack Assy Rev. 25262021
1TestedGELogiq E9 Rev. 45263255
2TestedGELogiq E9 Speaker Rev. 025270197
1TestedGERCIM2 Black Keypad 5270661
1NewGEBattery FRU for KV Control53047002159419
1TestedGELogiq E9 DVD Super Multi5305921103746
1TestedGELogiq E9 Super Multi DVD5305921103746
1TestedGELogiq E9 Part5307581
1TestedGELongitudinal Drive Assy5308868
1TestedGELogiq E9 Pedal Mechanism Assy5311911
TestedGELogiq E9 Caster Brake Lock Release5312180
1NewGE Black SCIM Scan Control Intercom Module53160295339621 937500475002
1TestedGELegacy AdvantX Rotor Controller Board Rev. 15327993
1TestedGEPedal I/F Board Rev 153378995337898ROHS1
1TestedGEPedal I/F Board Rev 153378995337898ROHS1
1TestedGEPedal IF Board ROHS153378995337898 2259298-24
1TestedGELogiq E9 Optical Trackball TG3 Rev. 65341631G3987C-01-RC
1NewGEAdapter for AdvantX E Tube Water Hose 5357454
2TestedGEUniversal Rad Detector Tray ROHS5380866
1TestedGEEnmet 04537-000 Circuit Assembly for Oxygen Monitoring 539067646-305001P3 04537-000
1TestedGEProteus Cable Monitor to Cabinet (control room) Rev. 35393543
1TestedGEProteus Power Cable (control room) Rev 35393571
1TestedGEProteus Cabinet Cable (control room) Rev 25393573
1TestedGEProteus Telephone Style Cable  Rev 1 Console to Cabinet J25393579
1TestedGEProteus Handswitch Input Cable5393581
1TestedGEProteus Monitor cable (control room) Rev. 45393584
1TestedGEProteus Cable (control room) Rev. 35393585
1TestedGEURP Universal Rad Power Detector Bin for Flashpad 53943485393571
1TestedGEFlashpad Tether Interface Box5394349
1TestedGEProteus Cable to Dongle Bracket Rev. 65411408
1TestedGEProteus Wireless also cable to dongle bracket Rev. 75419255
1TestedGERound Black Foot Pedal5433231GEM-VK36
1TestedGEProteus Console with stand54418705462233
1TestedGEInnova 2000 R-FMI112190 CRT Monitor Suspension5457191
1NewGENew Oshram Collimator Bulb 150W 24V5892075HLX64642
1TestedGEGE Under Table Flouro58929432292592 5234960
1TestedGEInnova 2000 Siemens Support Arm9359324
1TestedGELogiq 7 Main Control Panel Board 10020072
1TestedGEExposure Control Module ECM Board Rev. 221113902
2TestedGEDMR+  400 PL3  DMR+ V6.21 Generator Board2274829522488214 313260BU2
1TestedGEShutter Assy & Motor33200002
1TestedGEDisk Drive Power Cable35001482
1TestedGEDMR Power Supply Command Board36002367
1NewGELocating Pin 36002608
1TestedGE600T 24×30 Cassette Holder36002671
1NewGE Circuit Board Template 36002677
1TestedGELCV AdvantX Measure and Commutation Board36003395
1TestedGEDMR KVMA Board36003514
1TestedGEHV Divider Board36003893
1TestedGELCV Advantx Interface 2 Board36004408
3TestedGELCV Security Board36004550
1TestedGEDMR Starter Security Board 300 PL33600463445553694
2TestedGEDMR+ 800PL2 Gantry Interface Board36004749
1TestedGEDMR 18×24 Bucky36005696
2TestedGEDMR 18×24 Bucky ZRL18DMR36005696ZRL18DMR
2TestedGEDMR 24×30 Bucky36005701ZRL30DMR
1TestedGERibbon Cable36006257
1TestedGERibbon Cable36006258
1GoodGEDMR ZFMAGDMR Magnification Stand36006563
1GoodGEDMR ZRMAGDMR Magnification Stand36006563
1TestedGEDMR Mag stand with belly shield36006563
1ExcellentGE700/800/DMR Spot Compression Assy “D”36006650
2TestedGEDMR Tube Arm Board36006848
2NewGEOsram Xenophot HLX New Lamp Bulb and BLS both collimator lamp for DMR and others 12v 100W450666442188566 62138 10108 HLX62138
2TestedGEDMR/+/800T Double Pedal Footswitch W60/W5945066801
9TestedGEDMR Mammo Rocker Switch45067305
1TestedGEUltranet SA Collimator 45296017
1TestedGEUltranet SA Tape Measue45296021
4TestedGEUltranet SA Board Repeat Undersizing Function45296088
1TestedGECircuit Board45296104
2TestedGEUltranet SA Collimator Geared Motor (2.9 : 1) + worm screw45296141
1TestedGEUltranet SA Collimator Geared Motor (2.9 : 1) + worm screw45296142
4TestedGEUltranet SA Angulation Sensor + Lamp & LED Unit Rev. A  Rev. C45296164
1TestedGE Collimator Control Board With P/N: 45296104 Circuit Board4529617545296104
1TestedGEUltranet Flouro ZAOULOSU Collimator45296205
1TestedGEUltranet Flouro ZAOULOSU Collimator45296205
1TestedGEUltranet SA Collimator Keyboard Control Board45296623
1TestedGEMedys Ultranet SRI / ADX Collimator45297024
1NewGEUltranet SA Plexiglas Plate 45298002
6TestedGEC1 RC1 OU RC3 Board45312099
1TestedGELCV CI RC1 OU RC3 Board45312099
1TestedGECI RC2 OU RC4 Board45312100
5TestedGECompax CI RC2 OU RC4 Board45312100
1TestedGE 600T 24×30 Cassette Holder45313723ZRLL006T
1TestedGELCV Advantx Aux Voltage Board45314017
1TestedGEDMR / DMR+ Magnification Sensor Board45314320
1TestedGEDMR/+ Magnification Sensor Board45314320
2TestedGEDMR InterArm Tilt Sensor45314355
1TestedGESG-60 Wall Bucky (Complete) 454323302206038
3TestedGELCV Tube Interface Board45434920
3TestedGETube Interface Board LOV Cath/Anigo45434920
1TestedGEDMR 300PL1 Inverter Board45439388
1TestedGEDMR 300PL1 Inverter Board 45439388
5TestedGEMPPU Board45440501
1TestedGEDMR 400-PL2 Generator Interface Board45441852
1TestedGELCV Power Board45474637
1TestedGEAdvantx LV Power Supply45475017
1TestedGEGE AdvantX MPPU Computer Cosel Power Supply45475017PMC75E-2
1TestedGELCV LV Powersupply45475017
1TestedGELCV Control Board45475145
5ExcellentGEOne Piece Square Spot Compression45475446
2TestedGEDMR/+ Sensor Board45475707
1TestedGEDMR/+ Sensor Board45475707
2TestedGEDMR Emergency Stop with Cable45553523
1TestedGEEmergency Stop PL2-XJ1445553523
1TestedGEDMR 300PL2 Anode Starter Board 45553694
1TestedGEDMR 300PL2 Anode Starter Board 45553694
1TestedGEDMR/+ 300PL2 Anode Starter Board45553694
1TestedGEDMR Mains Distribution Board45554176
1TestedGEDMR Mains Distribution Board45554176
2TestedGEElectromagnetic Mount Assy45554470
1TestedGEDMR Socket Assy45554551
2TestedGEDMR Timing Belt45554555
1NewGEDMR 10X Sterile Needle Pin Guides D1, 845554853
1NewGEDMR 10X Sterile Needle Pin Guides D2, 2545554853
1TestedGEDMR Digital Readout Unit (Delta X,Y,Z) PN is on Board45554881
1ExcellentGEDMR Spot Comp Assy45559379
1GoodGEDMR Spot Compression Paddle45559379
1TestedGEDMR cable45559717
3TestedGEDMR Gantry Readout Unit – Color is Black and crème – Board 2103587 A, Screen 07260230, Ribbon Cable 45562381, Internal Cable 45441391 – Except for color, same as BBID 2530645559726
2TestedGEDMR Gantry Readout Unit with Board 45475993 F45559726
1NewGEDMR Plug/Stop45559730
2TestedGEDMR Compression Arm Board 45559853
1TestedGEDMR+ Compression Arm Board45559853
8NewGEWhite Cap Screw Covers 45559940
1TestedGEDMR Cooling Fan45560072
1TestedGECollimator Filter Wheel 700T/800T/DMR/2000D45560092
2TestedGEDMR/+ 3 Filter Wheel Assy45560092
9NewGEBlack Cap Screw Covers 45560509
1TestedGE DMR Photocell Board PL4455606862100282
3TestedGEOn /Off Service Board 45561064
1TestedGE DMR Supply Command Board4556127736002367
2TestedGE Compax Hand Switch 4556158445313647
3TestedGE DMR Hand Switch 4556158445313647
1TestedGE DMR 18×24 Cassette Holder45561633ZRL18DMR
1TestedGE DMR 18×24 Cassette Holder45561633ZRL18DMR
2TestedGEDMR 18×24 Cassette Holder45561633
1NewGEDMR Board45561829
1TestedGEDMR Board with Ribbon Cable 4556070745561829
1TestedGEDMR Covers – Set of 4 45561897
2TestedGE LCV (DLX) VAD 3 Board 455626892173597
2TestedGEDMR Auxillary Volatage Board45563250
2TestedGEDMR 400PL1 Generator Command Board 45563251
1TestedGEControl Card Rack Backplane 45662650
1TestedGELED Display Board46188472
1TestedGECollimator Board46226004
1TestedGERad Positioner Backplane46264110
1TestedGEAdvantX SCPU Sync and Timing Board46264640
1TestedGEKernel Backplane46288803
1TestedGEAurora MDT1900-1LC9 Monitor51786671
1TestedGEAurora Radiforce Touchscreen Monitor 51786671R5150ST8 6GF62102EB23
2NewGEFUS F 6X32 10A 380V C 10KA ULL 58079166
2NewGESlow Blow Fuse HCP 6X32 2A 250V UL 58079627
5NewGESlow Blow Fuse HCP 6X32 0.5A 250V UL 58079685
2NewGESlow Blow Fuse HCP 6X32 1A 250V UL 58079686
1NewGEStenoscope  HVPS Module72160068P5180283
1TestedGEPower Supply Board76186101
2NewGEIgnition Coil 91535633
1NewGEWasher 91540469
1NewGEX-Ray Stickers and Screw Cover Caps White and Brown9166475245474407
1NewGEAMP GE 91683324 Neutral Tube/Bushing 27x60MM 91683324
5NewGEAMX or VMX Replacement switch in collimator 2144337 and others 91684671
1NewGEFast Fuse 27X27 125 A 150 V AC ULR 91684676
1TestedGE DMR Generator Power Supply by ELCO 45w +5V/+-12V 400T191716597PMC50E-1-XULA
1TestedGE DMR/+ Generator Power Supply917165972264280
2NewGEHex Screws 91719118
2GoodGEDMR/+ Belt 43-Tooth91726679
2NewGEHex Screws 91737541
1NewGEHex Screw SKT HD Cap M3X10 99060937
3NewGEFlat Washer M3 99077775
1NewGEScrew 9910700799030316 99107126 99116465
1NewGEWasher 99131462
1NewGEInnova 2000 Set of 4 VIS CBLH M3X6/6 INOX99152349
4NewGEZip Ties 99158195
2TestedGEGE Ultranet Potentiometer Resistor99162875
1NewGEFuse T 6X32 3,2A 250V C 100A ULL 99183931
2NewGESlow Blow Fuse HCP 6X32 10A 250V UL 99183979
3NewGEFuse F 27X 60 35A 600V C 100KA ULL 99184154
1NewGEFuse F 6X32 12,5A 250V C 750A ULL 99184975
5NewGESlow Blow Fuse HPC 6X32 3.15A 250V U 99194288
3NewGEFuse 6×32 2.5A 250V C 100A 99194291
2TestedGEOEC Uroview 2800 CPU Relay Board162025003
2TestedGEGE Power Supply Board4261011201
1TestedGELogitec Mouse with PS2 Connector8512081000
1TestedGEConsole Handswitch Holder  
1TestedGELogiq 7 6+1 Knob Assembly 
3TestedGELogiq 7 Adjust Knobs (light blue) 
1TestedGELogiq 7 Little Lite Lamp 
1TestedGELogiq 7 Ultrasound Complete Wiring Assembly 
1TestedGEOEC Huestis Medical CM1003 Collimator Rev. B  00-901620-01     CM-14-008-M
1TestedGEPower Supply Board  46-32118246-321183P1
1TestedGEVideo Processor Board Rev. 4  46-321462G2-A 46-321427P1
1NewGE FDS 24V 150W 41A Lamp Bulb  46-315581P18687
1TestedGEXT Suspension Sensor Board and Long SID Detent Sensor Cover Rev. 0 46-321272G1-E 46-316954P1 46-321273P1 
1TestedGEFlash Aux Memory Board 46-321380G1A46-321381P1
1TestedGEOEC 6600 CCD Camera 4″00-878676-01  99-878676-01
1TestedGEOEC GE Uroview 2800 Control Console00-884198-01
1TestedGEOEC Uroview 2800 Control Console Rev. F00-884198-01  00-881770-01
2TestedGEOEC 2800 Handswitch00-901571-03
1TestedGEOEC Huestis Medical CM1003 Collimator Rev. B00-901620-01   CM-14-008-M
1TestedGEXRE Board015112C
1TestedGEDRS Motorola MVME 167P-24SE Rev. C01-W3620F-03C 84-W8620F01B 64-W362801A
1TestedGEDRS Motorola MVME 167P-24SE Rev. C01-W3620F-03C  84-W8620F01B 64-W362801A
2TestedGEOEC Uroview 2800 Rev N Condor DC Power Supply GPC130B 02-323700-01  GPC130B
1TestedGEAdvantX Power Supply  Rev 03042-61011201
1TestedGESAN ACE Triple Fan Assembly 109P1212M402 109R1212M102
1ExcellentGE18×24 Mag Paddle with Arm18×24 Mag
1ExcellentGE18×24 SOFT Comp Paddle Assy by American Mammographics18×24 SOFT Paddle
4NewGEDura-Cuf Blood Pressure Cuf Adult Long2015072-001F
1NewGEDura-Cuf Blood Pressure Cuf Thigh2015072-001F
1TestedGEOEC 15V Digital Power Supply 203-01890-01
1TestedGEOEC Fan AXL 3200R RPM 115VAC20-839918-00
2TestedGEOEC Fan AXL 2200 RPM 115VAC20-839956-00
1TestedGEDMR+ 400 PL2 Generator Interface Board V2.452100213-1121012038
1TestedGEDMR+ 400 PL2 Generator Interface Board V2.452100213-8A
1TestedGEDMR 800PL3 Gantry Board2100214-2
1TestedGEDMR+ 800 PL4 Photo Cell Board2100282-002  2128645B
1TestedGEDMR/+ 800 PL1 Gantry Power Board2102082-8-A
4NewGEInnova 2000 Coax BNC 75 Ohms Connector2102788-2
1ExcellentGEAnalogic Pre-Amp21-0338010-71203-01
1TestedGEBoard including Caps2104559-2
1TestedGEOPI2 CPU2104562-2  46-288681
2TestedGEDMR+ Room Relay Board 200 PL42106963-2A 2282675-7 ZF000DMR
1TestedGENE B44 V.2.03 EPROM2107751-3
1TestedGEDMR+ Mains Distribution2108592-2
1TestedGEDMR+ Mains Distribution Board2108592-2
1TestedGEDMR+ Mains Distribution Board2108592-2
1TestedGE10′ Monitor Bridge 2110767-3
1TestedGEExposure Control Module ECM Board Rev. 22111390-2
1TestedGEExposure Control Module ECM Board Rev. 22111390-2 
1TestedGEArcnet Hub Module2111391-2
1TestedGE300PL3 Counter Board2111927-B
1TestedGEDMR+ 200 PL7 Compression Sensor Board2111935-2
1TestedGEOEC Bearing21-128912-00
1TestedGEOEC Bearing THR Washer21-128915-00
1TestedGEAdvantx Legacy DRS Mother/ Backplane Board2116685-001
1TestedGEDRS Motherboard/Backplane Board2116685-001 
1TestedGEDRS Motherboard/Backplane Board2116685-001 
12TestedGEProSpeed CAM Assy  Rev 00-1130-762116755-44
1TestedGEDigital Servo Controller2117101-4
1TestedGEDigital Servo Controller Rev 042117101-4
1TestedGEDigital Servo Control2117101-7
1TestedGEDigital Servo Controller2117101-7
1TestedGELogiq 700 RGB/SYNC  Audio Cable2117637-5
4NewGENew GE Logiq Audio Cable2117637-6
2TestedGELCV GEIM Board2117655-2 2173587-2
2TestedGELogiq 700 Gas Spring2120747-9
1TestedGELCV Floppy Disk Drive 3 1/22120787-10
1TestedGEAdvantX Wall Bucky Board2120833D
1TestedGEAdvantX Wall Bucky Board2120833D
1TestedGE200 PL9 Arm 2 Distribution Board2120924-2
2TestedGETable Tomo Collimator Interface Board2121050F
2TestedGEDMR+ 300PL1 Inverter Board 2121509-2
2TestedGEDRS Board2122379-2C
1TestedGEDRS Board2122379-2C
1TestedGEAdvantx Legacy DRS I/O Board2123455-003 2214119
1TestedGEDRS IO Board2123455-003 2214119
1TestedGEDRS IO Board2123455-003  2214119
1TestedGELateral Motor Drive Assembly2124484PSP
1TestedGELongitudinal Motor Drive Assembly2124485PSP
1TestedGE C185 R/F Position Interface Board2124685A
1TestedGEPiggyback Board2124685A
2TestedGEBolus DSA Control Hand Switch Replacement Cable 2128245-100
1TestedGECath Cooling Hose2129039-4
1TestedGE800T 300 PL8 High Voltage Control Board Rev. A  Chip V3.102132779-2   2148431-2
1TestedGEDMR/+/800T Double Pedal Footswitch W60/W592133603-2
1TestedGESpot Film Device Power Assist Right Handle2147643-2
1TestedGECollimator Command Board2150207-12272509
1TestedGELCV Collimator Command Board2150207-22272509
1TestedGEAdvantX Main Power Supply Board Rev. 0002150569-2
1TestedGEAdvantX Main Power Supply2150569-B
1TestedGEAdvantX Main Power Supply Board 2150569-B
2TestedGEDRS 3.2 Board2151544A
1TestedGEDRS 3.2 Board2151544A
1NewGEApplications and Matience Software2154146-14
1TestedGECommand 2 Board Rev. 0012167228-2 
1TestedGECommand 2 Board Rev. 012167228-2 
1TestedGEOEC C-Rotation Brake w/CPRSN Wave Spring21-715001-00
1TestedGESCPU Heater Board2179056-4
1TestedGELCV CPU Board2181590-16
2TestedGE32cm Phantom Carrier2182207-2 B5056JB
1TestedGELogiq E9 Grey USB Cover21864002-13
1TestedGEDMR+ 800PL2 Gantry Interface Board 2198349-2
1TestedGEAdvantx Legacy XDIU Board2199785-001 2198359
1TestedGEXDIU Board2199785-001  2198359
1TestedGEXDIU Board2199785-001  2198359
1TestedGELCV Advantx CPU Control Board2201942-9
1TestedGEPressure Sensative Handle Assembly2205272
1TestedGECable From RFP3 (Table)  VIC3 A1 J120 (Image Intensifier) to SKL (Systems Cabinet) VIC1 A25 J12 2206481-4
1TestedGEGate Command Board2209547-3
1TestedGEEMC FILTER TRI V2B2209840-2 
1TestedGEEMC FILTER TRI V2B2209840-2-A 
1TestedGELow Voltage Power Supply LVPS TRI2212166-8  5326076
1TestedGETable Logic Control221-3009 221-3010
1TestedGEDRS GEL Board2213621-004
1TestedGEDRS GEL Board 2213621-004
1NewGEDigital Loopback Connector CBCA1341662214163-2 
1TestedGERotational_V2_B Board Rev. 0032214605-3 
1TestedGEKV Control Board Rev. 0012214606-20
1TestedGELogiq 700 Color Flow Processor Board2219653-246288655
1TestedGEAEC V2 Board2222253-2
1TestedGEAsian IF V2 Board2226456-3
1TestedGEKeyboard AID-5 CDA2228209-3
1TestedGEGE DMR +/ Angulation Sensor Assembly2229137-2
2TestedGEDMR+ KVMA.V4 2233245-002  45559970
4GoodGE18×24 MQSA Paddle Assy (3), Arm only (1) 2233355-2
2TestedGEAMX 4/4+ Tube Bracket Support (1 Right, 1 Left)2234416-2
2TestedGEDMR+ 800T Keyboard Console2235013-4  2282675-5 9375-00121-014
1TestedGEDMR+ 800T Keyboard Console 2235013-7  2282675-7 9375-001210025
1TestedGEDRS Acquisition Board2242222-002  2120527
1TestedGEDRS Acquisition Board2242222-002  2120527
1TestedGEUroview 2800 Rotations V2-B2242240-11-0000
1GoodGE24×30 Compression Paddle Assy2244710-2
1TestedGEDRS Board Trait Digital Board 2245436-002  2100203 T3692AZ
1TestedGEDRS PCB Trait Digital Board 2245436-002  2100203 T3692AZ
1GoodGE24×30 Compression Paddle Assy2245764-2
1TestedGE 10LB Probe2250695-2
1TestedGEMeanWell S-150-24 Switching Power Supply  2259298-18 S-150-24
1NewGEInnova 2000 Plastic Tube2260360-10
1NewGEInnova 2000 Plastic Tube2260360-8
1TestedGEUpscan Converter2260555-2
1TestedGEUpscan Converter2260555-2
3NewGESCIM Overlay – No Tilt2262158-21  5305658
1NewGECondor Ion Chamber Corner Support2262534-22262661
1TestedGEMDBRG Assembly Board2264606-3
1TestedGEInnova 2000 RP Low Profile Detector Cover Impact Safety Heroic2268178-2
1NewGEProteus Service Manual Rev. 272273022-100 
2TestedGEDMR Gantry CPU V6.21 Board2274828-5
1TestedGEInnova Grid Bias Tank2275056 5503951
1TestedGESTCW Board2277244-03
1TestedGECondor Flat Field Phantom Rev 0022281087-2
1TestedGEAdvantX Legacy DRS IMA Board2284673-00A 2112983
2TestedGEUroview 2800 Heater V4 Board2285870-00A
2TestedGEGeneric CPU BUI Board2287635-2
1TestedGEGeneric CPU-BUI Rev. 12287635-2 2287636
2TestedGEArray Prolong POS HIC Board2296123-2
1TestedGEAC/DC Tri V32300401D
1TestedGE Innova 2000 Heroic Power Supply comprised of Apollo Power Supply MV Series ASTEC Model/PN2302361-2  73-540-4082 MP4-1Z-4EH-4QR-IQE-00
1TestedGEInnova 2000 SMM2192L FFD21 1K CRT Monitor PDS2305765-3 6GF6300-IBV01
1TestedGEInnova 2000 SMM2192L FFD21 1K CRT Monitor PDS2305765-3 6GF6300-IBV01
1TestedGEQUAD Snubber V22307323-004-25/10
1TestedGEEthernet Media Converter2316452INS
1TestedGEEthernet Media Converter2316452INS
1TestedGEFiber Optic Cable2318713-2
2NewGE150 Pin Interposer Connectors (5 pack)2318808-3
1TestedGEInnova 2000 Eizo FFD17″ 1K CRT Monitor2323464-2 SMM1783L
1NewGEBlack Velcro Strap2323937-2
1TestedGEUroview 2800 LVPS 4002325360-5-000
1TestedGEInnova 2000 DL 4 Processor Rev. A2334923-2  2386417 SYS04-DL
5NewGERetainer Clip2335070-2
2TestedGELCV SYSTEM AMP Board2335418-3
1NewGE ESD Boot (10 Pieces Bagged)2343148-2
1TestedGERCVR II Board 2349808-2 5250094
1TestedGERemote RF Exciter 2 Board2361470-3A
1TestedGEProteus Tabletop2364950-ROHS
1TestedGEUniversal Transient Noise Suppressor III Board UTNS 2366218D
1TestedGEInnova 2000 RTAC 6 ELBRUS Rev. B32373107-2 122524
1TestedGESigna HD 1.5T 8 Channel Body Array Coil2377425-2
1TestedGEFalcon Console – Parts Available – No Handle2383068-2
1NewGESigna Quad Extremity Cable2383613-3M1085PA
1TestedGEIDD Console Motherboard 2383771-22383772
1TestedGEMotor ROHS2400493-ROHS
2NewGEUSAI Medical Large Grid Breast Biopsy Sterile Plate 2414342-01
2NewGEUSAI Sterile Lateral Large Grid Breast Biopsy Plate2414346-01
1TestedGEPower Supply GE Advantx Cath/Angio24567 100S34
1TestedGEHP Black/Silver 2 Button Wheel Optical Mouse with USB Connection N8ROU265986-011  537749-001
1TestedGEHP M-UAE96 Optical Mouse (USB) (Black)265986-012573259-001
1NewGEOEC O Rings Set of 227-402276-00
1TestedGEOctane 2 Silicon Graphics Board3016550-01
1TestedGE Advantx Legacy 24V Motor w/ Gear Head Assembly32Y4BEPMW3
1TestedGELCV HV Divider Board36003893 F
3TestedGELCV Interface 1 Board 36004606 D C088 961336004606A
2ExcellentGESpot Compression Paddle Assy Rev. 7360066-50 
2NewGEParker Eclipse Probe Covers – New Set of 10 38-01
1TestedGEFuse puller for LV HRC fuse links without the sleeve3NX1013
1TestedGEHP USB Keyboard434821-007 701429-001 KU-0316
2TestedGE Power Supply & Servo Motor Loop Board45296102B  Y68513C
1TestedGEMedys Ultranet SRI/ADX 45297028-2 ZAOULOSRIX
1TestedGEAdvantX MPPU Power Board45474637-E
2TestedGE DMR SANYO DENKI STEP SYN Stepping Motor 103-770-0141145553539 103-770-01411
1TestedGE DMR 300PL2 Anode Starter Board45553694E
1TestedGE DMR 800 PL2 Gantry Interface Board45559715  2101719
1TestedGE STARCAM NM46-07413P11 46-407414G
1NewGE AMX III Hand Switch Hanger White46-121759P1
1NewGE Velcro 2″x 6′46-136246P14
2+NewGEVelcro 4ft. 2″ / 4ft  .75″ Velcro46-136246P14 46-136246P15
1NewGE Velcro 2″x 6′46-136246P15
1NewGE Velcro 3/4″ x 6′46-136246P17
1NewGEVelcro 2″x 6′46-136246P21
1NewGEAMX 4 Washers (5)46-136356P18
1TestedGE2014 GE MX100 Fluoro tube 0.6-1.0 12.5 target 46-155318G36  46-155500G18 46-155500G814 D2281F  D2282F  D2289F
1TestedGEMaxiRay 100 MX 100 18PS Overhead Tube 0.6-1.25 (1.3IEC)46-155400G48 46-155318G33 46-155400G84
1TestedGE MX-100 X-Ray Tube 0.6-1.25 Focal Spots MX100 18PS46-155400G843  46-155400G48 46-155318G33
1TestedGEAMX 4+ MX75 X-Ray Tube .75-1.25 Focal Spots46-155750G20746-125686G8 46-155750G8
1TestedGEAMX 4 MX75 X-Ray Tube .75-1.25 Focal Spots46-155750G207 46-125686G8 46-155750G8
1TestedGEK9 Board46-158392
3TestedGEPhilips 40,000uF Capacitor46-170030P18
1TestedGEAdvantx-E Belt Mirror/Timing Belt46-170047P4
1NewGERTV-162 Sealant 738 Tube in Box46-170137P1
1NewGELabel Set for 8535 8735 and 8835 Spot Film Device46-170341P41 46-170341P37
2TestedGE105mm Photospot Control46-174426C71
1TestedGE4Spot Power Amp and IND46-174428
5TestedGE3 Field Shutter Lim Board46-174932
3TestedGE3 Field Shutter Lim Board46-174932
1TestedGEShutter Comp Board46-174939
1TestedGELAT Drive Board46-180362
1TestedGELAT Drive Board46-180362
1TestedGEPrep/ Rec Logic Board46-184562
2TestedGEPrep/ Rec Logic Board46-184562
2TestedGERelay Interconnect Board46-184564
1TestedGEPosition CMD46-184620
1TestedGEPosition CMD46-184620
4TestedGEServo Board46-184626
2TestedGELRSA Board46-184628
1TestedGENEST Image Intensifier Horseshoe Power Supply46-184742P4 5171825  NPE6011 
1TestedGECelestica Image Intensifier Horseshoe Power Supply 46-184742P4     5171825  700-742-000
1TestedGEPower Supply Board46-187428
2TestedGEPower Supply Board46-187428
2TestedGECollimator Board46-187806G1
1TestedGECine Interface Board46-188386
2TestedGECine Interface Board46-188386
1TestedGEExposure Time Delay46-188410
1TestedGEExposure Time Delay46-188410
1TestedGENumeric Data Storage46-188474
1TestedGEPush Button Board46-188544
1TestedGEASM Charger Board46-188560
2TestedGEASM Charger Board46-188560
2TestedGEGate Control Board46-188562
2TestedGEKV Servo Preamp46-188564
1TestedGELine Driver and Rec Board46-188642
1TestedGET-15V Reg Board46-188712
8TestedGEInput Port Board46-188724
1TestedGEI/O & Memory Enable Logic46-188728
4TestedGERec Con Intel Board46-188736
1TestedGERec Con Inter Board46-188736
5TestedGETest Switch Board46-188750
3TestedGEQ-Mat Interface46-188790
3TestedGEQ Mat Interface Board46-188790G1
5TestedGEFluoroscopic Logic Board46-188792
1TestedGEAnnunciator Board46-188860
1TestedGEVideo Switch46-188872
1TestedGEVideo Switch46-188872
5TestedGEGeneral Circuit Board46-188896
1TestedGEGeneral Circuit Board46-188896
2TestedGEGeneral Circuits46-188896
5TestedGEMPX Timer and Line Sync Seq46-188900
3TestedGEGen Logic Board46-188928
1TestedGEGen Logic Board46-188928
2TestedGEOverload and Suspression 46-188968
1TestedGEPush Button Latch Board46-188988
2TestedGELat Collimator Logic And Varible46-193638
3TestedGEMinispot Controller46-197630
3TestedGEMA Control Board46-205828
1TestedGEAnalog Meter Board46-205860
2TestedGETube I/L Board46-205896
1TestedGETube I/L Board46-205896
2TestedGETR Rotation Servo46-209450
3TestedGEMicro Computer46-214150
3TestedGEMicro Computer46-214150
1TestedGETV Rotation Interface Board46-214152
5TestedGEVideo Systems Programmer 246-214410
2TestedGEComporator Board46-214472
12NewGENew Spot Film Lamp Bulbs46-214924P6
1TestedGEPatient Foot Rest Rev 0346-216336G1 235150
1NewGENEW Senographe/Senix Carbon Bucky Corners Kit – PN: 36006416/99020 or 46-217249P3 (Includes 45554435 (1), 45559660 (1), 45559659 (1) and 45559659A (1)46-217249P3 
1NewGEMST Filament Boost Kit Includes Spacers Straps Hex Lugs46-217840G1
1NewGE50 Ohm BNC Strait Jack-Jack Adaptor TFE Insulation46-220427P3
1NewGE50 Ohm BNC Strait Jack-Jack Adaptor TFE Insulation46-220427P3
11NewGE Chin Straps 46-222436G1
1TestedGEGenerator I/O Board46-225648
2TestedGESignal Processor BD 46-225676
3TestedGELCV Line Regulator Board46-225696
1TestedGEOperator Sequence Board46-225700
3TestedGEDF Control Logic46-225709
1TestedGEDF Control Logic 246-225718
4TestedGEDigital Meter Board46-225756
1TestedGEDigital Meter Board46-225756
1TestedGECPII Interface 46-225760
1TestedGETGGC Board/Table46-225908
1TestedGEAngulation and Top Interface X Board46-226834
1TestedGELegacy Angulation and Top Interface Board46-226834
1TestedGEAngualtion & Top Interface46-226834G2A
1TestedGEASC ECM CPU Assy46-226936T3496W
1TestedGEASC ECM CPU Assy46-226936 T3496W
1TestedGEBus Interface Unit X Board46-226968
1NewGENew Security Strap46-229450P1
3TestedGEEprom Memory Board46-232140
1TestedGEEprom Memory Board46-232140G1
1TestedGESingle Handle Control Logic46-232142
2TestedGEServo Amp Board46-232152
1TestedGEAdvantX Extender Board46-232194
1TestedGEAdvantx Extender Board46-232194
1TestedGEExtender Board46-232194
1TestedGEVIC BACKPLANE46-232224
1TestedGEA15 Video Processor Board/ VIC Backplane46-232224G6A
1TestedGEAdvantx Rotator Control Board46-232230
1TestedGELC+ TV Rotator Control46-232230G1
1TestedGECompax HVT Interface Board46-232240
1TestedGEHTV Interface46-232240
1TestedGEGate NFD I/F Driver Board46-232244
1TestedGELCV Gate/NDF I/F Board46-232244G1
1TestedGES188 CPU Board46-232548G2
1TestedGEASC BIU Board46-232600G1-F
1TestedGEAdvantX VIC Power Supply Regulation Board46-232686
1TestedGELCV VIC Power Supply Board 46-232686
1TestedGEVIC Power Supply Board46-232686
1TestedGEVIC Power Supply Regulation Board46-232686
1TestedGELCV RT Bus Term Board46-232712
1TestedGEIon Chamber Supply Board FMF46-232724
1TestedGELegacy Advantx Positioning Interface with Piggyback Board46-232730 2124658 2124659 232731C
1TestedGEAMX IV and IV Plus Display Board46-232832G1-C 23452362
1TestedGEAMX IV Drive Control Etch #232835F46-232834G1
1TestedGEAMX Drive Control 46-232834G1-G2328356
1TestedGEAMX IV Drive Amplifier46-232836G2
1TestedGEAMX IV Drive Amplifier46-232836G2-B
1TestedGERad Positioner Interface Board46-232850
1TestedGERad Trans PNL Board46-232858
2NewGE Wrist Straps (Set of 2)46-236664P1
3NewGEBrightSpeed Straps46-237412P
3NewGE White Caps Square for Spot Film Device 8835 8735 853546-250500P1
2NewGE AMX 4 Fan Tube Axial 40730 Watts 17/21 CFM46-251746P1
3NewGENew White Push Button 46-257195P1
1TestedGEStatic Mount for 40CM UIH46-257217G9
5NewGESigna Quick Seal Connector O-Ring46-260342P10
2NewGESigna O-Ring46-260389P2
1NewGESigna Plug 0.25 OD Tube Fitting Brass Swagelok Cat #B-400-P46-260902P5
1TestedGELegacy Bucky Kit46-26275168
1TestedGEmA/KV/OL Brd46-264032
1TestedGECamera Power Supply Board46-264062
1TestedGEPositioner Backplane Board46-264064
1TestedGEColl Servo Rect/ Filter Board46-264102
1TestedGEColl Servo Rect/Filter Board46-264102
1TestedGEHUB Floppy X Board46-264118
1TestedGEXRII / Iris Control Board46-264348
1TestedGEBRT Integrator with delicate lens46-264410G1A-D
1TestedGECompax Brt. Integrator Board46-264410-G1-D
2TestedGEVascular I/O Board46-264458
1TestedGEAdvantX XRII / Iris Control Board46-264468
2TestedGELC+ XRll/Iris Control Cath Lab Advantx A-3146-264468
1TestedGEXRII / Iris Control Board46-264468
2TestedGELC+ XRll & Iris Control46-264468G4
1TestedGEXR II Iris Control Board46-264468G4-B
1TestedGEADVANTX Character Display Board46-264470
2TestedGELC+ Character Display Board46-264470G1
1TestedGECharacter Display Circuit Board46-264470G1-E
1TestedGESTARCAM NM Circuit Board, TOMO Reed46-264620 46-264621
1TestedGEAdvantX Vertical Scan Board46-264638
1TestedGEVertical Scan Board46-264638
1TestedGEVertical Scan Board46-264638G3-B
1TestedGEAdvantX SCPU Sync and Timing Board46-264640
1TestedGEAdvantX SCPU Sync and Timing Board46-264640
1TestedGESync and Timing Board46-264640
1TestedGESync & Turning Board46-264640G2-A
1TestedGEAdvantX ImaGate Control46-264716
1TestedGEImage Gate Control46-264716
1TestedGELC+ ImaGate Control46-264716G1
1TestedGEImage Gate Control Board46-264716G1-A
2TestedGELCV XRII Interface Board46-264760
1TestedGEXRII Interface Board46-264760
1TestedGEXRII Interface X Board46-264760FA
1TestedGEAMX 4 Controller Board46-264974G5-A
1TestedGEAMX 4 Controller Board46-264974G5-A
1TestedGEAMX 4 and 4+ Display Controller Board46-264982G1
1TestedGEAMX IV Fil/KV Control Board46-264986G2-A
1TestedGEAMX IV Fil/KV Control Board46-264986G2-A
1NewGEMicrotec Medical Fastener Kit (01)5074842607295346-265845G1
1NewGEVelcro Attachment Set46-265845G1 
1TestedGEStandard Table Top Drive46-27015364
2NewGEAMX IV Motor Brake Electro Mechanical46-270165P1
5NewGEAMX IV 9” Wear Strip46-270325P1
1TestedGEGE AMX 4 Collimator  46-270615P1H
1TestedGEAMX 4 Collimator46-270615P1H
1TestedGEAMX 4/4+ Collimator46-270615P2H
1TestedGEHand Switch46-270800G5
4TestedGEHandswitch 46-270800G5
1TestedGEInnova 2000 Handswitch46-270800G5
1TestedGEGlobal One Hand Switch (Non-AdvantX) (Black)46-270800G9-ROHS
3NewGEAMX IV Handle Enable Switch46-270907P2
1NewGEAMX 4 Brake Disc46-270923P1
1TestedGEG93-155 IEC Compliant Transformer VIC HI V Rev 446-275360G2 
1TestedGEG93-155 IEC Compliant Transformer VIC HI V Rev 446-275361G2
1TestedGEG93-176 IEC Compliant Transformer VIC HI V46-275362G2
4NewGE CT Small Grey Wedge Cushion46-278986P2
2NewGE AMX Actuator Bar Switch Button 46-279048P1
2NewGESigna 1.487 ID x 0.103 Thick O-Ring46-281101P9
2NewGEMRI Cable (P1)46-282441P3 
1TestedGEMitaya Anti-Scatter Grid 70 lines/cm  12:1  100cm Rev 2246-286129P58 
1TestedGEPhilips SMIT Grid Rev. 246-28629P1  9896-010-09381
1NewGEGCC Test Cable Servicing Device Loop Back 46-287282G1
1TestedGEPower Assist & Lock Control46-288142
1TestedGEPower Assist & Lock Control for 8835 SFD46-288142G1-246-48548438
2TestedGECollimator Control Servo Board46-288322
2TestedGECollimator Control Servo Board46-288322G1-E
1TestedGEAdvantX Camera Interface Board46-288422
1TestedGECamera Interface Board46-288422
1TestedGEAdvantx Camera Interface Board46-288422G1
1TestedGELC+ Camera Interface46-288422G1
1TestedGECamera Interface Board46-288422G1-B
1TestedGEECM CPU BIU Board46-288476
1TestedGEFront End Control Board46-288611P1
2TestedGELogiq 700 Calm CT (One in Box)46-288616G3-6
1TestedGELogiq 700 ALM/CT46-288622G1
1TestedGETGC Board46-288636
1TestedGELogiq 700 Scan Sequencer46-288644G1
2TestedGELogiq 700 Color Flow Processor (One in Box)46-288655P1
1TestedGESystem Timing Board46-288705P1
1TestedGELogiq Peripheral Interface and Audio Boards46-288731P1
1TestedGEETL Arcnet Hub Board46-288760
1TestedGEAMX IV 1Khz Driver46-288764G1-A
1TestedGEAMX IV 1Khz Driver46-288764G1-A
1TestedGEAMX IV Battery Charger Board46-288786G2
1TestedGELegacy Advantx VIC Power Supply Fuse Module46-288945
1TestedGEAdvantX Power OK Board46-288987
2NewGESigna Nut Vacuum Quick Coupling46-294104P1
2NewGESigna Ring Quick Coupling Retaining46-294105P1 46-260815P3
1NewGEAdapter T BNC 50 OHM46-296816P1
1NewGE50 Ohm BNC Terminator with Chain 0.5W46-296817P1
1NewGE50 Ohm BNC Terminator with Chain 0.5W46-296817P1
5NewGENEW set of CT Auto Traction Straps 46-297629P1
1NewGEDC Block – 50 Ohm BNC Connector Male/Female46-301549P15
1NewGENew AMX IV Pulley Cable 46-302132P1
1TestedGEAMX 4/4+ Drive Handle Assy46-302276G22273437
1TestedGEAMX Ascent Low Voltage Power Supply 46-302350P3 2366118 AP0706
1TestedGEAMX 4/4+ 14 Pin Ribbon Cable Rev. 446-302365P146302365P1
5TestedGEAMX 4/4+ Ribbon Cable Rev. 446-302366P246302366P2
1TestedGEAMX IV White Cord Reel Charger46-302370G1
1NewGENew AMX 4 Collimator Switch Replacement Kit 46-303376G1
1TestedGEEmergency Stop46-303473P1
1NewGENEW AMX 4 Red Cord Reel by Ametek Hunter Spring Products46-303474P1  D2004631 5444444
1TestedGE AMX 4 Red Cord Reel by Ametek Hunter Spring Products with Plug46-303474P1  D2004631 5444444
1TestedGELegacy Spot Film Lead Apron46-303715G3 5131154
1TestedGESingle EMIT Ion Chamber46-303850G1
2NewGENew Cusion & Strap Set 46-306570P1
1ExcellentGEUsed Cushion46-306572G1
2NewGENew Cushion46-306574P10
2NewGENew Cushion46-306578P1
2NewGEMRI Narrow Mesh Strap46-306593P1
2NewGENarrow Mesh Strap with plastic bar 46-306593P1
2NewGE MRI Wide Mesh Strap 46-306594P1 
1TestedGELogiq 700 AC Line Filter46-312745P1
1TestedGELogiq 700 Master Controller/Host Adapter46-312751G2
1TestedGELogic 700 Task Lamp 46-312973
1NewGENew Label Set for 8535 8735 and 8835 Spot Film Device46-315093P1
1TestedGESafety Reel Cable46-316406G2
1TestedGEXT Inboard Table Detent Magnetic Bracket46-316952P1
1TestedGEXT Detent Magnetic Bracket Wall Unit 40″ 100cm46-316952P1 40
1TestedGEXT Detent Magnetic Bracket Wall Unit 72″ 180cm46-316952P1 72
1TestedGELegacy Table Mylar46-316961P1
1TestedGEAdvantX Image Processor VIC A14 Board46-321098
1TestedGEAdvantX Image Processor VIC A14 Board46-321098
1TestedGEAdvantX Image Processor VIC A14 Board46-321098G2-A46-321099P1
1TestedGEAdvantX ImaProcessor46-321099
1TestedGEVIC A10 Power Supply Board46-321182G3-A46-321183P1
1TestedGELCV Power Supply Board46-321183P1
1TestedGEPower Assist Pre Amp Rev. 146-321189P1 
1TestedGEGE XT Suspension Sensor Board and Long SID Detent Sensor Cover Rev. 046-321272G 46-321273P1 46-316954P1
1TestedGEXT Suspension Sensor Board and Long SID Detent Sensor Cover Rev. 046-321272G 46-321273P1 46-316954P1
1TestedGEXT Suspension Sensor Board Rev. 046-321272G 46-321273P1 46-316954P1
1TestedGEGE XT Suspension Sensor Board Rev. 046-321272G  46-321273P1 46-316954P1
1TestedGELC Generic CPU46-321384
1TestedGEAdvantX Generic CPU BIU Board46-321384G4C 46-321385P1
1TestedGEGeneric CPU BIU Board46-321384G4C 46-321385P1
2TestedGELCV Generic CPU BIU Board46-321385
1TestedGEVideo Processor Board Vic A15 Video46-321426G2-A
1TestedGEAdvantX Video Processor Board46-321427
1TestedGELCV AdvantX Video Processor46-321427
1TestedGELCV Video Processor46-321427
1TestedGEVideo Processor Board46-321427
2NewGENew Cushion46-328263P1
2NewGENew Universal Phantom Holder46-328383P1
TestedGEBracket Bar46-329223P1
2TestedGEXT Overhead Tube Suspension Vertical SID Potentiometer 46-329232G1 502-0264
TestedGEDetent Cable46-329251G1
1TestedGEOptical Drive46-330319P4
1TestedGEStarcam Stepping Motor Board46-407106G11C 2210761
1TestedGEGantry Controller Board46-407119G7-E  46-406603M
1TestedGEStarcam Stepping Motor  KP8M2FP-001 Japan Servo46-408137
1TestedGEStarcam Clutch Power Control.46-408554G2A   46-408553P002
1TestedGEHP USB  Keyboard  46-4821007 701429-001
3TestedGETirc Power Board46-903708
1TestedGETirc Interface Board46-904926
2TestedGELCV Tirc Interface MPG Phasix Board Rev. C46-904926 
2ExcellentGEHP DVI to HDMI Cable Bizlink 1103 for NEC481409-001
2TestedGEIR Remote Control4848-01A
1TestedGEProteus Gryphon Cabinet Assembly Wireless DR Imaging Option Gryp5101010-15394686 5390144-X 5406102-X
1TestedGEEBUS3T Board5111348
1TestedGEEBUS3B Board5112465
1TestedGELogiq E9 Phase 2 Base Image Rev. 45135124-30
1TestedGELogiq E9 IO Board5141000-3R
1TestedGELogiq E9 Rev. 1 what is this box5142200-2
1TestedGELogiq E9 BEP Backend Processor ICHIRO with EPS Extended Power Shutdown5145000-2103746
1TestedGEProteus Left Hand Load Table Bucky 5159516-1
1TestedGEProteus Right Hand Load Wall Bucky 5159516-2
1TestedGENEC MultiSync LCD Monitor5160069-2 LCD1990SXI
1TestedGELogiq E9 GFI2 Board Rev. 55161631S5161632
1TestedGENEC MultiSync LCD1990SXi White Monitor5169069-2LCD1990SXI
1TestedGEDefinium 8000 HP Computer with Volume Rad 5183547-28
4ExcellentGELogiq E9 Probeholder Soft Insert Large ICHIRO 5189615-10
2TestedGEPOS Extender Board5195466-2
1TestedGELogiq E9 Extended Shutdown Board5201018-2E5201019
1TestedGELogiq E9 GTX2.4 CW Assy. Board5201044-3B5201045-3
1TestedGELogiq E9 GTX2.4 CW Assy. Board5201044-3B5201045-3
1TestedGELogiq E9 GTX2.4 CW Assy. Board5201044-3B5201045-3
1TestedGERev. 155204000-2
1TestedGELogiq E9 Cherokee Main Power Supply Rev. D ICHIRO5205052-3SP0032/10941300032102
1TestedGELogiq E9 Operator Upper Panel with USB Rev. 9 Touch 5207000-239375-00260-904/1  5207000-63
1TestedGELogiq E9 Lower Operator Panel with B Flow Rev. 95207000-429375-00297-016/B  5207000-32 5207000-52 5207000-62  5207000-72
1TestedGELogiq E9 Gel Warmer Rev 15245350-109001369 5193046
1TestedGEJ5-SCB/J304 M.B.5267842-R1
1TestedGEBlack Hand Switch Base Rev. 15268434-ROHS 
1TestedGELogiq E9 Main Cable Assy5272357-3103747
1TestedGELogiq E9 DXR5 Board Rev. 15301040-5A5301001-3
1TestedGELogiq E9 DXR5 Board Rev. 15301040-5A5301001-3
1TestedGELogiq E9 DXR5 Board Rev. 15301040-5A5301001-3
1TestedGEFlashpad Tether for Detector with ASM 7M Cable Rev 35389155-4 
1TestedGELogiq E9 Part5392466-340
1ExcellentGEHP Z8000 VolumeShare 5 ADW 4.6 Workstation5394794-2
1NewGEFlashpad Wireless DR Manual5397214-1
1TestedGEJedi KV Control Board5407162-2
1NewGEProteus Console AP Protocol Software V1.05422077-1
1TestedGELogiq E9 Hitachi Deskstar HDD 250GB 7200RPM SATA  HDT722525DLA3005433408-500A31636
1TestedGEEclipse Collimator Lamp Assembly 5494683-1
1TestedGECorcom EMI Filter5VB1
1TestedGEProteus Power Off Lock Protection Kit610-3600
1TestedGECorcom Filter6ET1
1TestedGE Power Supply Board Rev. D721637-764
1NewGEInfinia COLL ID Bypass Board 2511  359048  PCB130-1 94V077PCA000351/AA
1TestedGEOEC PowerOne Power Supply HD24-4.8-A78-590390-00 53626
1TestedGEInnova 2000 Mouse851252-0000
1TestedGEInfinia Seagate Barracuda 7200 ST380013AS 80GB Clean HDD9W2812-630342726-001  100375322
1TestedGEInnova 2000 HL Lyons AdvantX Console StandA3010KC
1TestedGELogiq E9 AIMB Board Rev. A1AIMB-5635155024  9796056302E
1TestedGEInfinia Quasar TableASM001171
1TestedGEInfinia COLL DR 45 1 AssyASM001191
1TestedGEInfinia COLL DR 45 2 AssyASM001192
1TestedGEInfinia COLL DR 5 2 AssyASM001194
1TestedGEInfinia COLL DR 5 1 AssyASM001199
1TestedGEInfinia COLL DR 6 1 AssyASM001237
1TestedGEInfinia COLL DR 6 2 AssyASM001238
1TestedGEInfinia COLL DR 8 DUM AssyASM001329
1TestedGEInfinia COLL DR 8 AssyASM001330
1TestedGEInfinia Pinhole PH Collimator Cart AssyASM001348
1TestedGEInfinia Pinhole PH Collimator Cart AssyASM001348
1TestedGEInfinia Pinhole PH Collimator Cart AssyASM001349
1TestedGEInfinia Pinhole PH Collimator Cart AssyASM001350
1TestedGEInfinia II Motorized Stretcher by ComposiflexASM001453DTP000178
1TestedGEInfinia In Out Gear BrakeASM001484
1TestedGEInfinia II Gantry Slip RingASM001620
1TestedGEInfinia II IPS W O SEM AssyASM500016ASM500017
1TestedGEInfinia Remote Control User Assembly HandswitchASM500085
2TestedGEJedi Generator Start Up Capacitor ASP003ASP004
1TestedGEAnti-Scatter Grid B1100YP JW11840828
1TestedGEFlashpad Digital Detector HolderB1101LT TTCH-GE2
1NewGE11.3″/285MM XT ExtensionB2055KS
1TestedGE StarcamB46-407422
1TestedGEAdvantx Legacy Tomo Drive MotorB8130JG
1TestedGEInfinia Hawkeye Detector AssemblyBR321000008
1TestedGEInfinia Hawkeye X-Ray SourceBR321000010
1TestedGE 600T 18×24 Biopsy Assy with Rectangular Cut OutC808652
2TestedGE 700/800/DMR 18×24 Biopsy Assy with Rectangular Cut OutC808652
1TestedGE 800T/DMR/+ 18×24 Biopsy Needle Loc Rectangular Opening AssyC808652
1NewGEInfinia PSD Bypass Cable J7 HCIC Card to P4 COLL ID Bypass BoardCBL001356_01
1TestedGELogiq E9 ArmDHAF10120054
1TestedGEInfinia Hawkeye PhantomDTP000095
1TestedGEInfinia II HP XW4100 Computer DTP000252
2NewGEGE 18×24 AUX Comp Assy E63101BSC808649
6NewGE Sponge 3″ x 5″ x 1″  (6/set)E8003DG46-222921P1
1NewGEVCT Narrow Body  (2) 55 cm, 106cmE8004GD2169679
1NewGEVCT Narrow Body Straps (2) 54cm, 106cmE8004GD 2169679
2NewGEVCT Medium Body Straps (2) 54cm, 106cmE8004GE2169680 P9150TT B
2NewGEVCT Medium Body Straps (2) 54cm, 106cmE8004GE2169680 P9150TT B
2NewGEVCT Narrow Body Straps (2) 55cmE8004GG2152502
1NewGEVCT Narrow Body Straps (2) 55cmE8004GG2152502
2NewGEVCT Medium Body Strap (2) 55cmE8004GH2152503
1NewGEVCT Wide Body Straps (2) 55 cmE8004GJ 2152504 P9140SS
1NewGEVCT Wide Body Straps (2) 55 cmE8004GJ 2152504 P9140SS
2NewGEVelcro Attachment SetE8811EB 46-265845G1
1NewGE  Invivo 4 LD wire CV MRI ECG Rev A ECG Patient CableE88911PD 5122500 9218A
1TestedGELogiq E9 Motor Control CableGA
1TestedGELogiq E9 Z Motor Rev. 6  48VDC 35RPM 3.5NmGA200034MB062FF529
1TestedGELogiq E9 XY Mechanism Rev. 8GA200036
1TestedGELogiq E9 Z Mechanism Rev. 8GA200039GA200750 GA200850
2TestedGELogiq E9 Front Caster WheelGA200245
2TestedGELogiq E9 Rear Caster WheelGA200246
1TestedGELogiq E9 Bulkhead BoardGA200290-06
1TestedGELogiq E9 GXR128 128 Channel without CW BoardGA200295-5 
1TestedGELogiq E9 GXR64 64 Channel Board without Doppler GA200300-5
1TestedGELogiq E9 User Interface Lower CoverGA200358verify number
1TestedGELogiq E9 Column Cover Assy Rev. 1GA200359 
1TestedGELogiq E9 XYZ Motor Controller with USB Support – Rev. 3GA200644GA200795
1TestedGELogiq E9 Frey Backplane Board Rev. 01GA200685
1TestedGELogiq E9 GECKO Relay BoardGA200714-2A
1TestedGELogiq E9 Up/Down Button Board Rev. 2GA302285GA200285
1TestedGELogiq E9 White Cover – RubberGA307061
2TestedGELogiq E9 Dark Blue HandleGA307069
1TestedGELogiq E9 White Cover – RubberGA307188
1TestedGELogiq E9 White Cover – RubberGA307192
1TestedGELogiq E9 Black Blue Steel Rear Filter CoverGA307515-2
4TestedGELogiq E9 Wheel CapGA307888
1TestedGELogiq E9 Realtime 4DH4908D
1TestedGEAMX Tyco Relay 24VDC  1/4HP 120VAC, 10A 240VAC, 10A, 150VDC KUEP-3D15-24  17MO226 1393114-1 T0100535
1ExcellentGEBlack NEC MultiSync 19″ LCD MonitorLCD1990SXI-BK
1ExcellentGEBlack NEC MultiSync 19″ LCD MonitorLCD1990SXI-BK
TestedGELunar Prodigy 30′ Input/Output I/O Cable Rev. D  Host I/O to Scanner SBC J6 CSBC J27LNR5937LU5937
1TestedGEInfinia H2505TJ LEHR Q45K Low Energy High Resolution CollimatorOPT000448
2TestedGEInfinia H2505TK MEGP Q5C Medium Energy General Purpose CollimatorOPT000449 
2TestedGEInfinia H2505TL HEGP Q6C High Energy General Purpose CollimatorOPT000450
2TestedGEInfinia H2505TM  LEPH Q8C Pinhole CollimatorOPT000451
1TestedGEInfinia Tranformer Isolation 110V/6TH000132001
1TestedGEInfinia II Computer Collector M4UGP001631
1TestedGEInfinia Quasar Detector 38UPG001286
1TestedGEInfinia Quasar Detector 38UPG001286
1ExcellentGEHP Black USB Keyboard
1ExcellentGEHP Black USB Optical Mouse
1ExcellentGELogiq E9 Probeholder Rigid Insert Small  ICHIRO 
1GoodGEDMR Crosshair Assembly
1TestedGELogiq E9 Transducer Holder
1NewGE Head or Foot Extender for Cath2114544ZHE993
1TestedGE Innova 2000 Sonyo Denki Servo Motor RP Pivor Motor drive2119716V850B-442E83
1TestedGE GEMS Advantx Fiber Optics Board21201382120139
1TestedGE Grid Bias Tank2127280
1TestedGE Circuit Board2127856920053310
1NewGE Connect Pro with Bar Code Reader Opticon OPT-6125 Wedge 2180689
1NewGE Innova 2000  90 degree BNC Connect Accesory Kit for 17″ Grascale Monitor22234156GF6320-1BV 869334
1TestedGE DMR Plus Arm Angular Detector2237237
1NewGE Proteus Collimator Lamp Bulb 2271727
1TestedGE GE Maxiray 100 Tube  0.6-1.25233605846-155400G46
1TestedGE Logiq 7 Patient  I/O / ECG Bracket Assembly5118412FA200801M
1TestedGE GE Proteus Console main cable to cabinet Rev 4 – J3 end53935745451125 5451126
1TestedGE GEM Round Black Foot Control5433231GEMVK36
1TestedGE Part8159137TT1303801
1TestedGE Logiq 9 Power Cord 13A 250V 3250W 
1TestedGE Proteus Emegency Stop Box/Button 
1TestedGE 32cm Phantom Carrier 2182207-2 B5056JB
1TestedGE Proteus Table 1PH Induction Gear Motor by Mincheun  2259298-7 CLSK22040101 MC1408
1NewGE 88 x 16 Table Pad Cradle Pad for HiSpeed Advantage and PET Advance  E8004SA 5448246
2TestedGE Power One Power Supply HBAA40WMAP80S157
2TestedGE OEC Uroview 2800 Multi-Function Footswitch 00-883965-XX
2TestedGE OEC Uroview 2800 Footswitch  Rev. G00-88R618-03 
1TestedGE OEC 5″ Swivel Caster 00-900695-01
2TestedGE OEC 5″ Non-Swivel (Lock) Caster 00-900696-01
1TestedGE E-99-00-05  CYD140304-36  050-1016 
1TestedGE Innova 2000 Coolix 2200A Chiller2124035-4
1TestedGE Innova 2000 Grid Bias Tank2127280-3
1TestedGE Innova 2000 Grid tank2127280-3  2170218-4
1TestedGE Innova 2000 MX150 Cath .3 – .6 – 1.2 Tube – Main/Housing/Insert Numbers – Installed May 20202149522-2 2149521-3 2142036-3
1TestedGE Wireless Detector Battery 11.1V 1.8AH 21WH LI-ION, GE Patient Data Module DASH Battery216989-003
1TestedGE Wireless Detector Battery 11.1V 1.8AH 21WH LI-ION, GE Patient Data Module DASH Battery216989-003
1TestedGE GE Proteus DC Power Board 221-2875 221-2876
1TestedGE Proteus DC Power Board Rev. 0221-2875 2259298-44
1TestedGE Limit I/F Board Rev. 012013112800140221-3007 221-3006 5101022-4
1TestedGE Blue Bucky Handswith with cable 221-3038
1TestedGE Proteus Jedi Generator Interface Unit2221738-222473892
1TestedGE Innova 2000 Cardiac Digital Detector2232205-2
1TestedGE Innova 2000 Collimator with DSA Filter 2mm Fe 2237071-2 5890780 1192447
1NewGE Innova 2000 Single Plane Smart Handle2237456-11
1TestedGE Innova 2000 Single Plane Smart Handle 2237456-11
1NewGE Innova 2000 Fuse Kit2240827-4
1TestedGE 4 Channel Breast Array Coil – Receive Only Rev. 0 2246360 100313
1TestedGE Jedi Power Supply Assembly2249999-2 2247390
1NewGE Innova 2000 Breakout Box Diagnostic Board2250366-2
1TestedGE Innova 2000 LC Restpoint PCB Rev. 12256439-2 
1TestedGE Mean Well Switching Power Supply2259298-18 S-150-24
1TestedGE Table Logic Control Board Rev. A2259298-26 5101022-1
1TestedGE Artesyn Power Suppy2259298-34 510132 NFS25-7608J 720132-J01
1TestedGE Power Supply2259298-34 721637-J764 51173120A00
2TestedGE Proteus Wall Stand Left (Longer) and Right (Shorter) Brake Release Switch with Cable2259298-51
1NewGE Proteus XRA Operations Manual Rev.20 2259724-100 
1TestedGE GE Starcam Remote Control46-272322
1New GE AMX 4 Light Blue Cap Key46-303652P2
1TestedGE GE Starcam REED Decoder46-407413P11 46-407414G3E
1TestedGE Power Cable535-0243-012
2TestedGE Planar Dome C3 Monitor57-C3Gray
2TestedGE National Display Systems NIX-QX21-D01 Monitor 90N0206
1TestedGE Medical Display National NM-SX18-A1308 Monitor90X0225
1TestedGE Medical Display National NM-SX18-A1308 Monitor90X0225
1TestedGE Medical Display National NC-SX18-A1403  **Has a mild scratch on screen – discount!90X0226
1TestedGE Medical Display National NC-SX18-A1403 Monitor90X0226
1TestedGE Philips SMIT GridC2663JC 9896-010-26541
1TestedGE Crossbar Bypass Head #1 HCIC J2CBL001357
1TestedGE Crossbar Bypass Head #2 HCIC J2CBL001358
1TestedGE IPS PSD Bypass CableCBL-001531
1TestedGE Lambda BoardCCB003B
1TestedGE Bodine Power Assist Gear Motor E1124C009 33A3BEPM-W3
2GoodGE DMR/+ 18×24 Aux Paddle Assy with 5 half moonsE63101BS
1GoodGE 600T High Wall 18×24 Compression Paddle AssyE6310BE
1ExcellentGE Custom Black Omega V Table Pad  128-130 L x 31 W x 1 Thick similar to PN listedE6425HE 46-329148P1
1NewGE 16 x 15 Table Extender Pad VCT 40CM Extender PadE8004FR
1NewGE  VCT 54CM and 106CM 3″ and 7″ (Set of 2)E8004GF2169681
1NewGE Black Axial Head Holder Foam Insert with cut-outs 8″ x 7.5″E8004S 46-199388P1-P
1NewGE Black IV Injection Armboard Assembly E8004SG
1NewGE 78 x 16 Metal-Free Headholder Cradle Pad Table PadE8004TA 
1NewGE Marquette ECG SimulatorE8007MH  9266-001
1TestedGE Invivo Upper Extremity Cloth Flex Phased Array CoilE8800KB543GE64
1TestedGE Invivo Lower Extremity Flex Red/Gray Phased Array CoilE8800KB 544GE64
2NewGE Black Extremity PadsE8802AF 5457603
1NewGE Wide Security StrapE8802MC 5440957
1NewGE Narrow Security StrapsE8802MD5461415
1NewGE Top Spins Strain Set 30/caseE8804LA
1NewGE Adult Bellows AssemblyE8811ED
1TestedGE LCA TEAC Floppy DriveE900218-00A E950218-60A711 19307774-29
7NewGE Halogen Lamp 23V 100WECL-0001
1TestedGE Legacy Switching Power Regulated DC Power ESQ5HC24 M12M12LU
1TestedGE Logiq 9 Internal I/O AssyFB200197 04
1TestedGE Logiq 9 External I/O ModuleFB200198 07
2TestedGE Modalixx 20.1 LCD G20MG MonitorG202MG
1TestedGE Innova 2000 Cherry Keyboard RS-6000G83-6101LPOUS
1NewGE Logiq 700 Double FootswitchH40582L
1TestedGE XR Power Supply by Power One International SeriesHBAA40WAMAP805157
1TestedGE Hitron Power Supply for Advantx Cath/AngioHBG30-30
2NewGE Osram Xenophot HLX 64611 12V 50W Halogen Photo Optic LampHLX64611
1TestedGE Advanced Instruments Development 3 Field Ion Chamber  wth Expos-Aid Automatic Exposure ControlICX190
1NewGE Ushio Halogen Lamp BulbJPD25-150G1  Q150T4/CL
1TestedGE NEC MultiSync LCD2010x XtraView LH-20S01 MonitorLCD2010X
1TestedGE Sony LMD-1410 MonitorLMD-1410
1TestedGE Lunar Custom Rectifier Level 3LNR38879 LU38879 
1TestedGE Lunar Prodigy Control InterfaceLNR40196  LU40196  
1TestedGE Lunar Prodigy ASIC DetectorLNR40271LU40271
1TestedGE Lunar DPX Upper Cable Assy.LNR41047LU41047
1TestedGE Lunar Prodigy OUI BoardLNR42719DLU42719D
1TestedGE Lunar DPX Cable Rev ALNR43457 LU43457 
1TestedGE  Lunar DPX DMI Optical Sensor BoardLNR7366LU7366
1TestedGE Lunar DPX CollimatorLNR7767LU7767
1TestedGE Lunar DPX Secondary Calibration Phantom 7.75 x 6 x 2.25LNR7905 LU7905
1TestedGE Lunar Prodigy Low Voltage Suply Cable CSBC to Condor Rev. BLNR8212LU8212
1TestedGE Lunar DPX / Prodigy X-Ray TubeLNR8743  LU8743
1TestedGE Lunar DPX CollimatorLNR8915LU8915
1TestedGE KFA Cable AssemblyM1085PB 103611
1NewGE DeRoyal Latex Safe Head HolderM60-023
1TestedGE GE 700/800/DMR/+ Mammo Spot Compression AssyMammoSpot
1TestedGE Lunar DPX IMS Motor MDrive 23 V 1.1.03MDMC2231-4-GE1   
1TestedGE LCV Power SupplyMTX25312384
1TestedGE Logiq 7 KeyboardN860-7351-T001 02A
1TestedGE Logiq 7 TGC1 BoardN86D-2386-R001/02
1TestedGE Logic 7 TGC BoardN86D-2386-R101/03
1TestedGE LCV Icy Dock Board Rev. 2.0P34024 
1TestedGE  Electromagnetic Mount Assembly Servo MotorPA004410
1TestedGE LCV Power SupplyPMC75E2
1TestedGE GE Innova 2000 LCD Display Series 755 12 3.3APV755A
1TestedGE Sinwan Fan Motor 17/15 WattS109AP-11-1 Ball
1TestedGE Sinwan Fan Motor 13/11 WattS109AP-11-2 Ball
1TestedGE Wireless Battery Charger CCC-3142 SBS-3002-C3142
1TestedGE Nemic Lambda 5V Power SupplySCB042B
1TestedGE Nemic Lambda 5V Power SupplySCB047B  2206340047-P527
1TestedGE Nemic Lambda 5V Power SupplySCB047B  2206340047-P528
1GoodGE GE 600T Spot Biopsy Assy with Square OpeningSpot Biopsy
1TestedGE LCV Seagate Hard Drive ST3630A
1TestedGE LCV MOD DriveST39236LC
1TestedGE OEC Uroview 2800 Thales Image Intensifier Power SupplyTH7198
1TestedGE OEC Uroview 2800 Thales Image Intensifier Power SupplyTH7222
1TestedGE Color LCD MonitorTM104-GE
1TestedGE GE Infinia Time Delay FuseTRS100R
1TestedGE SaticonXQ1565GE
1ExcellentGE Operations Manual Volume 1
1ExcellentGE Operations Manual Volume 2
1GoodGE 24×30 Compression Paddle
1NewGE  3 x 5 x 1 Gray Foam 
1NewGE Extra Connector Plate
1NewGE Logiq 7 9 Button Assembly (clear, plastic)
1NewGE Logiq 7 Keyboard Keycaps Full Set
1NewGE Logiq 7 Larger UMV Style Knobs
1NewGE Logiq 7 PW,M,B Buttons (clear, lightblue)
1NewGE Logiq 7 X451,X452,X453,X454,X455,X456,X457 Button Overlay
1NewGE MRI Headphones
1NewGE Triangle Cushions
1TestedGE 3 console cables – ground, gray, white
1TestedGE 700T/ 800T ML1061-TAV to 300PL 3-J3
1TestedGE 700T/ 800T ML1062-PDP to 300PL 3-J2
1TestedGE AdvantX DRS Covers
1TestedGE Advantx Legacy Software
1TestedGE DMR/+/C-Arm Black Rocker 2 Switch Set 
1TestedGE Innova 2000 Lead Apron Individual Pieces 
1TestedGE Innova 2000 Lead shield arm
1TestedGE Innova 2000 Logitec Mouse
1TestedGE Maxiray Overhead X-Ray Tube
1TestedGE Maxiray Under Table X-Ray Tube
1TestedGE Monitors 19″ White
1TestedGE Patient Restraints -Rollers – Cloth and Handles
1TestedGE Precision 500 Overhead Collimator 
1TestedGE Precision 500 Under Table Collimator
1TestedGE Proteus Monitor Cable
1TestedGE Proteus Monitor DVI Cable
1TestedGE Proteus Monitor Wall Mount (Black)
1TestedGE Proteus Table Stop Switches
1TestedGE Revolution XR/D Tabletop
1TestedGE  DMR/+ Paddle Fastener Assy455560085
4TestedGE  AdvantX Heater Supply Board 45562521 C N 00819 455562521T3688BA
1TestedGE  Mammo Power Supply001-4249-000
1TestedGE   GE LCV Hand switch with cable (sold separately)46-270800G4
1TestedGE CGRSenograph 500T Board190716
1TestedGE CGRSenographe 500T Board190716
1TestedGE CGRSenographe 600T Switch KV C550513/C809286192011
1TestedGE CGR600T Backplane C550432652022
2TestedGE CGR500/600T Board725093
1TestedGE CGR500T Board725143
1TestedGE CGR500/ 600T Varian Board725762
1TestedGE CGR500T Board725799
2TestedGE CGR500/600T Seno mAs Board726468
1TestedGE CGR600T KV Selector Switch1920110
1TestedGE CGR500/600T 18×24 Bucky Non-DIN36006405
1TestedGE CGR500T/600T Mammo MAS Disk45070798
2TestedGE CGR500T/600T Mammo MAS Disk45070798
1TestedGE CGR500T/600T Board45071715
2TestedGE CGRCGR Control Board45314176
2TestedGE CGR500T/600T Crosshairs 45438466
1TestedGE CGR Compax Regulation Board4547463445314248
1TestedGE CGR500T Mammo Display Control PanelBL53230203H
1TestedGE CGR 500T Timer BoardC190707
2TestedGE CGR 500/600T Delay Switch BoardC192369
1TestedGE CGR 600T MAS Selector SwitchC197892
1TestedGE CGR 500T BoardC199545
1TestedGE CGR 500T Transformer BoardC208077
2TestedGE CGR 500T/600T Mammo KV DiskC382189
1TestedGE CGR KV DISKC382189
1TestedGE CGR 500T Timer BoardC550380
1TestedGE CGR 600T Board with knobC550385
2TestedGE CGR 500T BoardC550468
2TestedGE CGR 600T Board with knobC550477
1TestedGE CGR 500T BoardC550480
1TestedGE CGR 500T BoardC550482
1TestedGE CGR 600T BoardC550490
1TestedGE CGR 500T BoardC550544
1TestedGE CGR 600T Board with knobC550803
1TestedGE CGR 500T Programmed BoardC650619
3TestedGE CGRWired Control Device/ Wired Motor Drive ControlC651734 C651779
1TestedGE CGR 600T Spot Mag Paddle AssyC804183
2NewGE CGR 18×24 Compression Plastic OnlyC807782
1NewGE CGR 24×30 Curved Edge Compression Plastic OnlyC807783
1TestedGE CGR 500T/ 600T WIred Contact AssembliesC807800
1TestedGE CGR 500/600T Compression Control BoardC808768
1TestedGE CGR500/600 BoardC808788
2TestedGE CGR500/600T PR425-S402 Emergency Stop SwitchC808910 C808909
1GoodGE CGR600T 18×24 Comp Arm OnlyC809042
1ExcellentGE CGRSpot Compression AssyC809057
1TestedGE CGR600T BoardC809498
1ExcellentGE CGR600T 18×24 Cassette Holder C810637ZRLS006T
1NewGE CGR18×24 Compression Plastic Only C818651
2TestedGE OECOEC SCSI Controller Board00-554006-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Outlet Strip Assy Rev. F00-87009-04 
1TestedGE OECOEC Communications Board00-872127-05
1TestedGE OECOEC Video Switching Board00-872239-06
1NewGE OEC OEC Remote Control Cover00-874042-04
1TestedGE OECOEC 9400 Remote Control Cover00-874042-04
1TestedGE OECOEC Image Processor Board00-875954-02
1TestedGE OECOEC Remote Contrast/Brightness/Infra-Red Board00-876353-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy Fast Scan BNC00-876366-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy Disk Drive 8 ALTA00-876394-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy Surge Sup T100-876437-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy DC Power and Aux I/F to J900-876439-01
2TestedGE OECOEC BNC Video SW Aux I/F Cable00-87644-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy Power Motherboard00-876446-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy Signal Aux INTF/Video 00-876449-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy, Signal AT COM 26 PIN00-876450-01
1TestedGE OECRibbon Cable OEC 6600/960000-876454-01
1TestedGE OECRibbon Cable OEC 6600/960000-876454-02
1TestedGE OECOEC Mini 6600 Monitor Cart Handle00-876466-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Aux Interface Board00-876504-03
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy CPP/REM Cont/XRay ON00-876530-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy Internal VCR Control00-876534-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy Power ETI00-876536-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy Cont/Brt Left00-876540-02
2TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy Cont/BRT Pots00-876541-02
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy PS1 to A000-876546-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Control Panel Processor00-876613-05
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy Power IP Video SW00-876634-01
1TestedGE OECOEC 6600 C-Rotation Brake Mount00-876705-01
1TestedGE OECOEC 6600 C-Rotation Brake Pad00-876706-01
2TestedGE OECOEC Alarm Audio Assy00-876767-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Surge Suppressor Board00-876786-01
1TestedGE OECOEC 6600 C-Rotation Brake w/Inner Spring00-876808-01
1TestedGE OECOEC DC Power Distribution Board00-876841-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy Power Control to J1500-876998-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Power Control Board00-878003-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy AUX IF/HRS CONY Workstation00-878014-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy00-878062-01
2TestedGE OECOEC 6600 Bearing Block 00-878292-02
1TestedGE OECOEC 6600 Controller Board00-878567-03
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable00-878570-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy00-878571-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy A20 P8 to J1400-878572-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy Signal00-878573-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cap Shaft Pivot Arm00-878674-01
1TestedGE OECOEC 6600/6800 Handle, Brake Rotation00-878686-01 00-883808-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Shield EMI Controller Board00-878692-01
2TestedGE OECOEC 6600 Low Profile Handle (may fit other units also)00-878709-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Video Cable Assy00-878781-01
1TestedGE OECOEC F/F Scan Converter Board00-878891-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy, BNC Video00-879006-01
1TestedGE OECOEC 6600 Collimator00-879734-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Cable Assy00-879918-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Mini 6600 HDD Assy Formatted SW 00-878321-04 Image SW 00-878320-03 Help SW 00-878650-03 Created 8/17/1998 Seagate ST31722A OEC 42MB Hard Disk Drive Assembly00-900528-02
1TestedGE OECOEC 3.5 Floppy Disk Drive 44MB00-900669-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Power Supply Quad Output00-900689-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Lamp X-Ray ON (SCD)00-900751-01
1TestedGE OECOEC 9600 9800 ASM Cable Remote Diagnositc00-901559-01
1TestedGE OECOEC Circuit Breaker 4A DPST 250VAC55-700468-00
1TestedGE OECOEC Meter Elec 6 Digit67-700000-00
1TestedHologicDiscovery A Encoder Board010-0089
1TestedHologicDiscovery A Hip Positioning Fixture Rev D010-0141 
1TestedHologicDiscovery A X-Ray Tube/HV Tank010-0575
1TestedHologicDiscovery A Encoder Cable010-0627
1TestedHologic Discovery A Cable Bundle Rev. A010-1123 
1TestedHologicDiscovery A Aperture/ Filter Drum Assy010-1549
1TestedHologicDiscovery A/SL/W/C Aperture/Filter Drum Assembly 010-1549
1TestedHologicDiscovery W Assy Aperture/Filter Drum010-1549
1TestedHologicDiscovery A 216 Channel 2MM Detector Assy.010-1606
1TestedHologicPlexi 6″ x 2″ with 12 holes and screws Rev. A030-2228 
1TestedHologicDiscovery LX-PA-10-70168 Right Encoder Rev. A030-2417
1TestedHologicDiscovery LX-PA-10-70242 Left Encoder0302867 
1TestedHologicSelenia Mag Tray Detector Board1-003-0095
1TestedHologicSelenia Motor/ Lamp Control Board1-003-0288
1TestedHologicSelenia Filament Protection Board1-003-0289
1TestedHologicSelenia Tube Head Microprocessor Board1-003-0300
2TestedHologicSelenia  Rotation Display Board1-003-0301
1TestedHologicSelenia VTA Driver Board1-003-0303
1TestedHologicSelenia C-Arm Switch Board (Right)1-003-0307
1TestedHologicSelenia C-Arm Switch Board (Left)1-003-0328
1TestedHologicSelenia Filament Control Board1-003-0333
1TestedHologicSelenia Generator Microprocessor Board1-003-0335
1TestedHologicSelenia Rotor Control Board1-003-0336
1TestedHologicSelenia Main Power Board1-003-0354
1TestedHologicSelenia Tube Head Motor Drive Board1-003-0474
1TestedHologicSelenia Host Microprocessor Board1-003-0481
1TestedHologicSelenia  Aux. Power Supply Interconnect Board1-003-0483
TestedHologicDiscovery Top Controller Detector Board Rev. 2140-0048 
1TestedHologicDiscovery Line Voltage Board Rev. 020140-0049 
1TestedHologicDiscovery Control Panel Board Rev 009140-0053
1TestedHologicDiscovery PBB Board140-0066
1TestedHologicDiscovery Distribution Board  Rev 005140-0086
1TestedHologicDiscovery A C-Arm Interface Board140-0090 140-0051
1TestedHologicDiscovery A High Voltage Inverter Board140-0096
2TestedHologicSelenia Linak Footswitch1-700-0120 FRS0W00000 FSE1201220
1TestedHologicDiscovery Ribbon Cable Rev. A180-0197 
1TestedHologicDiscovery Sensata Airpax Circuit Breaker MAG-HYDR Lever 15A1EG11-1-63-15.0-01-V
1TestedHologicDiscovery Corcom EMI Filter 20A 120/250 VAC 50-60 Hz20VT1 F7814
1TestedHologicLorad Inertia Dynamics Clutch Brake for Compression 90VDC2-130-0048 1114-0006
1TestedHologicSelenia Invertia Dynamics 90VDC Rev. 002-130-0048  1114-0006
1TestedHologicDiscovery HP 2 Button Optical Mouse with USB Connection265986-011  537749-001
1TestedHologicDiscovery Stepper Motor26841-07-002
1TestedHologicDiscovery Cable Bundle320-0041
1TestedHologicSelenia Sun Unix Keyboard N860-8708-T010/203-201-3603 0581MCN-0807NY1159
1TestedHologicSelenia Part3-310-0548
1TestedHologicSelenia Sun Mouse3-717-8801
1TestedHologicSelenia HV Generator4-000-0014
1TestedHologicSelenia Sun 500S Computer602-3088-01
4NewHologicLorad Kit Mounting Shield and Display 9-400-0099  2-500-0041
1TestedHologicDiscovery Cosel Switching Power Supplies 85-264VAC 120-350DC 300 WACE300F AC-OPPH-00
1TestedHologic Discovery X-Ray Controller AssyASY-00409
1TestedHologicDiscovery W X-ray ControllerASY-00409
1ExcellentHologicSelenia 10cm Mag Paddle Rev. 7ASY-00615
1TestedHologicSelenia DICOM 6000 Interface on PCASY-01543
1TestedHologicDexa Quality Control PhantomASY-01564
1TestedHologicDiscovery Dexa Quality Control PhantomASY-01564
1TestedHologicHologic Dexa Quality Control PhantomASY-01564
1TestedHologicSelenia Cenova R2 Imax Checker PCASY-02354
1TestedHologicDetector Installed New 11/2019 Rev. 005 SW Rev. Firmware Mammo Rev. 22 ASY-04615 YM638999
1TestedHologicDiscovery W 2012 HP 80198 Compaq 6000 Pro Microtower PC Apex V4.5.3.2 SoftwareASY-06348
1TestedHologicDiscovery BoardBoard-00075PCB-00075
1TestedHologicDiscovery  Board Rev 007Board-00084PCB-00085
1TestedHologicDiscovery A Board Rev 007Board-00084PCB-00084
1TestedHologicDiscovery Board Rev 007Board-00084PCB-00084
1TestedHologicSelenia ARW CCP33-Hologic CMP-00712
1TestedHologicDiscovery A  Acer AL1716F  17″ MonitorET.B16RB.F02AL1716
1ExcellentHologicSelenia Rev 01FAB-00760FAB-00780
1ExcellentHologicSelenia Rev 03FAB-00845
1ExcellentHologic Selenia Rev. 02FAB-00847
1ExcellentHologicSelenia Biopsy Paddle Rev. 01FAB-00849
1TestedHologicSelenia Datalogic Gryphon Barcode ReaderGD4110-BK-C249
1TestedHologicDiscovery A Oriental Motor 1:30 Gear Head T66486H0048-143
1TestedHologicSelenia Barco Monitor Rev. 00K9301640D MDNG-2121
1TestedHologicDiscovery A HP Keyboard PS/2KB0316 434820002 537745-001
1TestedHologicSelenia Rev. 3P-1128-26B
1TestedHologicDiscovery A Vexta MotorPK243-02AA
1TestedHologicDiscovery W Source Assembly – Reconditioned 2011RM-010-0575
1ExcellentHologicSelenia Magnification Stand Rev. 001RM-ASY-00726 FAB-00899
1TestedHologicDirect Ray Detector SW. Installed 11/2019RM-ASY-01389  FFDM-L
1TestedHologicSelenia Detector Power Brick Assembly RM-MEL-00292 PXCM-L
1TestedHologicSeleniaSC5650WS E33527-007
1TestedHologicLorad Dual Foot Switch Pedal Clipper Twin 632-STWIN632S
1TestedHologicDiscovery ASM R10 EncoderWS-42-1000-P1K-L15-2
1TestedHologicDiscovery W HWE TubeX762C
1ExcellentHologicSelenia Detector Phantom
1ExcellentHologicSelenia Face Shied
1TestedIBM Deskstar Printer07N9208
1TestedInstrumentariumPerforma Model 401 Magnetic Film Marker Set 102203
1TestedInstrumentariumPerforma Motor20007-IMG
1TestedInstrumentariumPerforma MGF Csense Card V1.1 Board attached to bucky holder arm31440-IMG93745-4FB
1ExcellentInstrumentarium Performa Compression Paddle31515-IMG33811-IMG 31164-IMG
1ExcellentInstrumentarium Performa 24×30 Compression Paddle31520-IMG33396-IMG 31166-IMG
1ExcellentInstrumentariumPerforma 24×30 XL Compression Paddle31525-IMG33396-IMG 31166-IMG
1ExcellentInstrumentariumPerforma Compression Paddle Mag 1.6 18×2431555-IMG33801-IMG 31161-IMG
1ExcellentInstrumentariumPerforma Compression Paddle Mag 1.6 SPOT31560-IMG30135-IMG 31161-IMG
1TestedInstrumentarium Performa Supply Board32030-IMG
1TestedInstrumentariumPerforma Inverter Board32220-IMG
1TestedInstrumentariumPerforma Filament Control Board V2.332225-IMG
1TestedInstrumentariumPerforma CPU Board32245-IMG
1ExcellentInstrumentariumPerforma Compression Paddle Implant32285-IMG 33806-IMG 32171-IMG
1TestedInstrumentariumIPerforma Anode Motor Driver Board32305-IMG
1TestedInstrumentariumPerforma C-Arm Control Board32310-IMG
1TestedInstrumentariumPerforma Smart EPS 200 Driver V1.432720-IMG 5330454-ECS
1TestedInstrumentariumPerforma HV Tank V1.532730-IMGMGHV200
1TestedInstrumentariumPerforma C&Z Driver Card Board33035-IMG  5330452
1TestedInstrumentariumPerforma Optipoint CAS Opto V.10 Board33280-IMG
1TestedInstrumentariumPerforma Cassette Holder Base Assy33495-IMG
1TestedInstrumentarium Filter Holder Upgrade Kit34044-IMG
1ExcellentInstrumentariumPerforma SPOT 100 Compression Paddle34145-IMG 33947-IMG 31163-IMG
2TestedInstrumentariumPerforma ECS Foot Pedals34450-IMG
1TestedInstrumentariumPerforma MGB-506W Collimator34730-IMG
1TestedKodakEktascan Keypad3140 
2GoodKodakDirectView CR500 24×30 Cassette 1F4227 24x30F
1TestedLFLiebel Flarsheim 9000 Adv Operation Touch Screen Panel820017 E
1TestedLiebel FlarsheimLF Urology Hyraulic Board333628
1TestedLiebel FlarsheimLF Hydradjust III Board333640
1TestedLiebel FlarsheimLF Urology Processor Board334962
1TestedLiebel FlarsheimLF Hydradjust III Power Board334988
1TestedLoradFilament Supply Cable751249
1TestedLorad M III Red Stop Switch Push Button Dialight 5A 125 VAC55411215115239046
1TestedLoradLorad M III Motherboard Rev. 12  Rev. 4 1-001A-0080 1-003A-0080
2TestedLoradLorad M II AEC Board Rev. 3 1-001A-00811-003A-0081
1TestedLoradM II Console Keyboard Board with keys Rev. 3 1-001A-0091 1-003A-0091
2TestedLoradSignal Transformer1-001-0041 030309 241720
1TestedLoradM II Rev. 4Board1-001-0220 
1TestedLoradCompression Motor Board1-001-A004
1TestedLoradLorad M II Circuit Board Mounted with attached components1-001A-00451-003A-0045
1TestedLoradLorad M II BOARD Rev. 11  Rev. 31-001A-0053 1-003A-0059
1TestedLoradLorad M II Relay Board Rev. 6  Rev. 41-001A-0058 1-003A-0058
2TestedLoradM III 3 Button Keypad Rev. 21-001A-0062  1-002A-0062
1TestedLoradLorad M II Board and components1-001A-00661-003A-0066
1TestedLoradLorad M II Board Rev. 6  Rev. 21-001A-0067  1-003A-0067
2TestedLoradM II Board Rev. 4 Rev 51-001A-0069  1-003A-0069
2TestedLoradM III AEC 7 Position Switch1-001A-0093
1TestedLoradMII Cassette Length Board1-001A-0100
1TestedLoradM II Cassette Sensor Board1-001A-0106
2TestedLoradM II /III Peripheral Interface Board Rev 4. Rev. 31-001A-0108 1-003A-0108
2TestedLoradM III Angle Display Board1-001A-01101-003A-0110
2TestedLoradM II LED Angle Display Board Rev. 2 Rev. 11-001A-0182 1-001A-0093 1-002A-0093
1TestedLoradM III AEC Position Switch Board Rev 31-003-0124 
1NewLoradM III Apperture Assy I.D.Board Rev. 21-003-0210 
1TestedLoradLorad M II Main Control Panel with cables1-003A-0056
1TestedLoradLorad M II Board1-003A-0082
2TestedLoradM III Mag Tray Detect Board1-003A-0095
1TestedLoradLorad M II Tube Control Board Rev 21-003A-0187  1-001A-0187
1TestedLoradM II CPU Board Rev. CS205F1-025A-0014 
1TestedLoradM III Timing Belt2230301-1
3ExcellentLorad10cm Comp/Mag Spot Paddle Assy3-000-0171
5ExcellentLoradM II MIII MIV Swiss Cheese Style Biopsy Plate3-000-0176
1ExcellentLorad15cm Contact Mag Paddle Assy3-000-0181
3ExcellentLoradSpot Comp Paddle Assy3-000-0248
2NewLorad18×24 Cassette Holder 3-000-0381-61
2ExcellentLoradM-II 18×24 Bucky3-000-0488
1ExcellentLorad8×24 Small Focal Spot Aperture3-000-0993
1ExcellentLoradConed Down Aperture3-000-0994
1ExcellentLoradSpot Compression-Mag Aperture 8cm3-000-0995
2ExcellentLoradOpen 10cm Biopsy Needle Localization Paddle Assy3-000-1524
1ExcellentLoradLocalization Paddle w/ Single Rectangular Opening 14cm 3-000-1529
1ExcellentLorad18×24 Comp Paddle with Arm3-000-1662
5ExcellentLorad18×24 Mag Arm (2) and Complete Assy with plastic (3)3-000-2068
3ExcellentLorad18×24 Mag Tray 3-000-2068
2ExcellentLorad18×24 Comp Paddle Arm Only3-000-7662
2ExcellentLorad18×24 Comp Paddle Assy3-000-7662
2ExcellentLoradM III 24×30 Bucky3-000A-0487
1NewLorad Bucky Drive Motor DC3-320-0001
1NewLorad M IV Spot Compression Plate3-535-0012
1TestedLoradM III 8 Pin Connector Plug Male3-601-0002
1TestedLorad M III Low Voltage Power Supply9-200-0462
1TestedLoradVarian M-113SP in B-112 Housing  Mammo Tube 0.1-0.3 Focal SpotsM-113SP  B-112
1NewMedradSpectris Battery Charger3004201
1TestedMedradSpectris Solaris EP Battery Rev. D3012070
2NewMedradSpectris Solaris EP Battery Charger Rev. A Rev. B3012424203106 200456
1NewMedrad Stellant Heat Maintainer3015088SSH200F
1NewMedrad Stellant Dual PM Kit 301758285601814
1TestedMedradSpectris Battery59919044
1TestedMedradSpectris Battery59919044
1TestedMedradSpectris Battery59919044
TestedMedradSpectris Solaris EP Battery60721015
1MedradMedrad Spectris Solaris EP Battery Rev. D607210153040151
1NewMedradEnvisor Contrast Heater/Warmer401003674ESH7000637C
1TestedMitsubishiColor PrinterCP-8000DW
1NewMitubishi CP-700E Color Video ProcessorCP-700E
1TestedMitubishiCP-700E Color Video ProcessorCP-700E
1NewMitubishi CP-710E Color Video Copy ProcessorCP-710E
1TestedMitubishiVideo Cassette RecorderHS-MD3000U
1NewMitubishi High Density Thermal Paper for Video Copy Processor K65HMCE KP65HMCE 405703 407414
1TestedMitubishiHigh Density Thermal Paper – 4 Rolls in Sealed Box KP65HM-CE405-703 407-414
1TestedMitubishiMagnetic ContactorS-N95
2NewNavaraNarva HLL 24V 50W GY6.35-15  Surgical Light Bulb 55244
1ExcellentNorasNoras MR 160 Biopsy Kit includes 10063 (F1163), 10062 (PE162), 10061 (CI161)MR-16010060 10061 10062 10063
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 3.5 Floppy Drive9509074A287660012 A287669012
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI Disk Drive 3.5  3.2-GB SCSI-321001517
1TestedPhilipsBV-25 W412 XDGO J2-W412 Panel B Cable454775805
1TestedPhilipsATL 2.25 MHz CW Doppler 12.7mm Medium Focus1262690009
1TestedPhilipsATL 2.25 MHz CW Doppler 12.7mm Medium Focus1262690009
1TestedPhilipsVisiplex Video Imaging 1+4M6045201020MS2000
1TestedPhilipsBucky Wall Stand Cassette Tray451213316703
1TestedPhilipsEssenta DR Cable Plastic Cover710325400502
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 QWERTY Board A151599642 77921-21300 77921-61300 77921-61310 77921-61311 77921-21700 (piggyback)
2TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000/5000 Rear Bumper (2 per set)1065-4704-01
1TestedPhilipsHP  4.5/3.5 MHz Probe21255B
1TestedPhilipsAgilent Transducer Adapter  21292A
1TestedPhilipsHP S3 PA Sector Cardiac  21311A 21311-68000
1TestedPhilipsMEGP Collimator – Medium Energy General Purpose2170-3450
1TestedPhilipsMEGP Collimator – Medium Energy General Purpose2170-3450
1TestedPhilipsLEHR Collimator – Low Energy High Resolution2170-3462D 
1TestedPhilipsLEHR Collimator – Low Energy High Resolution2170-3462D 
1TestedPhilipsHBT Philips CAN-Modul W13-_Rx-CAN Board2390-9501-93504
2NewPhilipsBV Toothed Motor Belt 2622-855-18953
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 5000 Anti-Static Brush2950-0782-01
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 5000 Disk Drive Signal Cable CA-228349-0006 Rev. A3500-1483-03 
2TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000/5000 A/C Input Module3500-1578
1TestedPhilipsHDI Lower User Interface Assy Keyboard3500-1644-07
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI  3000 Upper Operator Panel3500-1645
1TestedPhilipsPanasonic AG-MD830P VCR with 34P Interface Adapter AG-A343500-1662-02 AGMD830 34P AGA34
1TestedPhilipsPanasonic AG-MD830P VCR with RS-232C Interface Adapter AG-1A8233500-1662-02 AGMD830 RS232C AG1A823
1TestedPhilipsATL Philips Upper Operators Panel3500-26353500-3005-01
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI Upper Keyboard3500-2636-09
2TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000/5000 System CPU Board3500-2677-01
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 5000 System CPU Board3500-2677-01
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI  5000 Image Memory Module FD 64M3500-2757-01
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 5000 MO Drive Fast SCSI Fujitsu Model MFC3064SS Rev A63500-2845-01 CA05437-B101
1DefectivePhilipsATL Annular Array3.5 MHz 25mm DIA – Air Bubble in Scanhead4000-0196-07
1DefectivePhilipsATL C9-5 Curved Array Intracavity 4000-0280-12
1TestedPhilipsATL L7-4 Broadband Linear Array4000-0318-05
1DefectivePhilipsATL P7-4 Broadband Cardiac4000-0322-02
1TestedPhilipsATL Curved Array Broadband Intercavity C8-4V Probe Transducer 8.0-4.0 MHz4000-0409-02
1GoodPhilipsATL HDI 5000 System Software Backup4252-0738-01
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost WME  NT230\31 Z1024512-100-45054
1TestedPhilipsWME NT230131 21024512-100-45054
1TestedPhilipsBuckyDiagnost Part4512-104-96393
1TestedPhilips Control Hand Grip Control Grip NICOL SID4512-108-07188 4512-201-02334
1TestedPhilipsBucky Controller Board4512-108-07509
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Z139 Function CU4 Board4512-108-09202
1TestedPhilipsBuckyDiagnost Backplane Board4512-108-09362
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Optimus Backplane Board4512-108-09362
1TestedPhilipsOptimus ISO Interface4512-108-13864
1TestedPhilipsZ139 Module4512-109-09202
1TestedPhilipsRotor Control HS4512-113-223434512-113-22341
1TestedPhilipsZ150 Basic Interface Module4512-113-23591 4512-178-00201
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost  Z150  Board4512-113-23591 4512-178-00201
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Z130 Board4512-113-25841 4512-178-00281
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Motor III Controller4512-130-23493
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Bucky Interface Board 4512-130-91836
1TestedPhilipsSmall Transformer4512-131-86441
1TestedPhilipsBucky Diagnost Vertical Controller VP1, VT1 Board4512-133-02006  4512-133-01614
1TestedPhilipsBucky Diagnost VPI Wall Board V034512-133-02052
2TestedPhilipsBucky Diagnost Control Interface Board Wall Bucky4512-133-02062
1TestedPhilipsBucky Diagnost VPX31 5 Field Control V2.0  1133762-00 V044512-133-02103
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Receiver f. RemCon Board VP4 Vers. 1.1.2  SEI-4512 1330 195E
2390.9501906-02 SN:06942B
Receiver VP4/U1/Vers 1.1.2
Code No. 4512 133 02933
Etch 3390.9505475 Rev 02a
1TestedPhilips Remote Control Transmitter W134512-133-02913
1TestedPhilipsRemote Control Charging Unit VS4512-133-02913
1TestedPhilipsRemote Control Charging Unit VS4512-133-02921
1TestedPhilipsEssenta DR Charging Unit4512-133-02971
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Cooling Fan Interface 4512-133-14943
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Interface Board4512-133-14944
1TestedPhilipsBuckyDiagnost Cassette Tray – Megatron SN4512-133-16702
1TestedPhilips2390.9611180 Ribbon cable attached to 31615 – to be sold separately4512-133-42522 
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost  Interface Control Board  4512-133-76752
1TestedPhilipsEssenta DR Remote Control4512-133-77001
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Z119 Board4512-178-00181
1TestedPhilipsZ119 Board PCB4512-178-00181
1TestedPhilipsZ130 Board PCB4512-178-00261
1TestedPhilipsFloor Stand Column with telescoping arm4512-201-01851
1TestedPhilipsNicol Control Grip 4512-201-02344
1TestedPhilipsColumn Non-Motorized4512-201-02711
1TestedPhilipsVertical Unit with Wall Box4512-201-02761
1TestedPhilipsFront Cover VS/VM 5 field4512-201-02791
1TestedPhilipsTH2 Adapter Parts Bucky Unit 24512-201-02961
1TestedPhilipsBucky Table TH 850 f Bucky Unit 24512-201-03362
1TestedPhilipsAutomatic Collimator +/-3 degrees f. US4512-201-03961
1TestedPhilipsSet of Floor Rails FS standard4512-201-03981
1TestedPhilipsRio Bucky TRB Board on mount (Teubner 07011141)4512-201-04173
1TestedPhilipsEssenta DR Computer4512-201-048362-DH02-205C
1TestedPhilipsTyco ELO ET1928 LCD Color Touch Screen Monitor4512-201-08522 4512-201-04943 ET1928L
1TestedPhilipsEssenta DR Elo Monitor4512-201-08523E059244
1TestedPhilipsMains Transformer 380V / 480V4512-20202241
1TestedPhilipsH126  Generator Board4512-207-54208
1TestedPhilips Digital Diagnost Z133 Board4512-207-58904
1TestedPhilips Z263 Circuit Board4512-207-59706
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Circuit Board4512-207-59805
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Z164 Board4512-207-60604
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Z213 Board4512-207-68211
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Z238 Board4512-207-68307
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Z202 Board4512-207-68413
1TestedPhilipsH109 Circuit Board4512-207-73006
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Circuit Board4512-207-73211
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Circuit Board4512-207-73306
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Z106 Board4512-207-74004
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Z112 Board4512-207-74108
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Z119 Board4512-207-74207
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost N168 Board4512-207-74904
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Z102 Board4512-207-79004
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Z137 Board4512-207-97804
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Circuit Board4512-208-00208
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Z126 Board4512-208-00665
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Z225 Board4512-208-03582
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Circuit Board4512-208-03665
2TestedPhilipsH136 Circuit Board4512-208-03904
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Chamber Select Board4512-208-03961
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost N175Board4512-208-05141
1TestedPhilipsBucky Connector Assy  Rev. 2 4512-590-13001 1-040-0602
1NewPhilipsAlso Fits Lorad – 24×30 Compression Plastic Only with Rounded Edges4512-590-13572
1NewPhilipsFuse Kit MammoDiagnost 3000 4512-590-151519-200-0205
1NewPhilipsScrew Kit 4512-590-15181 9-200-0206
1TestedPhilipsBrightView XCT W13 Remote Control4512-700-00011
2TestedPhilipsBV Monitor Board4522-103-95514
1TestedPhilipsBV25 WA Power Supply4522-103-9942
1TestedPhilipsBV WN22 KV Control4522-107-7085
1TestedPhilipsBV25 WN22 KV Control4522-107-7085
1TestedPhilipsBV WN17 A.G.C. + Dacurr4522-107-7090
1TestedPhilipsBV25 WN17 A.G.C. + Dacurr4522-107-7090
2TestedPhilipsBV WN21 Monitoring Board4522-107-70954
1TestedPhilipsBV WN19 Impulsa Generator4522-107-71013
1TestedPhilipsBV WN19 Impulsa Generator4522-107-71013
1TestedPhilipsBV Camera Control Board WN 114522-107-71162
1TestedPhilipsBV Camera Control Board WN 114522-107-71162
1TestedPhilipsBV WN 13 Video Processing4522-107-75505
1TestedPhilipsBV WN 13 Video Processing4522-107-75505
2TestedPhilipsBV SE31 Filament Supply4522-107-78513
1TestedPhilipsBV29 SE31 Filament Supply4522-107-78513
2TestedPhilipsBV SE33 Power Control Board4522-107-78558
1TestedPhilipsBV25/29 SE33 Power Control Board4522-107-78558
1TestedPhilipsBV Rectifier Board SE354522-107-78604
1TestedPhilipsRectifier Board4522-107-78604
2TestedPhilipsBV SE37 Inverter Power Board4522-107-78703
1TestedPhilipsBV SE37 Inverter Power Board4522-107-78703
2TestedPhilipsBV SE39 Inverter Power 24522-107-78751
1TestedPhilipsBV25/29 SE39 Inverter Power 24522-107-78751
1TestedPhilipsBV25/29 WHD11 Board4522-107-8705
1TestedPhilipsBV25/29 WHD13 Noise Reducer Board4522-107-8710
2TestedPhilipsBV29 WHD17 Memory Panel Board4522-107-8715
1TestedPhilipsWHD19 Subtractor Board4522-107-8720
1TestedPhilipsBV25 WHD25 Board4522-107-8725
1TestedPhilipsBV25 WHD23 Board4522-107-8730
1TestedPhilipsBV WM10 20′ Monitor Board4522-107-87759
2TestedPhilipsBV WM20 Monitor Power Supply4522-107-8785
2TestedPhilipsBV WM60 Rotation Board4522-107-8790
1TestedPhilipsBV WN23 Adaption Board4522-107-87951
1TestedPhilipsBV WN23 Adaption Board4522-107-87951
2TestedPhilipsBV Video Routing4522-107-91904
1TestedPhilipsBV WHA2 Scopofix 25 Cont4522-107-91951
1TestedPhilipsBV SE13 General & Error Processing4522-107-96104
2TestedPhilipsBV SE 15 Indication Proccessing Board4522-107-96202
1TestedPhilipsBV SE17 Radiography & Fluoroscopy Processing4522-107-96252
1TestedPhilipsBV SE 19 X-Ray Control Board4522-107-96303
1TestedPhilipsBV25 Control Panel4522-107-96401
1TestedPhilipsBV25 Control Panel 4522-107-96401 4522-103-99332
1TestedPhilipsBV Camera Control Board WN 114522-107-96451
1TestedPhilipsBV Vertical Movement Control Board4522-107-96453
1TestedPhilipsBV25 BV29 Vertical Movement Control Board4522-107-96453
1TestedPhilipsBV25 Mains Control 1 Board4522-107-9650
1TestedPhilipsBV Mains Control 1 Board4522-107-96550
1TestedPhilipsBV Mains Control 2 Board4522-107-96553
1TestedPhilipsBV25 Memory Adaption CCD4522-107-9665
2TestedPhilipsBV SE11 Cons & Segm Interface4522-107-96702
1TestedPhilipsBV Memory Adaptor Board4522-107-96762
1TestedPhilipsBV25  BV29 Memory Adaptor Board4522-107-96762
1TestedPhilipsBV SE 21 Diaphragm Control 14522-107-96802
1TestedPhilipsBV25  BV29 SE23 Diaphragm Control 24522-107-9685
1TestedPhilipsBV29 Local Control Board4522-108-1085
1TestedPhilipsBV29 Adaption Board4522-108-1977
1TestedPhilipsBV-25 Male Brass Connector 4522-112-608961
4NewPhilips Set V Belt4522-116-33551
7NewPhilipsBV C-Arm Guide Roller 4522-125-04601
1TestedPhilipsBV-25 Shaft Scan Brake C-arm4522-126-27726
1TestedPhilipsBV-25 Shaft4522-126-34565
3TestedPhilipsBV Motor4522-126-4303
2TestedPhilipsBV-25 Monitor cart’s lock pedal4522-126-44422
3TestedPhilipsBV 25/29 Iris Diaphram Unit (Collimator)4522-126-51301
4NewPhilipsBV (New) Brake Bushing4522-126-56601
9NewPhilipsNew BV C-Arm Rubber Foot Stand 4522-126-57831
1TestedPhilipsBV29 Touch Panel4522-126-76043
1TestedPhilipsBV29 Touch Panel4522-126-76043
1TestedPhilipsBV29 SE13 X-Ray Control4522-127-00518
1TestedPhilipsBV29 Se 19 KV & MA Control4522-127-0054
1TestedPhilipsBV29 SE 21 Diaphragm Conrtol 14522-127-00552
1TestedPhilipsBV29 Control Back Panel4522-127-00561
1TestedPhilipsBV25/29 SE 23 Diaphragm Control 2 Board4522-127-0057
1TestedPhilipsBV29 Memory Box Control Board4522-127-00588
1NewPhilips Housing 8P (c-arm part)4522-128-09413
1TestedPhilipsBV29 PROS 1 Board4522-128-27792
6NewPhilips BV C-Arm Earth Strip 4522-128-48271
2NewPhilips BV-25 Cover Half Paper Copier4522-128-59381
9NewPhilips BV 9” Spacer 4522-128-76781
9NewPhilips BV Brake Plug4522-128-94871
1TestedPhilipsBrightview XCT Phantom  4522-128-96460
4NewPhilips BV Remote Hand Switch  4522-129-05141
1TestedPhilips BV 39 Video Board45221-500-02819807-722-40001
1TestedPhilipsBV29 PROS 2 Board4522-150-00301 9807-722-40001
1TestedPhilipsBV29 P3 Image Board4522-150-0031
1TestedPhilipsBV29 P5 Cont Board4522-150-0033
1TestedPhilipsBV25 P6 Dskif Board4522-150-0034
1TestedPhilipsBV25 P6 Dskif Board4522-150-0034 9807-722-40001
1TestedPhilipsBV29 Digital Display4522-161-5864
1TestedPhilipsBV29 Digital Display (Scopofix MDPM)4522-161-5864
5TestedPhilipsBV-25 Verticle Control Touch Panel Board4522-163-3992
16NewPhilips BV Cable Deflection 4522-300-09181
13NewPhilips BV-25 Soft Wheels 4522-300-14191
17NewPhilips BV Deflective Nose Wheel R2 4522-300-14211
18NewPhilipsNew Philips BV Deflective Nose Wheel R2 with Loctite 243 Lubricant 4522-300-14211
5NewPhilips BV Monitor Cover Bezel4522-500-67061
1TestedPhilipsCPI Generator FIL Sup SM FS R21 Adj PCBA FRU4535-000-09431
2TestedPhilipsDetector Cable Sensor Gimbal Out4535-603-05711
2TestedPhilipsDetector Cable Sensor Gimbal In4535-603-05731
1TestedPhilipsServo MTN Controller 220V 15A4535-603-06251
1TestedPhilipsPC/104 CAN 2 Channel Comm4535-603-06271
1TestedPhilipsPower Supply 24V 350W 4X74535-603-06331
1TestedPhilipsWireless Hand Controller4535-603-07451
1TestedPhilipsModa PCBA CIOC ABC FW 2.04535-604-15161
1TestedPhilipsHEPH Collimator – High Energy Pinhole4535-604-34911A
1TestedPhilipsHEGP Collimator – High Energy General Purpose4535-604-41721A
1TestedPhilipsHEGP Collimator – High Energy General Purpose4535-604-41721A
1TestedPhilipsBrightview XCT Varian X-Ray Tube 0.4-0.8 Focal Spots B-130 Housing G-242 Tube Type 4535-604-49561
1TestedPhilipsMotherboard P45MX Cel-D4535-604-58041
1TestedPhilipsBrightview XCT Collimator Rev. E 24VDC 5A4535-604-64791
1TestedPhilipsMechanical Collimator X-Ray4535-604-64791
1TestedPhilipsLEHR ABC Cover Replace FS Kit4535-604-67601
1TestedPhilipsShamu Gantry Ring Cable4535-604-69491
1TestedPhilipsShamu Conduit High Voltage HV X-Ray Cable4535-604-74271
1TestedPhilipsPC Epic 500MHz 128MB-CFGD4535-604-80761
1TestedPhilipsPaxScan 4030CB X-Ray Flat Panel Detector4535-605-15941
1TestedPhilipsPaxScan 4030CB X-Ray Flat Panel Detector4535-605-15941
1TestedPhilipsX-Ray Detector Command Processor CP24535-605-15951
1NewPhilipsCPI Indicio 100 RF 100 40kW Generator Model VZW2930FE3-03 Rev. B for Brightview XCT4535-605-1596190153832
1TestedPhilipsCPI Indico 100 RF 40kW Generator4535-605-1596190153832 VZW2930FE3-03
1TestedPhilipsCPI Indico 100 RF 40kW Generator4535-605-1596190153832 VZW2930FE3-03
1TestedPhilipsServo Control Interf II4535-607-49741
1TestedPhilipsBrightview XCT part4535-608-16241
1TestedPhilipsSoftware Set RF Key4535-608-17611
1TestedPhilipsBrightview XCT part Rev 5 4535-608-19261929456206
1TestedPhilipsNMPT Floating Side Rad Cover4535-608-19271
1TestedPhilipsBrightview XCT Acrylic Box Rev. 24535-608-20511
1TestedPhilipsBrightview XCT part4535-608-24171
1TestedPhilipsBrightview XCT part  Rev A 280674535-608-24231
1TestedPhilipsBrightview XCT Grid Cover4535-675-01161-A
1TestedPhilipsBrightview XCT Phantom Rev NR4598-000-08051
1TestedPhilipsBrightview XCT Mechanical X-Ray Collimator Rev. B4598-000-08231
1TestedPhilipsEssenta DR Computer Console Cable5313018038FH
1TestedPhilipsEssenta DR Computer Console Cable5313118046FH
1TestedPhilipsEssenta DR Computer Console Cable5313118053FH
1TestedPhilipsEsenta DR Power Cord5331019205FI
1TestedPhilipsEssenta DR Computer Console Cable5331021202FI
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000 Pixel Space Processor7500-0213
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000/5000 Control Interface Module7500-0674-06
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI  5000 Pixel Conversion Module7500-0683
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI  5000 Pixel Space Processor7500-0713C
2TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000/5000 Pixel Space Processor 27500-0714
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000 Peripheral Interface Module7500-0717
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000/5000 Doppler Acquistion Board7500-0762-09
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000 Analog Power Supply7500-0764
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000 Master Power Supply7500-0765
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000 Digital Power Supply Board7500-0766
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI  3000 Sample Space Processor7500-0768
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 5000  Internal Interface Module7500-0779-05
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000 Front End Controller Board7500-0818
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 5000 Disk Drive Board7500-0843
7TestedPhilipsATL HDI Channel Board7500-0911-07
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000 Image Memory Module Board7500-0931
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 5000 Front End Controller Board7500-0932-03
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000 Advanced If Output Board (AIFOM)7500-0965
4TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000/5000 Bigfoot 2x Channel Board7500-0974-07
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000 Scanhead Select Board7500-0976-02  1065-1983-03
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000/5000 AIM Regulator Board7500-0977-06
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 5000 Analog Interface Module Plus (AIM+)7500-1026-04
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 5000 Scanhead Select (board number)7500-1048-02  1065-1983-03
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 5000 Signal Processing Module Board7500-1119-04
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 5000 AIFOM Board7500-1272
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI Internal Interface Module7500-1291-01
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 5000 Peripheral Interface Module7500-1316
1TestedPhilipsATL User Interface Module / Piggyback Board 7500-1320-03C
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 5000 Adapter II Board7500-1328
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 3000 Adapter II Board7500-1328-02
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI  5000 Pixel Conversion Module7500-1408-02
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI Doppler Acquisition Board7500-1421-01
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI Channel Board7500-1795-03
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Flow Processor Board77100-65450
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 R-Theta-AC Board77100-65550
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Turbo Cine Board77100-65860
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Video I/O Board77100-66010
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos Distribution Board7710-88008
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Analog Board77110-60100 77110-20100
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Clock Board77110-60200
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Power Regulator77110-60300
4TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Front End Board77110-60500
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Communications Mother Board77110-60600 
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Digital Mother Board A151681557 Rev. A77110-62000 77110-22000
1TestedPhilips HP Sonos 5500 Beam Former Board77110-62100
1TestedPhilips HP Sonos 5500 DSCC Board77110-62200
4TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Beam Board77110-62320
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Digital Image Detector Board77110-62420
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Digital Scanner I/O Board77110-65100
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Digital Doppler Board77110-65200
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Digital AQ Board77110-66200
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Processor Graphics Board77110-66300
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos W20 Cable7712-0656-60
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Image Memory Board77160-65630
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Physio Video Timing Board77160-65720
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Disc DSR77450-68300 0950-3033
10TestedPhilipsHP Sonos Small Knobs7792-1403-23
18TestedPhilipsHP Sonos Knob Slide Pot 7792-1403-32
3TestedPhilipsHP Sonos Large Gain Knobs7792-1404-43
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Keyscanner Board77921-60100
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Main I/O Board7792-1602-00
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500  Physio Board77921-60620
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Function Board77921-61400 77921-61410
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Keyboard77921-62300
2TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 LCD with Touch Screen Included77921-62690
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Crossover Filter Board77922-60200
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 Keyboard Buttons77922-63050
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos Main I/O Audio to Filter Board7792-2641-00
1NewPhilipsPlumbicon TV Camera Tube XQ2182/03X9301-166-0014446-315074G1
1TestedPhilips BV29 Control Back Panel9415-012-040301
1TestedPhilipsBV25 Power Supply PE1204/30 Scopofix9415-012-04301
1TestedPhilipsBLD-HEAD 6028/249804-602-82401 4522-300-24301
1TestedPhilips2015 SRO 31000 ROT 360 X-Ray Tube9806-206-701029890-000-86101
1TestedPhilipsBV-25 BV-26 BV-29 Pratix C X-Ray Tube Monoblock9807-700-31001
1TestedPhilips BV-25 BV-26 BV-29 Pratix C X-Ray Tube Monoblock9807-700-31001 4522-104-00001
1TestedPhilips BV-25 BV-26 BV-29 Pratix C X-Ray Tube Monoblock9807-700-31001 4522-104-00001
1TestedPhilipsSystem Controller (BuCo)9848-500-22703
1TestedPhilips1T 50kW HV Transformer9890-000-02031
1TestedPhilipsHV Tank9890-000-02031
1TestedPhilips Bucky Diagnost Optimus Operators Console 9890-000-024084512-104-70513 4512-113-20531
1TestedPhilipsDigital Diagnost Optimus Control Console9890-000-024084512-104-70513 4512-113-20532
1TestedPhilipsEssenta DR Optiumus Control9890-000-02408
1TestedPhilipsBV X-Ray Tube Monoblock9890-000-64791 9896-010-00221
2TestedPhilips 5 Field Ion Chamber and Projection Plate9890-000-700034512-104-98506
1NewPhilips 5 Field Ion Chamber and Projection Plate9890-000-70003 4512-104-98506 4512-108-13227
1TestedPhilips5 Field Ion Chamber9890-000-70005  4512-104-98509 4512-108-13229
1TestedPhilipsSRO 1750 ROT 360  X-Ray Tube 9890-000-86111  9890-000-85271 9890-000-86101  9890-000-86102
1TestedPhilipsBuckyDiagnost TH2/TF9890-010-06503
1TestedPhilipsBuckyDiagnost VS Wall Bucky9890-010-83641
1TestedPhilipsBuckyDiagnost FS9890-010-83651
1TestedPhilipsSecond Remote Table Control9890-010-83751
1TestedPhilipsTabletop Wide CFK Type Yellow9890-010-83761
1TestedPhilipsBuckyDiagnost Optimus 50 Generator Cabinet9890-010-83821
1TestedPhilipsStretch Grip BD VS a.P. Hand Grip9890-010-84241
1TestedPhilipsEssenta DR Bariatric Table Top9890-010-87311
1TestedPhilipsEssenta DR Optimus 65 Generator9890-010-87381
1NewPhilips12” Latex Cover9896-000-07611
1TestedPhilipsAnti-Scatter Grid 18×249896-010-05291
1TestedPhilipsNicol Rad Automatic Collimator9896-010-22161
1TestedPhilipsGalileo Nicol Collimator9896-010-22161 300153592
1TestedPhilipsAnti-Scatter Grid 110/12/369896-010-60131
1TestedPhilipsAnti-Scatter Grid 36/12/1109896-010-60131
1TestedPhilipsAnti-Scatter Grid 140/12/369896-010-60151
1TestedPhilipsAnti-Scatter Grid 36/12/1409896-010-60151
1TestedPhilipsAnti-Scatter Grid WFD Landscape 40/8/11409896-010-63681
1TestedPhilipsBrightview XCT Smit X-Ray Grid9896-010-63911
1TestedPhilipsBV C-Arm Cable 10×3- 30×2BV-25
1TestedPhilipsBV C-Arm Cable SUX1-SE10x8BV-25
1TestedPhilipsBV C-Arm BA 1×3- BGC1x3 CableBV-29
1TestedPhilipsBV C-Arm WT2x9-wTx4 Cable BV-2P/ BV-25
1TestedPhilipsBV NES Disk Drive with SCSI BoardD3142 134500558501
1TestedPhilipsATL Curved Array Broadband Intercavity C8-4V Probe Transducer 8.0-4.0 MHzD4000-0409-04
1TestedPhilipsHP Sonos 5500 TrackballD5092003M242440012 P7726
1TestedPhilipsEssenta DR Computer Console CableFD-C39-KVERIFY PN
1TestedPhilipsEssenta DR Monitor Power CordHEM649-5120400-7
1TestedPhilipsEssenta DR Cherry KeyboardJK-0300EU/01
1NewPhilipsHand Switch/Exposure Control with Cable KMA-550
1TestedPhilipsATL HDI 5000 L12-5mm Linear ArrayL12-5
1TestedPhilipsBrightview XCT Radscan SlickerNC-PGBV-03R/C120309-038
1TestedPhilipsBV-25  BV-29 CableSW1 y SW2
1TestedPhilipsBV-25 Brass Interconnect Cable ConnectorUnknown
1TestedPhilipsBV-29 IN/OUT 1/ OUT 2 CableWHDPO
1TestedPhilipsBV-25 WM60X3 – WM50S1 Cable with SwitchWM60X3 WM50S1
1TestedPhilipsBV-25/29 CableWT2X99-WHDX3
1TestedPhilipsEssenta DR Microsoft MouseX821908-001
1TestedPhilipsBucky Diagnost Left Wall Bucky Control
1TestedPhilipsBucky Diagnost Right Control Wall Unit 
1TestedPhilipsBucky Diagnost Wall Bucky Right Control
1TestedPhilipsBV-25 BV-29 WK3X8-BA1X6 Cable
1TestedPhilipsBV-25 BV-29 WT2X12 – WTX6 Cable
1TestedPhilipsBV-25 C-Arm 82-3-4/WM60X2 Monitor Push Buttons
1TestedPhilipsBV-25 C-Arm Connection 
1TestedPhilipsBV-25 SVX1 TO SE10 X8 Cable
1TestedPhilipsBV-25 WA1x6-1WM60X7 Cable 
1TestedPhilipsBV-29 BGC1XA-BA1X2 Cable
1TestedPhilipsEssenta DR 3M Touchscreen Stylus
1TestedPhilipsBrightview XCT Super Re-Writer DVD
1TestedPhilipsBrightview XCT RW DVD
1TestedPhilipsBrightview XCT Acrylic Arm Rest
1TestedPickerPQ 2000 PSDC Board171795
1TestedPickerPQ 2000 DSCC Assy CPU171853
11TestedPickerPQ 2000 VFSC Board171920
1TestedPickerPQ 2000 Analog Control Chassis CRX200P14171932
1TestedPickerPQ 2000 Data Pre-Processing Card173867
1TestedPickerPQ 2000 IQ/PQ Janus Processor Board174226
2TestedPickerPQ 2000 Expansion Module Board174227
1TestedPickerPQ 2000 AC Controller Board174235
2TestedPickerPQ 2000 128 MB Message Passing Memory Board174246
1TestedPickerPQ 2000 Collimator Relay Board174284
1TestedPickerPQ 2000 SCLC Board174605
2TestedPickerPQ 2000 1k Display Board1765204535-662-04871
1TestedPickerPQ 2000 Scanner Interface Board176615
1TestedPickerPQ 2000 Sensor Board176910
1TestedPickerPQ 2000 Table Control Board176960
1TestedPickerPQ 2000 CPB Assy Board177284
4TestedPickerPQ 2000 XAP Board177390
1TestedPickerPQ 2000 X18 CTCC Board177900
1TestedPickerPreference 18×24 Bucky10265800
1TestedPickerPreference 24×30 Bucky10265900 
1TestedPickerPQ 2000 PMDC Board171943A
1TestedPickerPQ 2000 Laser Camera Digital Interface176659A
1ExcellentPickerPreference 18×24 Comp Paddle w/Arm18×24 Comp
1TestedPickerPQ 2000 Limit SwitchT29A27
1TestedPickerPQ2000 Tilt PotentiometerT6K-555
1GoodPickerPreference Face Shield
1TestedQuantumIndico 100 Rad 65kW Console INDi XL Series735893-01
1TestedQuantum KVP Board   Rev C Rev MAY40-003S PC40-003S
1TestedQuantumBoard Rev CAY40-005T PC40-005T
1TestedQuantumControl Logic Board Rev C Rev HAY40-006S
1TestedQuantum Board Rev D Rev HAY40-007T PC40-007
1TestedQuantumBoard Rev B Rev PAY40-013T PC40-013T
1TestedQuantumLine Monitor BoardAY40-022T PC40-022T
1TestedQuantumPCB Board Rev BAY40-024SPC40-024S
1TestedQuantumBoard REV B Rev DAY40-031S PC40-031S
1TestedQuantumPCB BoardAY40-038B PC40-038B
1TestedQuantum Handlebar AssemblyAY40-041T PC42-041T
1TestedQuantumSchaffner AC Power Entry ModuleFN1394-6-05-11
1TestedQuantumPower Supply 976K21978 FGMJKLMRZ   FPF07P-AC110/220DKRD057-FJ77 
1TestedQuantumSC40-034T Rev D BoardSC40-034T 
1TestedSedecalSedecal Orion Fan0D9225-24H
1TestedSedecalHP ProDisplay P19A Monitor715490 715550 
1TestedSedecalSedecal Hand Switch with DB-9 ConnectorA3223
2TestedSedecalPanaflo DC Brushless FanFBA0BA12M
1TestedSedecalRalco 302 L/A DHHS CollimatorR302-L/A-DHHS
1TestedSedecalRalco RO 051 Flange – Metal Collimator Adapter RingRO051
2NewShimadzu Collimator Lamp Bulb 12V 100W NarvaHLWS4J 626501202
1New SiemensEdwards Signaling Class 2 Transformer 592
2NewSiemensAcuson Foot Pedal11178
1NewSiemensAcuson C544 Needle Guide Adapter26547
2NewSiemensAcuson V4 Needle Guide Adapter35211
1NewSiemensAcuson Aspen Front Bezel3800028408
1TestedSiemensAcuson 8C4 Curved 8.0/6.5/5.0 MHz 0S05-020 Pinless41118
1TestedSiemensAcuson 8C4 Curved 8.0/6.5/5.0 MHz 0S05-020 Pinless41118
3NewSiemensAcuson 8C4 and C7 Quick-Clip Needle Guide51488
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact D115 Board117201
1TestedSiemensVideo Amp Board160210
1TestedSiemensSteute KF-2S-MED-AP Foot Pedal45960288161931
1TestedSiemens Multileaf Collimator46821510092602
1TestedSiemensAxiom Sireskop Under Table Collimator4682231290670
1TestedSiemensUnder Table Flouro Colimator468223
1TestedSiemensCollimator AL02 II EL 468249 10092604
1TestedSiemensMultileaf AL 02 II Collimator46824910092604
1TestedSiemensMultileaf AL 02 II Collimator46824910092604
1TestedSiemensMultix Single Footswitch4766028816191
1TestedSiemensMultix Table Bucky G051G Rev. G (outer case)476630
1TestedSiemensMultix Dual Footswitch47683887168936
1TestedSiemensPolydoros Host Board477380
1TestedSiemensLeft Hand Cassette Tray478440
1TestedSiemensPausch Wall Bucky Patient Handle479036
1TestedSiemensFCON Assembly Board511350
1NewSiemensHengstler Rotary Encoder 521818
1NewSiemensMetal Bracket  606285
1TestedSiemensSensation HV High Voltage Cable811127
1TestedSiemensSensation HV High Voltage Cable811151 parts Rev 91104960Rev. 5209890  8903247 
1TestedSiemensPlus 4 D640 Board1167688
1TestedSiemensD572  Fil Con Board w/ D333 Piggyback Board11680411627038
1TestedSiemensPlus 4 D670 Relay Board1168231
1TestedSiemensPlus 4 D650 Board 1168827
1TestedSiemensHand Switch with RJ45 Connector1170609
1TestedSiemens Polydoros D115 E3 Board11712017125085
1TestedSiemens Polydoros D115 E3 Board11712017125085
1TestedSiemens Polydoros D115 E3 Board11712017125085
1TestedSiemens Aristos Polydoros D160 Board1171227
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Sirephos 2000-1 Monoblock1173355
1TestedSiemens Axiom Artis DSA Filter 2mm Fe1192447
4TestedSiemens Plus 4 D140 Board1196638
2TestedSiemensPlus 4 D140 Board1196638
1TestedSiemensPlus 4 D151 Board1196778
1TestedSiemensPlus 4 D32 RPP Board1197727
1TestedSiemensPC Service Cable1237663
1TestedSiemensBenning Power Supply1485902
1TestedSiemensSchaevitz AccuStar Electro cllonometer Tilt Sensor1625933
1TestedSiemensTilt Sensor B3011625933
1TestedSiemensPlus 4 PT-VER D7021626428
1TestedSiemensPlus 4 DAS Fan Reg D507 Board1627079
1TestedSiemensD410 Board1627186
1TestedSiemensSIAM-C D21 Board1643100
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Power Supply1654529
1TestedSiemens Power Supply HV30 Gold16545293135105 50284404 E249842
1TestedSiemens Power Supply HV30 Silver16547763135105 50209627 E249842
1TestedSiemensD7 Master Communications Control Board with D7a Can Star Piggyback board16590073822975
1TestedSiemensAxiom Sireskop SO SFD Board D102 E1 Rev. 111662282
1TestedSiemensD102 Rev 01 SFD Board16622828057309
1TestedSiemensSireskop SD SF12 Main Control CPU D104 E11662324
1TestedSiemens Polydoros D3 Board1662365
1TestedSiemensFlouro and Exposure Dual Footswitch1674808
2TestedSiemensFlouro and Exposure Dual Footswitch  1674808
1TestedSiemensSomatom Plus 4 RA CTL D95 Board 1805345
1TestedSiemensE562 Board1807903
1NewSiemens Tube Installation Kit2124931
3+NewSiemensFilter Element EU32793250
1TestedSiemensD55 Map 4 Board2819840
1TestedSiemensOptiTouch Control Unit2825128
1TestedSiemensSiemens OptiTouch Display D11328251287007946
1TestedSiemensAxiom Sireskop Opti Grip SFD Handle Assy Base282528410569552
1ExcellentSiemensFront Cover Expolorator 35 SX Spot Film Device2825763
1ExcellentSiemensFront Cover Expolorator 35 SX Spot Film Device2825763
1ExcellentSiemensControl Handle Cover2825797
1TestedSiemensLead Apron Front Panel TB05042825821
1UsedSiemensLead Apron 80kv PB 0.5mm –  Tear on back2825821PVCTB1102
1ExcellentSiemensLead Apron 80kv Pb 0.5mm2825854B0203
1TestedSiemensLead Apron Side Panel B05052825854
1TestedSiemensLead Apron TB0505 80kV Pb 0.5mm Single2825862
2TestedSiemensAxiom Sireskop SFD Round Knob Hand Grip2825995
1ExcellentSiemensFront Cover Explorator 40 N28272803824054
1NewSiemensSomatom Plus 4 Installation Material2842024
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact CCD Camera2844897
1TestedSiemensMemoskop C with mounting screws 53480256 (4)30141104416397 98201174-01
1TestedSiemensSensation Expansion Tank Fuer 2NK6 8813056793
1TestedSiemensSiemens Control and Regulation Board3056868
1TestedSiemensSensation CFK Tabletop3060063
1TestedSiemensFujitsu Keyboard 3063468S26381-H73M701
1TestedSiemensFujitsu Keyboard PS/23063468S26381 73072671
1NewSiemens Volume Zoom 3 Button Mouse 3063781
1TestedSiemensSensation Temperature Sensor 3064433
3+NewSiemensSensation Filter for Fan 30680873068095
1TestedSiemens3D Overhead Tube Crane 3070039
1TestedSiemens3D OTC Brake Stop Assy3070757
1TestedSiemens3D OTC Brake Stop Assy with Kendrion Werk Motor FD 105 Type GT080B001.00 24V 307075744030018 440113C00
1TestedSiemens3D Top Brake Assy with Kedrion Werk Motor3070757
2TestedSiemensStraight Collimator Handle Bars 3071433
1TestedSiemensD21 Display3071458
1TestedSiemensUser Console D25 or D26 Board Collimator Cover Rev. 73071573
1TestedSiemensCollimator Control Console with D24 Board Rev 003 3071581
1TestedSiemensCollimator Control D23 Display Board with cover 3071649
1TestedSiemensCollimator Control D23 Display Board3071649
1TestedSiemensCollimator Control D23 Display Board3071649
1UsedSiemensCollimator Long Handles with Switches – Missing Bottom Cap30727043072712
1TestedSiemensPolydoros D14 Board3073736
1TestedSiemensAxiom Aristos 3D Overhead Tube Hanger3073918
1TestedSiemens3D TOP OTC 3074486
1TestedSiemensTDK Lambda JWT100-5FFC Power Supply3077088JWT1005FFC
1TestedSiemensTransformer 4AM4691-0AA28-0J3077336
1TestedSiemensPolydoros A100 Transformer Model 4AM4691-0AA20-1N SIDAC-T3077492
1NewSiemensLithium Battery CR20323082146
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 Lust Frequency Inverter CDA34.017.W1.4.BR.BQ V160.103084449
1TestedSiemensFrequency Inverter 0..1600Hz 12KVA E3013084449
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 LUST Frequency Inverter CDA32.004.C1.H08.B03084456
1TestedSiemensFrequency Inverter 0..1600Hz 1.7KVA without module3084456
1TestedSiemensFunctional Modul Can Bus CM CAN13084464
4TestedSiemensContact 24V DC Breaker3086873
1TestedSiemensPolydoros A100 3 Phase Transformer Rev. 02  480V 400V Model 4AP2796.0BY30-1XA03090404
1TestedSiemens Polydoros A100 Transformer 400V/23.5V/230V/360VA Model 4AM4691-0AA38-0J3094539
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact SG Interconnect Cable Interface Components Available3099350 1114623  1114573  1114631 3100351 3100158
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact D2 Board3099525
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact D1 Board3099632
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Dual Foot Switch3099707
1TestedSiemensEizo DSB 1804-DC Monitor 30999756GF6221-2CA14
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact X-Ray On Light Cable 3100216
2TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Cable3100232
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Printer, Recorder +2 cable bundle3100257
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Cable3100265
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Cable3100281
2TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Cable3100299
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Cable3100307
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Power Cable 3100331
1TestedSiemens D118 Module3102485
1TestedSiemens D118 Module3102485
1TestedSiemensTableside Control Buttons  E41625 V94.V0 3115438A3200041402BS
1TestedSiemensTableside Control Buttons E41625 V94.V0 3115438A3200041402BS
1ExcellentSiemensLeft Cover of Tower 88930473116923
1ExcellentSiemensRight Cover of Tower 88930473116931
1ExcellentSiemensCenter Cover of  31140923116956
1TestedSiemensNovation X-Ray Tube and Housing – Very Low Use31225091125314
1TestedSiemensSirecon 23-2 HDR-C3135071
1TestedSiemensImage Intensifier Power Supply3135105
1TestedSiemensSirecon 33-4 HDR Image Intensifier31360047554897 3831125
1ExcellentSiemensBreast Cushion / Upper Pad3142713
2TestedSiemensTable Limit Switch3143492
1TestedSiemensPolydoros X Control Console3157554
1TestedSiemensPolydoros X Control Console 3157554
1TestedSiemensPolydoros X Control Console Rev 16 3157554
1TestedSiemensAxiom Sireskop Table Stop Button3165529
2TestedSiemensSireskop Table Emergency Stop S4131655297049104
1NewSiemens Novation Washers3337854
1NewSiemens Novation Bolts3343159
1TestedSiemensOptitop 150/40/80HC-100 Flouro X-Ray Tube 0.6-1.033452093345233
1TestedSiemensOptitop 150/40/80HC-100 Overhead X-Ray Tube33452093345233
1TestedSiemens Optitop 150/40/80HC-100 3PH 90 degree horn 0.6-1.0 Overhead X-Ray Tube33452093345233
1NewSiemens Novation Screws3409166
1NewSiemensNovation Washers3417086
1TestedSiemens Detector Power Supply Rev. 043562787
5TestedSiemensSensation 16 Distributor D2 Assembly3758534
4TestedSiemensSomatom Plus 4 Laser Board with Lasers3758534
1TestedSiemensSomatom Plus 4 Laser Board with Lasers3758534
1TestedSiemensCCD Compact Optics M (1123)3769374
1TestedSiemensPolydoros D110 E1 Board and HV Inverter3773897
1TestedSiemens Axiom Sireskop D111 Board3775272
1TestedSiemensAxiom Sireskop D111 E2 Board 3775272
2TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Monitor Cart Blue Side Handles3777633
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Universal Patient Data Keyboard V2.03778391
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Control Panel3778417
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Collimator 3779498
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact L Holding Ring with Grid37800414933727
1TestedSiemensSimomed HM44 Operators Console Monitor Rev. 937920796GF632-1BL01
1TestedSiemensSimomed HM44 Top Monitor on Cart37920796GF632-1BL01
1TestedSiemensFujitsu Primergy IRS Tower3813370
1TestedSiemens D14 Board3822157
1TestedSiemens D7a on D7 board3822975
1TestedSiemens Inverter Assembly 3827172
1TestedSiemens Right Cassette Tray3832701
1TestedSiemens Multix Top Table Backplane Board D54 with D50 3833931
1TestedSiemens Multix Table 4 Part Foot Switch Control3834400
1TestedSiemensD30 Vertix Motherboard3835456
1TestedSiemensCollimator Control Board3836389
1TestedSiemensVertix Wall Bucky3836520
1TestedSiemensDR 180cm Grid3837379
1TestedSiemensVertix Wall Stand Blue Handle3837478
1TestedSiemensTrixell Pixium 4810 20cm Niobe Detector3840761
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact D470 FIL Power Board3848681
1ExcellentSiemensFat “T” Shaped Cushion  4145292
2ExcellentSiemensMRI Table Pad – 33 x 20 x 2 4145293
1TestedSiemens Encoder for PHS in/out w/washer/bolt Angle Encoder ABS. 2000CPR4352816
1TestedSiemens Teal Power Conditioner bottom of SNAC Tower Clean Box435392177D101R 2300048
1TestedSiemens PHS Up/Down Motor Distribution Board Rev. 044354002
1TestedSiemens Collimator Interface Board Rev. 05 ASM CIDI 4354036
1TestedSiemens+24 Power Supply Rev.14354085
1TestedSiemens +24V Power Supply Rev. 14354085
1TestedSiemens-5v/+/-12V Power Supply Rev.14354093
1TestedSiemens +5V/ +/-12V Power Supply Rev. 14354093
1TestedSiemensRotation Amplifier Assy Rev.74354101
1TestedSiemens Rotation Amplifier Assembly Rev. 74354101
3TestedSiemenseCam ASM PDS Board 4354119
1TestedSiemens ASM PDS Board Rev. 74354119
1TestedSiemens ASM PDS Board Rev. 74354119
1TestedSiemens ASM PDS Board Rev. 74354119
1TestedSiemensASM Power Supply Motor MEB Rev.5 4354127
1TestedSiemens ASM Power Supply Motor MEB Rev. 54354127
1TestedSiemens MEB Backplane Rev. 134354135
1TestedSiemens LEHR Collimator Rev. 064355108
1TestedSiemens LEHR Collimator Rev. 064355108
1NewSiemensCollimator Touch Pad in original box438146810909856
1TestedSiemens Collimator Touch Pad  Rev. 09438146810909856
1TestedSiemens LG End cap front right438346411007403 5238824
1TestedSiemens Detector 1 HD3C 5/8″43858085231050
1TestedSiemens Detector 2 HD3C 5/8″43858085231050
1TestedSiemensSomatom Plus 4 AC/DC Converter4617734
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Push Button Black On Off Switch BK3SA84660205
1TestedSiemensTDK Lambda Sirius CSM200 Power Supply4677134
1TestedSiemensTDK Lambda Sirius CSM200 Power Supply4677134CSM-200 J77001
1TestedSiemensTDK Lambda Sirius CSM200 Power Supply4677134CSM-200 J77002
1TestedSiemensSomatom 230 W AC/DC Power Supply4682613
3TestedSiemensSomatom 230 W AC/DC Power Supply4682613
2TestedSiemens Rocker Switch, 6 A, 250 VAC, 1C/O with wire attached for handle PN: 3072712 and 30727044683439
1TestedSiemens Somatom Plus 4 Stop Switch Key Switch 4A250VAC M.L 24V0,7W4684973
1TestedSiemensSomatom Plus 4 Break Assy4694170
1NewSiemensPolydoros SX65/80 Lithium Battery4697611
1TestedSiemensSomatom Plus 4 CD Rom Drive4697777
1TestedSiemensSomatom Plus 4 Drive MO/WORM 1.7GB 51/44697900
1TestedSiemensCentral Unit for MDM4698155
1TestedSiemensSensation Thermal Switch +43+-1.7K MAX.D.3.3K4699369
1TestedSiemensDetector Bucky MDM Vertix4711028
1TestedSiemensDetector Bucky MDM Table4726533
1TestedSiemensKermaX-plus DDP Master4746892
1TestedSiemensAxiom Multix M Image System4766804
1TestedSiemensCXDI-CS3 Control PC4766807
1TestedSiemensCXDI-50G Grid 8/40 100CM4766809
1TestedSiemensAxiom Artis Tableside Collimator Control Unit Rev. 54775719
1TestedSiemensAxiom Artis Tableside Stand Control Module SCM Rev. 54775727
1TestedSiemensAxiom Artis Tableside Manual Table Control Module Rev. 54775768
1TestedSiemens Polydoros A100 SIRC Board Assembly4775925
1TestedSiemensPolydoros A100 Axiom Mains Distributor 4AV9916-6CE4775974
1TestedSiemens3D-TOP ACSS mot.4782793
1TestedSiemensSensation Water Inlet Mixer Unit4806258
1TestedSiemensSensation Riedel Mixer Unit4806258
1TestedSiemensSensation Water Phantom4806977
1TestedSiemensMains Transformer 4AU3696-0BD80-1XAO4807231
1NewSiemensNew Siemens Carbon Brush Set Power P304807736530001514
1TestedSiemensSensation Tilt Spindle Magnetic 4807777PSX5007-250-10
1TestedSiemensTilt Spindle 4807777
1TestedSiemensSensation W-W Cabinet 73933383 Way Valve4820986
1TestedSiemensAcuson Antares Battery Pack4834789
1DefectiveSiemensAcuson Antares Stellar Plus VFX13-5 Linear Array4838863
1TestedSiemensAcuson Antares Stellar Plus VFX13-5 Linear Array4838863
1TestedSiemensAcuson Antares VFX13-5 Linear Array483886311014030
1DefectiveSiemensAntares Stellar Plus VF-104839473
1DefectiveSiemensAcuson Antares Stellar Plus EC9-4 Endo Cavity – Known Weak Element4839549
1TestedSiemensAcuson Antares Stellar Plus EC9-4 Endo Cavity4839549
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact L Grid F090 8/404933727
1TestedSiemens ASM Rev 09 AIMDC AIMDC Board Assy  5219311
1TestedSiemens Gold colored cover Rev. 045223875 Spectrum numbers Rev. 35223891600-00023
1TestedSiemens Table pad5238717
1TestedSiemens board on metal arm in big box Light rail left 1 – Rev. 025243303
1TestedSiemens Light Rail Left 2 ASM/PCB Rev. 03/0552433115243329
1TestedSiemens Tower SNAC Cabinet V2.05249078 MECP Electronics Board5251843
1TestedSiemens  e-cam MECP Electronics Board5251843
1TestedSiemensNETGEAR ProSafe Router5399097
1TestedSiemensD66 Maxicam Sunboard5455357
2TestedSiemensD70 Board Complete54704483797276
1ExcellentSiemensSymphony CP Spine Extender Pad 5512863
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 MCB2 PiggyBack Board5648626
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 MCB2 PiggyBack Board5648626
1TestedSiemensSensation Master Controller Board 25648626
1TestedSiemensRadcon D33 Board 5648808
1TestedSiemensD701  E5 Table Board5650804
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 CPI-2 W/ MCB Assembly56522713811499
1TestedSiemensAristos Polydoros D220 Heating Circuit Board5658864
1TestedSiemensDR 115cm Grid5661264
1TestedSiemensAFU Fan5661389
1TestedSiemensAxiom Artis dFC Cardiac Niobe Rotational Collimator5662171
1TestedSiemensAxiom Aristos Table5662627
1ExcellentSiemensFront Cover 5670976
1TestedSiemensFujitsu ECONEL 30 Computer Model MTR-D1447 MED60 Fluorospot Compact VD046A 57573287152312  7556074
1TestedSiemensD30 Vertix Daughterboard5757732
1TestedSiemensPolydoros LX 80 IT Generator5759001
1TestedSiemensD110 Board 5759720
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact D502 D511 Board5760272
1TestedSiemensPolydoros SX 65/80 LX_XSC D100 Master Board5761270
1TestedSiemensPolydoros SX 65/80 LX_XSC D100 Master Board5761270
1TestedSiemensPolydoros SX 65/80 LX_XSC D100 Master Board5761270
1TestedSiemensMegalix Cat 125/35/80/-123GW  125/30/80  X-Ray Tube  0.4-.08 Focal Spots57654043800005
1TestedSiemensMegalix Cat 125/35/80/-123GW  125/30/80  X-Ray Tube  0.4-.08 Focal Spots57654043800005
1TestedSiemensMegalix Cat 125/35/80/-123GW  125/30/80  X-Ray Tube  0.4-.08 Focal Spots57654043800005
1TestedSiemensVertix Pro Bucky 5766857
1TestedSiemensPolydoros LX 80 IT Generator5889616
1TestedSiemensAxiom Aristos Flat Digital Detector – Table5890004
1TestedSiemensAxiom Aristos Flat Digital Detector – Wall5890004
1TestedSiemensDose Measurement Chamber for Axiom Artis dFC Cardiac Niobe Rotational Collimator5890053
1TestedSiemensAxiom Artis dFC Diamentor K1-S5890061
1TestedSiemensAxiom Aristos Table5895003
1TestedSiemens  Tower DVD and CD/RW Plexiwriter 40/12/40S 5986943
1TestedSiemens Siemens Delta Tau Data Systems PMAC 2-LITE 5994624602406100
1TestedSiemens DELTA TAU DATA Systems PMAC 2-LITE 5994624602406100
1TestedSiemensAxiom Artis dFC Main Computer Rev 6 /11 with PX-760A DVD/CD Drive 100519785998419
1NewSiemensNovation Screws6030282
1TestedSiemensNovation D803 Display 6108224
1TestedSiemensNovation D803 Display 6108224
1TestedSiemensNovation D808 Control Board6167857
1TestedSiemensNovation D808 Control Board6167857
2TestedSiemensNovation D807 X041E Control Switch Lift Rotate Lamp Board with buttons R/L61678816167873
2TestedSiemensNovation D807 X041E Control Switch Lift Rotate Lamp PCB with Buttons R/L61678816167873
1TestedSiemens Emergency Stop Button Switch Board6185545
1TestedSiemensNovation  Emergency Stop Button Switch Board6185545
1TestedSiemens Mammomat 3000 Nova Spacer6293695600-1204-3
1NewSiemensMammomat 3000 Nova SID 65cm New Label6396712
1TestedSiemensMammomat 3000 Nova D702 E4 CPU Board Ver. 1.8 – This is /00 after the Part Number64212886316218
1TestedSiemensNovation Filter Opdima Spot Stereo 4.9×8.5cm SID 65cm6430370
2ExcellentSiemensNovation Face Shield – Long6521558
3ExcellentSiemensNovation Face Shield – Standard652156610501322
1ExcellentSiemensMammomat 3000 Nova 24×30 Compression Plastic6561117
2ExcellentSiemensNovation AEC Calibration Plexiglass 1CM6561224
3ExcellentSiemensNovation AEC Calibration Plexiglass 2CM6561232
2TestedSiemensNovation D750  PC Master Circuit Board65785747463503 6609981
1TestedSiemensNovation D750  PC Master Circuit PCB65785747463503 6609981
1TestedSiemensNovation PB0853 Mains Input Filter Unit 6622331
1TestedSiemensNovation PB0853 Mains Input Filter Unit 6622331
2TestedSiemensNovation PB0852 HV Tank  6622364
1TestedSiemensNovation PB0851 HV Inverter  6622372
1TestedSiemensNovation PB0851 HV Inverter 6622372
1TestedSiemensNovation PB0854 Tube Power Supply 6622380
1TestedSiemensNovation PB0854 Tube Power Supply 6622380
1TestedSiemensNovation PB0855 AC Inverter Rev 76622398855021
1TestedSiemensNovation PB0855 AC Inverter Rev 76622398855021
2TestedSiemensNovation PB0855 AC Inverter Rev 76622398855021
1TestedSiemensNovation PB0850 Mains Input Converter 6622406
1TestedSiemensNovation PB0850 Mains Input Converter 6622406
2TestedSiemensNovation D808 Lift and Rotate Switch Board6622414
2TestedSiemensNovation Carbon Fiber For Mag Stand 6636513 1005005166227786622984 10050057
1TestedSiemensAxiom Sensis Beige Keyboard wtih detachable cord66279751580.990437
1TestedSiemensFujitsu Sensis Black Keyboard with USB Connector KB Slim MF Model YKKB071203X002066627975S26381-H73-M701
2TestedSiemensNovation Mag Stand Arm 663651310050051
1NewSiemensNovation Metal6636745
1TestedSiemensNovation Collimator CPL w/o PC Board D81466389077463552
1NewSiemensNovation Clips6646967
1NewSiemensNovation Clips6646975
1TestedSiemensFujitsu Celsius M410 P4 Windows XP/2000 Pro  Model MTR-D1356  K665V115-Med56 Rev. 266484193099744
1TestedSiemensFujitsu Celsius M410 P4 Windows 2000 Pro  Model MTR-D1356  K665V115-Med56 Rev. 266484273099744
1TestedSiemensNovation D801 X041E Stand CPU Board66555217463511 6655513
1TestedSiemensNovation D801 X041E Stand CPU Board66555217463511 6655513
1TestedSiemensNovation D801 X041E Stand CPU Board66555217463511 6655513
1TestedSiemensNovation D814 Collimator Control Circuit Board 6655588
1NewSiemensNovation Fibre Optical Cable6655646
1NewSiemensNovation 2mm Steel Plate 3x10cm6655844
1NewSiemensNovation 2mm Steel Plate 30x25cm6655851
1NewSiemensNovation Metal Testing Plate6655851
2NewSiemensNovation Metal 6655943
2TestedSiemensNovation Console6659101
1TestedSiemensNovation Prom Kit AEC PDL 6659440
1TestedSiemensNovation D803 Prom Kit Stand CPU6659457
1TestedSiemensNovation D803 Prom Kit Stand CPU6659747
1TestedSiemensOptiTouch Display Monitor 7007946
1TestedSiemensCanon CXDI-50G Sensor (Detector incl cable)700893610280995
1TestedSiemensCanon CXDI-50G Powerbox7008944
1TestedSiemensXCS Control Unit Computer with D320 Attached 70092077464048
1TestedSiemensCollimator Patient Display7049237
1NewSiemensCal Copper Plate Precision Filter 0.6 mm Cu7049724
1TestedSiemensCal Copper Plate Addl Filter 0.6 mm Cu7049724
1TestedSiemensAristos Polydoros D54 Board Assy7053569
1TestedSiemensSensation Papst Fan7060130
1TestedSiemensSensation Part7093858
1ExcellentSiemensPad for Multiple Systems7102747
1TestedSiemensSensation Loader Sorter Cable Rev. 01710911410327109
1TestedSiemensSensation Speaker/ Gantry Cable Rev. 027109163
1TestedSiemensSensation Speaker/ Gantry Cable Rev. 007109189
1TestedSiemensSensation Microphone7109221
1TestedSiemensSensation W386-A Cable7110021
1TestedSiemensSensation Cable Rev. 007110260
1GoodSiemensCeiling Monitor Support Arm Cover Kit (2 pieces – left/right covers)7111656
3TestedSiemensSensation AKG Radiator71137102080020000
1TestedSiemensSensation LTI7115129
1TestedSiemensPolydoros A100 D1 Main Distributor Board7119204
1TestedSiemens C Bank D511 7124790
1TestedSiemensAristos Polydoros D115 Board with Piggyback7125086SKM75GD123
1TestedSiemensD115 E3 Board with Semikron Semitrans M SKM75GD123D Piggyback7125086SKM75GD123
1TestedSiemensSensation E-Box P30D712512810188879
1TestedSiemensD190 Ionomat Board7127397
1TestedSiemensD190 Ionomat Board7127397
1TestedSiemensSensation ADU D513 Board7128296
1TestedSiemensSensation D514 FOC Board7128320
1TestedSiemensD1 Board7128833
2TestedSiemensPolydoros A100 D3 PULS Amplifier Board 7129112
1TestedSiemensSensation D540 Board7129526
1TestedSiemensFujitsu Celsius R630 PS150-D1691  K680V210-Med75 Rev. 02 Leonardo Circulation Workstation 71295348675667 10049274
1TestedSiemensSensation D701 PT- Horizontal Board7129575
1TestedSiemensRadis PC (No HDD) 713044110143259
1TestedSiemensFlourospot Compact Cabinet7144434
1TestedSiemensPrimergy C-150 PC 7144442
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 Dual Foot Switch PHS VZ / VA714652087168965
1TestedSiemens CCD Camera7150019
1TestedSiemensPolydoros A100 FD RTC Cabinet 3 copras and with floppy drive Rev. 017263742
1TestedSiemensAntares or Toshiba Antares Reflow Board7299444PM30-32040
1TestedSiemensAcuson Antares Power Supply7303659
1TestedSiemensAcuson Antares Power Supply7303659
1TestedSiemensAntares or Toshiba Video Interface Board7306041PM30-32039
1TestedSiemensAntares or Toshiba Backplane Board7306116PM30-32036
1TestedSiemensAcuson Antares Magnetek Power Supply7307189
1TestedSiemensAntares or Toshiba Backend B6 Board7308450PM30-30385
1TestedSiemensAcuson Antares Monitor 7308894 48 Channel P-I/O  Rev 01 in SNAC PC7315182
1TestedSiemens  RS485 in SNAC PC7315190
1TestedSiemensSensation Gantry P307393155
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 Front Left Keyboard Assy7393247
2TestedSiemensSensation 16 Rear Control Panel7393262
1TestedSiemens Sensation 16 Front Right Keyboard Assy Rev. 37393288
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 EKG Display7393296
1TestedSiemensSiemens PDC Cabinet 4AV9920-6CB7393312
1TestedSiemensRiedel Cooling System WCS W-W Water Cooling Cabinet with 2NK6 726-17393338
1TestedSiemensSensation Operator Control Puck7393569
1TestedSiemensSensation Operator Control Puck7393569
1TestedSiemensSensation Switch Box P307393577
1TestedSiemensSensation P30 Tube Collimator7393601
1TestedSiemensSensation Gantry Stator Rev. 37393825
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 Hoffman Diagnostic Box7393858
3NewSiemensSensation Brush for Stator Ring 7395101
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 CT Low Power Brushes Rev. A7395135522300859
3NewSiemens Sensation Set of Carbon Brushes High Power 7395143
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 12-Way Brush Block7395150522300781
2NewSiemensSensation Set of Carbon Brushes Low Power 7395176
1TestedSiemensSensation Control and Regulation Board7395408
1TestedSiemensSensation Part7395504
1TestedSiemensSensation Dehumidifier7395804
1TestedSiemensSensation Dehumidifier Riedel Precision Cooling 73958042NK6728-1
1NewSiemensSensation Balancing Weight Kit7396091
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 MCU/MCB D301 Backplane Board Assembly 73962657128619
1TestedSiemensSensation D540 DPU7396273
1TestedSiemensSensation GPC Board D31173962817128635
1TestedSiemensSensation D510 C-Box Backboard7396315
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 Noise Filter D3467396463
1NewSiemensSensation Thickness Phantom in Original box7396604
1NewSiemensSensation Control Cable D702X23 – D701X3 – 7455277
1TestedSiemensTouch Panel Console 746269510410669
1TestedSiemensD165 Board7463362
1TestedSiemensD165 Board7463362
2TestedSiemensNovation  D805 Wing Board74635376655554 6655547
2TestedSiemensNovation D805 Board74635376655554 6655547
1TestedSiemensD160 ON/OFF Circuit7463958
1TestedSiemensD160 ON/OFF Circuit7463958
1TestedSiemensD320 Board Kit (attached to XCS) 7464048
1TestedSiemensD320 Board Kit (attached to XCS) 7464048
1TestedSiemensAcuson Antares Stellar+ CH6-2 Convex  7465672
1TestedSiemensAcuson Antares PE PH4-1 Phased Array 7466910
1TestedSiemensAcuson PH4-1 Phased Array 7466910
1TestedSiemensAcuson Antares or Toshiba IO BOARD 74676037302149 PM30-32210
1TestedSiemensAntares PE P10-4 Small Parts747227211014026
1TestedSiemensAntares Stellar Plus P10-4 Small Parts747227211014026
1TestedSiemens Acuson Antares or Toshiba TXR BOARD  Rev. 2P00 with PiggybackBoard TXR 9.017473957PFS-145-CFG002 061-01074-003 PBA PFS-145 067-02487-0005 011-00263-0000
1TestedSiemensAcuson Antares or Toshiba TXR Board Rev 5 – Other numbers include:    Rev. 00   Rev. 12   Includes 4-256MB memory cards7473957004-1750-0005 061-01576-0021 067-02488-011 PFS-145-CFG002 004-01593-0011
1TestedSiemensAcuson Antares 1/0 Module7474484
1TestedSiemensAcuson Antares Peripheral I/O Module7474484
1TestedSiemens Antares or Toshiba Receive Control Rreflow Board7476810PM30-32088
1TestedSiemensAcuson Antares AC Tray7478212
1TestedSiemensAxiom Artis dFC Kluver Detector Cooling Unit 7555118
1TestedSiemensMitaya Anti-Scatter Grid 8/40 110cm7555191
1TestedSiemens Data Display Monitor Rev. 37558849
1TestedSiemensData Display Monitor Rev. 37558849
1TestedSiemensSensation D451 Intermediate Control Board7562593
2NewSiemensBody Array Pad  75749607576205
1TestedSiemensPolydoros A100 High Voltage  Tank (HV) Rev. 077169007716918
1TestedSiemensPolydoros A100 D510 Rectifier Board Rev. 02 77175107717569 10563408
1TestedSiemensPolydoros A100 D601 Board7717601
1TestedSiemensPolydoros A100 D600 Board7717700
1TestedSiemensEizo DSB 1803-DC LCD Monitor77286576GF6221-2CA11
1TestedSiemensEizo DSB 1803-DC LCD Monitor77286576GF6221-2CA11
1TestedSiemensEizo DSB 1803-DC LCD Monitor77286576GF6221-2CA12
1TestedSiemensEizo DSB 1803-DC LCD Monitor77286576GF6221-2CA12
1TestedSiemensEizo DSB 1803-DC LCD Monitor77286576GF6221-2CA12
1TestedSiemensOperators Console Eizo DSB-1803-DC Monitor77286576GF62212CA12
1TestedSiemensStraton O Tube Straton 120 Housing – 93080 scan seconds77381107114700
1NewSiemens Potentiometer 1K 1.5W 7755531
1TestedSiemensD532 Board on HV Tank7759702
1TestedSiemensPolydoros HV Transformer PL-IT80 77597288362167
1TestedSiemensPolydoros IT65 Generator7759793
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact D500 Control Board77598198362175
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact D580 80kW Add On7759850
1TestedSiemensAcuson Antares Analog Power Supply7846681
1TestedSiemens DVD Drive Assembly7858108
1TestedSiemens D46 Actuation Board8056863
2TestedSiemensD102 E1 Board  Rev 01 SFD PCB80573091662282
3TestedSiemensLight Barrier Boards80573091662282
1TestedSiemensBARCO MVGD1318 Monitor8079530
1TestedSiemensBARCO MVGD1318 Monitor8079530MVGD-1318
2TestedSiemensNovation Barco Monitor MVGD 1318 8079530MVGD-1318
4TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Radiation On Indicator Complete8081767
1TestedSiemens3 Field Ion Chamber8167538
2TestedSiemens3-Field IONTOMAT Chamber 8167583
1NewSiemens3 Field Template Wall Stand Kit8168494
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia Front Panel Processor Board8231642
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia MX3-R Rev D Board8239132
2TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia Shared Service Tx3 Board D Rev D and Rev A82391428231263
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia CN3 Board Rev. B8239522
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia 12V Fan8240147
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia 6L38241112
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia 15L8W82411138252596
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia CSD2 Board Rev. A8241462
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia BDM2 Board Rev. D8241472
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia IOV2 Board8241482
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia PPS3 Box Assembly8242526
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia TSTD Assy PIC 2 Board Rev. C8243242
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia RX4-R Rev. A Board8251562
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia 4V18252027
2TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia 512 Shared Service BF4 Board Rev. B8252282
1TestedSiemensAcuson Vector Array 4V18257869
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia DFB3 Board Assembly8264962
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia 10V4 Vector 8266709
2NewSiemens Acuson Foot Pedal82667978211178
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia DVD Drive, JVC RW-8165U, +R/W SLIM8269589
1TestedSiemensIT MCB 2MB Board8362159
1TestedSiemensSensation Generator – E-Box 8362944
1TestedSiemensHigh Voltage Transformer [HV Tank]8365004
1TestedSiemensD30 Bucky Cabinet Board8370509
1TestedSiemensSiemens D30 E4 with piggyback83705098368842
1TestedSiemensAutomatic Digital Collimator8375057
1TestedSiemensPantoskop 5 D5 I/O Board 8377541
1TestedSiemensC Box E510 Straton P30F8377603
1TestedSiemensD540 DPU P30F8377611
1TestedSiemensD514 FOC P30F8377629
1TestedSiemensSensation D5108377637
1TestedSiemensSensation CPI 2 Board8377678
1TestedSiemensSensation IRS3-REC PBX-40  D58377694
1TestedSiemensSensation IRS3-REC PBX-40  D58377694
1TestedSiemensSensation IRS3-REC PBX-40  D68377694
1TestedSiemensDMS Lambda Vega 650 Power Supply8377710
1TestedSiemensSensation IRS3-TCR with D24 and D328377793
1TestedSiemensPantoskop 5 D6 Adaptor Assy8378176
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 Scan Window Sealing Strip Clear8379021
1NewSiemensIRS3 Filterset8379344
1TestedSiemensPantoskop 5 D3 Optics Interface Board8382277
1TestedSiemensGrid 15/80 F150CM8404555
1TestedSiemensGrid 15/80 F180CM8404563
1TestedSiemensSensation 20 Part8429040
1TestedSiemensSensation DMS Detector Module DMS P29L8429099
1TestedSiemensPantoskop 5 Long Support Board 8449902
1TestedSiemensPantoskop 5 D48 Compression Board 8449985
1TestedSiemensPantoskop 5 D45 ADC Input Board8463507
1TestedSiemensPantoskop 5 D50 Power Supply Board8463523
1TestedSiemensPantoskop 5 D42 Board 8463549
2TestedSiemensD44A & B Motor Control Board8463564
1TestedSiemens X-Ray D101 Fiber Optic8463788
1TestedSiemensPantoskop 5 D51 Power Board8574048
2TestedSiemensPantoskop 5 D47 A&B Table Tilt Board8575722
1TestedSiemensDetector Carriage MDM V8604501
1TestedSiemensPolydoros HV Transformer for LX80/SX65/SX808609364
1TestedSiemensPolydoros HV Transformer for LX80/SX65/SX808609364
1TestedSiemensPolydoros HV Transformer for LX80/SX65/SX818609364
1TestedSiemensPolydoros HV Transformer for LX80/SX65/SX828609364
1TestedSiemensPolydoros HV Transformer for LX80/SX65/SX838609364
2TestedSiemensCassette Holder T CPL8627627
1TestedSiemensVertix MT8627650
1TestedSiemens Eizo DSC 1904-D LCD Monitor Rev. 0186754026GF6210-2CM01
1TestedSiemensEizo DSC 1904-D LCD Monitor Rev. 0186754026GF6210-2CM01
1TestedSiemens Eizo S1910 Monitor8684321OFTD0883
1TestedSiemensFujitsu Sensation 16 Syngo USB Keyboard 869190410600753613 S26381H73M601
1TestedSiemens Dell GX280 PC Rev. 28718228
1NewSiemensSensation Wire Phantom 8872215
1TestedSiemens Sensation Tube Collimator P30L8872900
1TestedSiemensTube Collimator P30L8872900
1TestedSiemensControl Panel Left Facelift Front8874096
1TestedSiemensControl Panel Right Facelift Front8874104
1TestedSiemensD513 ADU8904950
1TestedSiemens Multix M Indicator Box8908308
1TestedSiemensWall Mounted Grid Holder8908340
1TestedSiemensWall Mounted Grid Holder8908340
1TestedSiemens D4 Board8948577
1TestedSiemensD15 Motor Controller Board8949505
1TestedSiemensD16 Board8949505
2TestedSiemensD17 Board8949505
1TestedSiemensD5 Board8949588
1TestedSiemensSireskop SX/SD D15 Brake Board8949612
5TestedSiemensEncoder Boad ESD D110, D1118949836
1TestedSiemensGrid PB 12/40, 115 CM (46IN)8952400
2TestedSiemensD108 Board8964843
2TestedSiemensD109 Board8964868
1TestedSiemensD110 Board8964884
1NewSiemensMystery Part9101957
1TestedSiemensRemote Handswitch Rev. 009722059
1TestedSiemensRemote Handswitch Base9722067
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Handswitch97286689796574
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Cable9728692
2TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Cable Holder9757642
1TestedSiemensSiemens D40 Board9765553
1TestedSiemensAngled Table Hand Grips9815770 
2TestedSiemensAngled Table Hand Grips9815770
1TestedSiemensAngled Table Hand Grips9815770
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia RDP Board Rev. 02100310418231263
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia PV12 Board Rev. 2100314178231263
2TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia 512 Shared Service Filter Assy – PTA Corp  Rev. 01 10032402503059
1TestedSiemensAcuson Antares Keyboard10033332
1TestedSiemensAcuson Cypress V5M TEE Adapter makes Sequoia V5M run on a Cypress10034272
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia 19″ LCD Monitor – Articulating Arm Mounted10038265
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia LED Monitor1003935310034022
1ExcellentSiemensNovation Axilla Plate10040381
1TestedSiemensPolydoros A100 Motor Control System MCM4 Rev. 0110046868
1TestedSiemensAxiom Artis dFC Tabletop10047689
2ExcellentSiemensNovation 1.0 Spot Plus Mag Plate10048513
2ExcellentSiemensNovation 18×24 Compression Plate10048516
2ExcellentSiemensNovation 24×30 Low Edge Compression Plate10048518
1NewSiemensNovation  24×30 Low Wall Compression Plate10048518
3ExcellentSiemensNovation 20x22cm High Wall Concial Plate10048520
2ExcellentSiemensNovation 20x22cm Flex Very High Wall Conical Plate10048521
4ExcellentSiemensNovation 1.5 Large Square Mag 51908005 7 Plate10048522
2ExcellentSiemensNovation 1.8 Square Spot Mag Plate10048523
3ExcellentSiemensNovation 1.5 Square Spot Mag Plate10048524
1ExcellentSiemensNovation  1.8 Spot Mag Plate10048525
2TestedSiemensNovation Collimator10048526
2TestedSiemensNovation Compression Unit1004852610050011
1ExcellentSiemensNovation Simulator Plate10048527
2TestedSiemensInspiration and Novation Control Console100500456659101
1TestedSiemensRealtime 2 Module Rev. 0210051904
1TestedSiemensAxiom Artis dFC Computer Rev. 41005197210051974
1TestedSiemens AL 01 II Collimator10092602
1TestedSiemens AL 01 II Collimator Rev. 210092602
1TestedSiemensAL01 II Collimator Rev. 310092602
1TestedSiemensMultileaf  N FD II Collimator  10092604
1TestedSiemensControl Console10093399
1NewSiemensAxiom Artis Video Cable X4010093797
1TestedSiemensD31 with D31A piggy back and black plastic overlay100965995757740 8092954
1TestedSiemensVertix Board10096599
1TestedSiemens SNAC PC 10118524
1TestedSiemens Dell GX620 Rev. 11 PC10118536GX620
1TestedSiemensNovation Alpha Numeric Biopsy Plate10140380
1TestedSiemensNovation Alpha Numeric Rectangular Biopsy Paddle Assy10140380
1TestedSiemensNovation Laser Positioner Kit with Case Laser Light Localizer10140382
NewSiemensNovation Bars10141168
1TestedSiemensFujitsu Siemens Celsius M440 MCS-D2178 PC Computer1014142310143259
1TestedSiemensFujitsu Celsius R640 Computer ICS Tower 8A 1014356210143580
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact D510L10144975
1ExcellentSiemensNovation Spot Plus Plate10253164
1NewSiemens  Self Adhesive Copper Foil Set10267591
1TestedSiemensEizo DSC 1908-D Syngo Acquision Workplace Monitor 10293050
1TestedSiemensPower Supply Switched 12VD10310869510132
4TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Guiding Wheels with Central Lock10397368
1TestedSiemensFujitsu Celsius M460 PC Basic Computer Host 005 R65010497894
1TestedSiemensFujitsu ICS Tower 10B Evolve10498290
TestedSiemensTIM Coil Interface10500086
1TestedSiemensSyngo VA40A10501880
1TestedSiemens 8MC UPS/Transformer Cabinet10600559
1NewSiemensGrey Triangular 2 Wedge Cushion Set10606835
1NewSiemensEizo DSHC 1914-DC 19″ Color LCD Monitor 106560556GF32102-CP01
1TestedSiemensEizo DSHC 1914-DC 19″ Color LCD Monitor Rev. 02106560666GF62102-CP01
1TestedSiemens Eizo DSHC 1914-DC 19″ Color LCD Monitor Rev. 02106560666GF62102CP01
1TestedSiemensIRS-S5 Supermicro Tower 10864100
1NewSiemensAcuson Sequoia EV8C4 Endovaginal 110139118247453
1NewSiemensEizo DSC 1920-DC-T 115740706GF62102-ED20
1TestedSiemensMagnification Sensor Board45314320
1NewSiemensNovation Screws46632241
1TestedSiemensFujitsu HP KB-0316 KBPG S2 keyboard73072671S26381 KB-0316 355630-001
1TestedSiemensFujitsu  KBPG PS2 Keyboard73072671S26381
1TestedSiemens Sensation UIT73600360
1TestedSiemensD43 Communication Interface X-Ray Board83463580
2TestedSiemensSiemens Mammostat Schmersal Footswitch87168911
TestedSiemensSteute Foot Switch871689131674808
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 Slip Ring Rev A5213000968377504
2TestedSiemensNovation  D802 Motor Control board 626902607
1TestedSiemensNovation D810 Tilt Switch/Church Board6315522036315514
1TestedSiemensSiemens Plus 4 LWL Video Sender743730001
1TestedSiemensFujitsu KB400 USB Keyboard1060110201
1TestedSiemensLogitec Mouse8512081000
2TestedSiemensSiemens Logitech Corded Deluxe Access Keyboard PS/28671150100YSG13
1TestedSiemensFujitsu KB Slim Med Keyboard USB10600753613TAV-X37091510MD3 S26381-H73-M701
1TestedSiemensFujitsu KB Slim Med Keyboard USB10600753613S26381-H73-M701
1TestedSiemensPlatine W13 Filter Board Sassa 9505504-00 Schaffner FN 40223909501956013551
1TestedSiemensWall Stand Blue Handle 
1TestedSiemens C shaped folding pieces with cushions“cushion” need number
1TestedSiemens Handswitch with cable“handswitch” need number
2TestedSiemensBlack Box Corp CR Sys #4 10′ VGA Serial Cable  030-007400  EVNPS05-0010-MM
1TestedSiemensCable W671 P2 Bottom TP1-J3  P1-PR #2 VGA – Black072-007671-1
1NewSiemensAcuson Qwerty Annotation Key Kit – English10032367 55174 9373-00929-101A
1TestedSiemensFujitsu R630  Computer10049278  5867567
1TestedSiemens  Patient Positioning Monitor Rev. 0910411903 5221580
1TestedSiemensIcron Rex USB Rover 265011-00026-011702
1NewSiemens0.8A Fuse180-006
2NewSiemens2A Fuse180-024
1NewSiemens0.6A Fuse180-046
1NewSiemens0.063A Fuse180-248
3NewSiemens100A Fuse180-249
1TestedSiemensPolydoros A100 D115 Rev. 3 Board RoHS1P07716447
1TestedSiemensDell UltraSharp 2007FPb LCD Monitor 20″2007FPb
1TestedSiemensHV PLUGS2283168U
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 Steute Foot Switch2793771 88257909
1TestedSiemens  Microsoft Lutella Mouse 1.3A PS/2 Compatible2952712-2 XD8-70372 
1TestedSiemensSiremobil Compact Component3099541D3
1TestedSiemensEizo DSB 1804-DC Monitor 3099975 6GF6221-2CA14 11574070
3TestedSiemensAC600V IR 100kA/HRC II/50A/NH000-gl/gG, 500V/120kA3NA3820
1TestedSiemensWall Emergency Stop Box and Button3SB38
1TestedSiemensPolydoros 3-Pole 400AMP Circuit Breaker3VF31111FL410AA0
1TestedSiemensAristos Polydoros Contactor3ZX10120RT041AA1
1TestedSiemens Control and Regulation Display454101-28-10
1TestedSiemensWCS P20/P3 Board454103.28.04
1TestedSiemens EBM PAPST Fan4624N
1TestedSiemensHDD Western Digital WD1600AAJS 160GB 4870804  45J4854
1NewSiemensNew Siemens Metal Bracket  6069293H
1NewSiemensNew Siemens Metal Bracket  6069301V
2TestedSiemensNovation D802 Motor Control board 6269026/07
1NewSiemens Mammomat 3000 Nova  Steel Plate6293612 6001023
1TestedSiemensNovation D810 Tilt Switch/Church Board6315522/03 6315514
1TestedSiemens Antares Maxtor HD6L100P0
1TestedSiemensSiemens Plus 4 LWL Video Sender743730001 4683769
1TestedSiemensSiemens Straton O in Straton 120 Housing  1755.07 scan seconds7738110 7114700
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia 7V3C Pediatric Cardiac7V3C
1TestedSiemensSiemens A4 P5 A3 P1 Cable80697G-10
1TestedSiemens Pantoskop Rad DS34A Inverta Board8574022GS299
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia Neonatal Sector 8V58V5
1TestedSiemens Antares Control Panel9372-00384-019
1TestedSiemens Diacam Shift Board9488479  9488453
TestedSiemensTrackball Mouse V2 PS2 Connector953168-3000
1TestedSiemensGefen DVI CAT-5MS Extreme/R HDCP Compliant Switch AA0812005107
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 EPCOS Line FilterB84112BA110
1TestedSiemensSensation Epcos 2 Line FilterB84112BA110
1TestedSiemensNetz/Line L-N 240V 20A 50/60Hz  25/085/21B84112-S3-A120
1TestedSiemensSIFI Power Line FilterB84113-C-B60
1TestedSiemensSensation Epcos Transformer Relay B84131-M1-G135B84131M1G135
1TestedSiemens  APC Back-UPS ProBP650S
1TestedSiemensSensation 16 LUST Frequency ConverterCDA32004
1TestedSiemens Dell Keyboard Rev 01ACN-07N242-71616-550-OPWI
3NewSiemensSensation Table Covers – Set of 2 EachCT-SP40-15R
1TestedSiemensTDK-Lambda BoardCXA0543
1TestedSiemensFluorescent Light InvertorCXA-0543
1TestedSiemens Keytronic Keyboard from SNAC PCE03601QUS201C
1TestedSiemensRibbon Cable (UL) 105C 28 AWG CL2 LL31941 CSA 105C 300V.E116273
1TestedSiemensAristos Polydoros D220 Heater Board fanE232190
1TestedSiemensTyco ELO 15″ LCD Color Touch Screen MonitorE700813 SD601100 ET1515L8CWC1GYG
1NewSiemensSensation 16 cable set – one of eachE-LA1, E-LA2, B-LA2, B-LA3, F-LA1
1TestedSiemensAcer AL1916C 19″ LCD MonitorET.1916B.0DC
1TestedSiemensOptical Mouse  PS2 ConnectorF8E848-PS2
2TestedSiemensOptical Mouse Verison 2.0 PS2 Connector F8E848-PS2
4TestedSiemensSensation 16 Crydom Solid State RelayH12WD4850
1TestedSiemens Carlyle Johnson Machine Co Maxitor MotorJEB475
1TestedSiemensAxiom Aristos HP Keyboard  KB-0136 352750-001
1TestedSiemensKeytronic White Keyboard PS2KT800PS2GUSC 1014671
1TestedSiemensFujitsu Logitec M-SBF69 2 Button and Scroll Optical Mouse PS/2M-SBF69
1TestedSiemensAntares Console Trackball Assembly AISP76492 9136-15034-003 D49085/4
1TestedSiemensNovation USB  KeyboardS26381H73M701 YKKB1108
1TestedSiemensCisco Small Business SD2008 8 Port 10/100/1000 Switch v3SD2008-V3
1TestedSiemensVarian Opti150 0.6-1.0 Focal Spots 3PH Max kVP 150SG-796B
1TestedSiemensShuttle XPCSH55J2
1TestedSiemensDell USB KeyboardSK8115CN0DJ33171016710OATS
1TestedSiemensSysKonnect 8 Port SwitchSK-8T08
1TestedSiemensPolydoros A100 PULS Power Supply SL 10SL 10
1TestedSiemensGeneric 5 Port Ethernet SwitchSOHOSWS205T
1TestedSiemensSiemens Plus 4 Seagate Disk Drive  ST318418N 9W8004-001
1TestedSiemens ViewSonic Black MonitorVLCDS27944-4W VG910b
1NewSiemensFiber Optic 50 feet
1NewSiemensFiber Optic 8 feet
1NewSiemensMammomat 3000 Nova Face Shield
1TestedSiemensAcuson Sequoia 4V2
1TestedSiemensAristos Polydoros Complete Wiring Harness PMAC Backplane Board Board
1TestedSiemensFujitsu Keyboard (older model) PS.2
1TestedSiemensFujitsu Keyboard w/ X-ray Control PS/2
1TestedSiemensMultix MT Table Knobs
1TestedSiemensXCS Computer D320 SW VF00K
2TestedSiemens Control Panel1608509
3TestedSiemens Plus 4 D511 Board ADC1/2/31623110
1TestedSiemens Plus 4 D512 Board ACU11623136
1TestedSiemens D513 ACU2 Board1623151
1TestedSiemens D571 XCSIDE1 Board1623219
1TestedSiemens D573 Delphi Board1623250
1TestedSiemens D574  Z Con Board1623276
1TestedSiemens Somatom Plus 4 D575 Power Distribution Board1623292
1TestedSiemens D301 MCC-RTC Board1623334
1TestedSiemens D301 MCC-RTC Board1623334
1TestedSiemens Plus 4 Gantry Board1623359
1TestedSiemens Plus 4 D311 GPC Board1623375
1TestedSiemens Plus 4 SLR-INTS D400 Board1623417
1TestedSiemens Plus 4 SLR-INTS D400 Board1623417
1TestedSiemens Plus 4 D585 Z Monitor Module1623557
1TestedSiemens Plus 4 D203 CIB Board1624027
1TestedSiemens Plus 4 D204 E4 Split Board1624076
1TestedSiemens Plus 4 D206 E3 Board1624183
1TestedSiemens Laser Red Line Light LD54309989280125426
1TestedSiemens Impact Orbit Coil5459052
1NewSiemens Speaker and Fixation Rev 055651620
3TestedSiemens Axiom Artis Kluever Cooling Unit5764555
1NewSiemens Opdima Spot/Stereo 4.9 x 8.5 cm SID 65 cm filter6430370
1TestedSiemens Polydoros A100 Mains Distributor Board7119204
1TestedSiemens Polydoros A100 Box with 3 Copras7263742
1TestedSiemens Polydoros A100 Kluver Detector Cooling Unit7555118
1TestedSiemens Acuson Sequoia QWERTY Keyboard by AID8255723920009690006 920001701
2TestedSiemens Acuson Sequoia Holder XDCR LT 1003259510032594
2TestedSiemens Novation Fujitsu Celsius M450 MCS-02438 Computer1014516310145132 10145134
1ExcellentSiemens Novation Spot Plus Paddle Assy10253164
1NewSiemens Laird Filter Insert 11270288
1TestedSiemens Detector Cover Button Part66100652
1NewSiemens Fujitsu Service Keyboard10600571417
1NewSiemens Littlefuse Cylinder Slow Blow Fuses 4A 3AG 0.25×1.25″ Glass0313004.HXP
1TestedSiemens Icorn USB Rover 165011-00024-018260
1NewSiemens Timing Relay1P03069861
1TestedSiemens Polydoros A100 SIRC Board1P04775925
1TestedSiemens Polydoros A100 Mains Distributor   1P04775974
1NewSiemens ULI  Board Rev. 71P05651810
1NewSiemens Wallstand Connection1P05757203  1P6AV6574-7AA00-0AU0
1NewSiemens Fitting1P05757492
1TestedSiemens Optical Video Separator OTV1P05890111
1NewSiemens Axiom Artis dFC Shims1P07004059
1NewSiemens New Siemens Filter Screen D17 2mm1P0705737510390318
1TestedSiemens 20cm grid1P07145472  1P07555134
1TestedSiemens Extron RGB 164 Interface Distributor VGA 1P075532388704210
1TestedSiemens Detector Cover Collision Sensor1P07555126
1NewSiemens Fan Rev. 141P07716256
1NewSiemens Polydoros A100 Cable Set1P07716256
1TestedSiemens Polydoros A100 Starting Device Board D1151P07716447
1TestedSiemens Polydoros A100 High Voltage (HV) Tank1P07716900  1P07716918
1TestedSiemens Polydoros A100 D510 Board1P07717510  10563408
1TestedSiemens Polydoros A100 D601 Board1P07717601
TestedSiemens Polydoros A100 D600 Board1P07717700
1NewSiemens 3 Pole Claymount Silicon Disk1P10093772
1NewSiemens 4 Pole Claymount Silicon Disk1P10093773
1NewSiemens Update Documentation  SW BV23G Unopened Package1P10192116
1NewSiemens Matrox Odyssey Analog Cable Adapter Y139_0101 Rev. A1P10304216
1NewSiemens Filter Strainer Rev 2P1P103903187057375
1NewSiemens DDIS Screen Protection1P10501830
1NewSiemens Seagate Constellatino ES HDD  ST3500514NS-SIE  Destoke to 120GB  Model ST3500514NS  Date Code 11321 PN:  9JW152-502  SN: 9WJ111KX  Firmware: SN121P105230049JW152-502
1NewSiemens Lytron Filter1P11270284
1TestedSiemens Control CPU D104 Board1P1662324
1NewSiemens 3 Pole Pirelli Silicon Disk1P1786508
1NewSiemens 4 Pole Pirelli Silicon Disk1P1786516
1NewSiemens Silicone 2 Piece O-Ring Gasket1P1786995
1TestedSiemens Explorator 35SX1P2823503
1TestedSiemens Sirecon 33-4 HDR/W1P3136004
1TestedSiemens II 33 Attachment # VSX1P3768855
1TestedSiemens ii1P3831125
1NewSiemens Axiom Artis dFC Coolant1P4007873
1NewSiemens BSR Service Kit Rev. 51P5971929
1TestedSiemens Novation BM PAPST Fan4624N
1TestedSiemens Acuson Sequoia TX Switch 8-Port Router8KEMC4241645
1TestedSiemens Gefen DVI ExtenderAA0812004985
1TestedSiemens Novation Power Line FilterB84115EB30
2TestedSiemens Plus 4 Noise FilterB84299
1GoodSiemens Radscan Table Pad Slicker 94.5 InchCT-SP40-03A/B110718-003  E8016BF
1NewSiemens AddS137538
1TestedSiemens SysKonnect SK-8T08SK-8T08
1NewSiemens Digi-Key Fuse Board Mount Littlefuse 1A 250VAC Radial Lead Free ROHSWK4248BK-ND  37211000411
1GoodSiemens Sensation 16 Table Pad
1NewSiemens  Axiom Artis Handle with black grip 10kg 22lb max load
1TestedSiemens TDK Lambda Power Supply 
1TestedSonyUP-D897 Digital Graphic Printer5160406UP-D897
1TestedSonySony UP 5200MD Color Video Printer5200MD
1TestedSonyUP-910 Video Graphic Printer9896-010-10231UP-910
1TestedSonySVO-9500 MDP VCRSVO9500MDP
1TestedSonySVO-9500MDP VCRSVO9500MDP
1TestedSonySVO-9500MDP VCRSVO9500MDP
1TestedSonyRemote Control UnitSVRM100A
1TestedSonyUP-1800MD Color Video PrinterUP-1800MD
1TestedSonyUP-5600 MD Color Video PrinterUP-5600MD
1TestedSonyUP-5600 MDP Color Video PrinterUP-5600MDP
1TestedSonyUP-895-MDW Video Graphic PrinterUP-895-MDW
1TestedSonyUP-910 Black and White Video Graphic Printer UP-910
1TestedSonyUP-930 Multiscan Video PrinterUP-930
1TestedSonyUP-D55 Digital Color PrinterUP-D55
1TestedSummitLX125 Collimator Rev. DD800  D770
1TestedToshibaXVision System Control Board450006
1TestedToshiba  XVision 3.5″ HDD 2GB C3325ABSX178635
1TestedToshiba  XVision Floppy Disk DriveBSX740844
1TestedToshiba XVision 3.5″ HDD Fuji M1606SAU  BSX741035CA01310-B886800NV
1TestedToshiba 2.0-1.0 Focal Spot X-Ray TubeE7239X  
1TestedToshiba2.0-1.0 Focal Spot X-Ray TubeE7269GX  
1TestedToshibaXVision Power Supply 5V 3AP15E5
1DefectiveToshibaPLT-604AT Linear Array – Dropouts and NoisePLT-604AT
1DefectiveToshibaPSF-25FT 2.5MHzPSF-25T
1TestedToshibaPVK-651VT 6.0 MHz 150 degree TransvaginalPVK651VT
1TestedToshibaXVision YWA1866*B Rev. 5 INV-1 4 BoardPX12-39707
1TestedToshibaXVision IC2 AS355 Board YWM0313PX7315753
1TestedToshibaXVision SOIF2 Board YWM0442PX7315755E
1TestedToshibaXVision SI BoardPX7752110
1TestedToshiba XVision Gantry Amp Board YWA3123*APX7761751
1TestedToshibaXVision GTPS Board YWA3122*APX7768801B
1TestedToshibaXVision XT BoardPX7768803
1TestedToshibaX-Vision Projector AssemblyR914C
1TestedToshibaX-Vision Projector AssemblyR914C
1TestedToshibaToshiba Solid State RelayTSS25J47S
1TestedToshibaXvision Solid State Relay TC 7F  TC 7GTSS25J47S
1TestedTransworld MAM- CP Board550D796
1TestedTransworld MAM- CP Rotor Control Board550M383
1TestedTransworld MAM-CP KVP Control Board550M421
1TestedTransworld MAM- CP mAS/ Kvp Address Board550M428
1TestedTransworld MAM- CP MAS/ KVP Display Drive Board550M433
1TestedTransworld MAM- CP Interface Board550M438
1TestedTransworld MAM-CP AEC Display Drive Board550M445
1TestedTransworldMAM-CP Front Panel Keyboard/Display550M459
1TestedTransworld MAM- CP mAS Timer/ Exp Cont550M476
1TestedTransworld MAM CP mA Regulator Board550M490
1TestedTransworld MAM- CP Relay Driver/ PS Board550M585
1TestedTransworld MAM-CP Indicator Board550M588
1TestedTransworld MAM- CP Info Panel Board550M602
3TestedTransworld MAM- CP Snubber Assy Board550M767
4NewTycoFiber Optic Connector1918779-1
1DefectiveUltrasonixSonixtouch Volumetric 4D 4DC7-4/40 Rev. C00.040.046 
1TestedVarian  Type CLT Varian D ConnectE57891
1TestedVarianVarian Sapphire Rad 60 X-Ray Tube 0.6-1.2 Focal SpotsRad 60 Sapphire
1TestedVarianVarian Sapphire Rad 92 X-Ray Tube 0.6-1.2 Focal SpotsRad 92 Sapphire
1NewX-Rite Replacement Bulb 301-03 Rev. D or 301-21301-03 301-21
5TestedMega line F6-90 S/F flex 4P H SPACE  VDE Reg.-NR. 8080 32003045 010020m23415
1TestedComair Rotron Muffin Fan28027
2TestedNuclear Associates Mammo Contact Screen 18-202
1TestedNuclear Associates Trough Filter, Regular57-412
1TestedDunlee D1429/SAP061209 SAP-150 X-Ray Tube 0.6-1.2 Focal Spots873-35 DU304 D1429 SAP061209
1TestedAllied Telesyn 8 Port SplitterATFS708 
1TestedSGI Silicon Graphics OctaneCMNB015ANG270
1TestedMachlett Duocon D Collimator
1TestedCUI Switching  Power SupplyDTS050240UAC1-P5
1NewSMC Tube Fitting, Threaded, Male Elbow, 1/4″ Tube, 1/8 NPT Brass Thread w/Seal – RoHS CompliantKQ2L07-34AS
1TestedLogitec Trackball Mouse Serial ConnectorM-CU15
1TestedLogitec Optical Mouse Serial ConnectorM-CU15-9F
1TestedPerkins Down Scan ConverterPKP-02721-D00
1TestedPlextor CD-RW DrivePXW1210TS
1TestedSeagate Cheetah Ultra 320  Firmware 0004ST336607LC 9V4006 080
1TestedTrack BallTA4724N
1TestedMicrosoft Natural Elite Keyboard PS/2X06-19331
1TestedMicrosoft Wheel Mouse X08-7400 56180   4975712-5
1TestedMicrosoft Keyboard PS/2X801383-204
1TestedMicrosoft Black Basic 2 Button Wheeled Optical Mouse V2.0 Model 1113 USBX821908-0029170513973308
1NewBlack Power Cord 15A 125V Daisy Chain 90 Degree Connector